Monday, September 14, 2009

I love Art and Craft.

September is the month where I'll be making/or purchasing the most birthday card, present and love :) I'm not sure since when I started doing art and craft, I simply love it! This week I was a loner, where I had my lunch, dinner alone and everywhere I go I'm alone because L is busy with his thesis and parents went for a short get-away. In the mid of being loner there are things that I need to complete doing all the artsy-fartsy and collecting information for in-class assignment adding on with with my buddy Nicholas Mok kiosk opening, me as the coordinator helping him to arrange things here and there. Besides that being out late for few days, hanging out at friends and meeting with Nic.

The grand opening of Natural & Eco Republic Kiosk in Tropicana City Mall, 12 September 2009


this is the guest book that I specially made for Nicolas, which I personally HEART it!



preparation for the day with the help from....


Right: Auggy, Chloe, Alicia and Prince Chan thanks abundantly!


the Green Movement...the green leave was the opening where the VIP's paint the leaves.


From today Onwards I will....those were the 10 things where you can save the environment :)


this is the Kiosk.


Sab, Nic (the boss) and Justin( Emcee)


not forgetting my dearie Alicia's birthday!!

Happy 21st Birthday!

My weekend ended with a bunch of secondary school mates.Everyone grown up and have their own career except me still studying which I think it's a good thing ;) Thank God for putting this bunch of friend in my life, we were talking about all the "bad" moments we have. haha, and few of them were still the same I mean the way they laugh which tickles me..and here Dexter the one whom organize this outing, because it's his 21st birthday!




Sab and Dex

I'm glad we are as close as the past, those were the days where we hang out a lot. The bunch that stuck behind the class,making most noise, people do not like us especially pengawas in school, for not wearing tag, and not tugging in their uniform(guys). Discipline teacher are around looking for us ;) And now many of us are serving the community hmm..let me see in our bunch we have, hairstylist, beautician consultant,supervisor in factory, mechanic,air-conditioner repairer, computer repairer, clerk, banker, salesman...I shall say it's my pleasure knowing them and of course, having them with me throughout my secondary life which has painted a wholly of beautiful memory!

Thank all for having you guys,looking back from past till now I changed so much not my look but the maturity and personality in me , but com'on a rollar coaster in life is better then being stuck in a train rail haha :) Thank you Jesus for changing my life from a person whom do not have passion in studying, there where moments where people talk bad about us saying that we are a bunch of rubbish, being at the last class doesn't mean that we are stupid just that we are not performing our potential to the fullest!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Heat up your mind....

Saturday went out with girlfriend-Mei Mei it wasn't any pop-up plan indeed it was a plan for simple lunch it turns up to be awesome catch up with life. In the same day, it was an important day for Leonard too he and his futsal team having a friendly match between English and Chinese church, the crowd was crazy people cheering for their own team. I was there not to only support church it was my first time seeing him in match and I did not know any rules for the game but thanks to Justin for telling me, and I enjoy looking at my love one in match I always heard about it but not really seeing him in action! and thank God for this chance seeing him enjoying his own match which I'm really glad he and team got the 2nd place!Good job my man!


yes Dorothy Tan was there, yeap in a Sports event! and she is in too! Not judging her skill but good enough to be semangat to be there ;)


Shan Shan and Leonard




my man in action!


Jessie, one of the best mentor and role model that I yearn to learn from her life!

After being sweaty the catch up officially started with this girl here, we went for lunch and a lil surprise for her 19th birthday which is today!7 Sept 2009.




Dear Chloe,

It's been a nice day and I love you so incredibly much ;) Have a nice birthday celebration with your friends! Happy Birthday!


after enjoying moment with girlfriend this time is boyfriend! Sushi yes, it's sushi I looooovvvvveeee Sushi! Spend some quality time together and not forgetting being zombiefied by all the sushi around us....





the day ended tiring but I enjoyed, nothing can compared when it comes to having people whom you love surrounded. I appreciate much for having such a good time! I'm looking forward this coming Saturday....Have a nice week, fellows!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Enjoy to the max!

18082009191-pola This few days, college re-open life went on as usual but I can feel that is going to be another awesome semester with the girls! The weather suits my mood, I love this weather but I don't wish for a prolong one .If it were it may cause depression, S.A.D ( seasonal affective disorder) yeh thats the word to describe. After camp, I'm so refresh and ready for more challenge! Can't wait for more exciting moments in my September line-ups!