Friday, September 17, 2010

Perfect picture!

I guess it's been more then a month I haven't updated by blog. Of course with my busy life and schedule I'm still busy, I should be in bad at this mo but I just have to log in to approve my beloved loyal reader. Too many to update and I'm not sure where shall I pick up from- from work? or from life?

Nahh don't bother too many blessings that is like a packet of smarties-- UNCOUNTABLE! I'm bless I've move from a work place to another better work place aka ntv7. Beforehand, finally I've been to CHINA yes this time spend more time in China with my family, thank God for the blessings. Not only that, I celebrated Chloe's birthday got her something she will love..

Ahhh I can't string words nicely now..I can only type whatever comes into my mind,I went to Singapore for business trip best part is meeting up with my baby cousin. Gonna visit again and again (perhaps, for another reason). Neways, much have been happening and I shall post it again in time coming, cause I'm TIRED! Apologies for not being a good writer here, next post promise to be a goodie one!

Take care readers!