Friday, June 27, 2008

Awakening for Jesus.

This video is the camp i went,I just can't stop myself for crying when I see it again and again. 100 over souls has been saved on that night itself.Praise the Lord for His work!

Sunkist (Part 1)

Don't ask me why, it all happen on AA sport's day and Sunkist was one of the sponsorship and they have this Sunkist smile photo contest.I randomly took this picture (on the spot). Never thought of winning anything and today I got a call from them.

4/2/2008 - Sunkist has so many products so there is no need to be afraid of running out of choices! We will never be tired of Sunkist as Sunkist is always full of Surprises!

One (1) grand prize winner will receive a trip to San Francisco to be taken before December 31, 2008. Prize package will include a round-trip economy class air ticket, 5-night hotel accommodation on twin-shared basis and a basket of Sunkist citrus. Winner is responsible for all expenses not listed herein, including without limitation, meals, taxes, upgrades, gratuities and incidental expenses.

Five (5) runners-up in Singapore and Malaysia respectively will each receive a digital camera and a Sunkist citrus basket.

Ten (10) participants in Singapore and Malaysia respectively will each receive a consolation prize and a Sunkist citrus basket.

Nope,I'm not going to San Fransisco=) But I got the Finalist...not the CAMERA! But the consolation prize. Still thank God for that. Hopefully,they see wrongly..and actually is a camera or San Fransisco!!!Woohooo..*ok stop dreaming SAB!*

Anyways, yeah


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Make me SMILE =)

Saturday,woke up pretty early.Knock knock on the door (morning call from dad). Check out the time.It's 8.30am.What. On a Saturday?!

Went for breakfast, head to PJ and I'm going to church. Meet Leonard at my aunt house, kesian him because futsal canceled. Impromptu, to Mid Vally.

Thanks to YOU!Really sweet,and nice!

After receiving this cake.......

Amy got me another one!!!Thank Amy.Muah!

Thanks for being with me,I actually get to spend quality time with you!

i love you.

Friday, June 20, 2008

1,2 or many more?

SS2 cell!!!wooohooo, let me start with my first time when I went to cell.One word to say it all: "BORING!" I really don't enjoy the time in cell,because they are all really young I don't even know where to start an conversation with them, then I'll try to avoid cell.

Time flies....

I've grown up,and promoted as assistant in cell group.In this short period I found out hard to catch up with so many changes.I tried to cling with all of them,and the most productive is m prayer God answer my prayer!He gave me wisdom to boost up this boring cell with different kind of idea,from reading bible to neutral event( where we get to snack and update each another what they have been up to.)I'm so glad when I see they open up they heart.Testimonial that is really touching,they told us about their reading bible life,and how God has bless them!Besides that,God listen to their prayer....I always share to them we have to wait upon God and be patient.Pay the price of praying and reading bible...

Give and it will be given to you

Luke 6:38

I'm really happy to see everyone is growing in God's Kingdom.The youngest upon all of us,grown up to become mature and love God even more,they event know how to abide in God!!!Praise the Lord for His miracle work.After camp,few of them really see the vision and know what God want them to be and to do.

Now is the time!!!

But sometimes,some of them really make me goes coo-koo!They just don't understand,but God still lead me,and teaches me how to handle all those problem ;) it's all worthwhile because more and more testimonies that we get to glorified Jesus name,who pushes me to the highest for HIM!!

growing.growing and still growing...

23 people in our cell NOW!!from zero to twenty-three!!!I always encourage them to bring friends to cell or event...Thank God for all things above!=)

Next thing,to build more leader in our cell.Now...I love my cell!!!

Wednesday Night out.


It’s been long time I did not catch any movie and the last was Iron man.(I don’t enjoy that movie).Anyway,last night movie laugh out off my a*s!

KungFu Panda

This movie is HILARIOUS!!!

……the accompany was know who you are.

Family bond.

After praying so long for my family,now God is moving in my family.I'm really excited and I can't wait for more souls to be saved especially me family and friends!

It happen last week my parents went to visit my aunt,my 2nd aunt(Dad's side,sister) she is suffering cancer,is time for her 3rd chemotherapeutic.She is sharing about her experience when she had hers 1st and 2nd chemotherapeutic...painful,nausea,and hair falling.She looks very sad,therefore, my parents took this big step sharing gospel to her,she did open up her heart..and my dad invited her to church and she agreed.BUT!!!she add on: please don't tell hers sister,because she will scold her for going to church.Mom told her,there is nothing to scare,going church is no harm.

So it happened,the next day we went to fetch her,on the way to church I pray to God I want my aunt to be saved!Church service went on like normal.When salvation call,she rise up her hand!After praying,she shared....

she said that she feel the peaceful in her and there is no more fear in her.

Praise the Lord,!!!God answer my prayer again=)

Monday,is the day she have to go for her chemotherapeutic.My parents went to visit her,she looks happy,she told my parents that she didn't feel as painful as last time,and no more nausea...she said "Praise the Lord!".I feel so blessed when mom told me about it.Besides that,she spread gospel to the patient A (apparently I'm not sure whats the patient name) in the same wad as her that is suffering cancer too.She told that patient A how and how did she experience God's work!!

The next morning,another patient B came up to her.She was shocked,that patient say the doctor ask me to see you.To observe and ask why are you(aunt) so happy after knowing you have cancer and have to go through this chemo,this patient always look sad according to what the doctor say.My aunt once again,tell patient B about how good is our mighty God!

I believe God is moving in my family!I will keep praying for them,because I love my family and friends.

God moves human heart in that second when you say I believe in Christ!!

When I'm afraid:

I will trust in you.

In God,whose word I praise,

in God I trust;I will not be afraid.

What can mortal man do to me?


Collecting Memory from previous blog=)

SHUSHI war!!!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Apr 13, '07 4:53 AM for everyone

we believe that our LOVE will shine on others!!!

It's Chemmy birthday... so we decided to go Shushi before that this women wnated to go Nando's but still at last she say go Shushi thanks for the meal er jie..we had a great time there and mostly spend laughing our lungs out!!!Thanks to our Dorothy Tan!we went there with Vios that you all should noe the back seat walau eh small!!!Dot,Yue,Joy and Sai lo..haha~at the back seat me the Da Jie have to seat in front(big bum bum and BIG name too!!!)haha~anyway we went there and have loads of FUN!!! it was a happy day~   picture paints a thousands of words~~=)Yue Mei lao shi teach me haha~hugs...

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今天早上我和爸爸妈妈去吃点心,因为车在basement 所以须要他电梯到餐馆。电梯里有人进出爸爸妈妈都进了可是我还没进到,们就要关了我就啊!!!电梯的门 快要关了只有10cm大。当时, 爸爸的手就立刻啶这门让我进去。

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Oh yea,today is SUNDAY~ haha~ i had a great time! our church had a small sketch not bad but important i dint went to chruch last this week is a nice want coz i get to go HOME!!!=) after service i went to have desserts with my aunt and my parents and of COURSE Leo! at last i get to see him been so long that i din see him thank God and then we both went to IKEA had a great talk and time but im in a very bad condition tire and sleepy...actually now im not suppose to be here i should be studying but......i TIRED....saw DOT[.] at the curve she was like "SABRINA!" then leo turn back like someone calling you, i was like huh ok..(sleepy+moody) today Dot is in retro stlyo haha~suits you gal!witht he button on your lovely ears....lalallalalala~

Saturday was GREY GREY GREY!!!! slept for four hours and head to coll but lovely mummy send me there=) love it....and the 1st bad news of the day is NO PRESENTATION, change to assingment i was like helo helo sabrina are you still breathing?! I've been preparing for like crazy but now things happen like that...duh~ till then went to seminar organize by my Effective Listening class it was ok not bad=) love it....inspired by some cool people=) thank God i still manage to take over if not i might just faint in the seminar...Im the VIP usher so its a bit moore work then others...EXPERIENCE!!! will up load pic if i get it=)

insipred by people,be inspiring to others?!

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昨 天就在小组里听了很多人的见真心里有种奇妙的感觉。我看见了我们的生命是有多么的软弱,当你我们来到了这个世界是没盼望可是我们的妈妈很为大的把握们看顾得这么好,比起那些不能来到者个的世界的宝宝辛福多!很感谢神为我们的罪丁在十子架上。
阵在会家路途我一之在向神祷告西望我现在所面对的问题 不回比那些没几会来到这个世界得宝宝更可惜。所以从这个见真里我都学习了我们都要真惜生命是很软弱也何等的苗小!

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it is PROM" Walk of Fame"29/3/2007

Chinese New  Year~

my birthday 14/3/07

It has been a hard time for me, there is like a bunch of assignment around me but now phew~ talking about assignment the most stress out is still anthropology its very hard to deal with a lecturer like him dont understand what the crap he want.
Been preparing for the seminar "From the text book to the real world" this saturday is our big day, i pray hard that every one who is in the registration list will be there=) if not ms.padma going to cut us into pieces and because we had a very by deal with SEGi and is about the FACE!

today my mum friend kid were at my house again he is Douglas my new friend he is such a chubby kid that ask alot of question. my mum treat him so good feed him and play with him and sure shower him=)And i suddenly got a thought that my mum is such a lovable person even he do not have any relation with me but my mum still care about him so much.Is like Jesus love you no matter you're His child or not He still LOVE'S you! feel like uploading my pic so i will upload recently pic to keep u update(if there is people reading my blog).

so LITTLE time~
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Apr 2, '07 10:05 PM for everyone

So little time that I realise college life is so BUSY,today morning while on the way to class i find out that im missing the fun time not likle i did not hsve fun just about the havign loads of fun par=) ok lets sats up with my last week...


Had prom on 29th March me in a performance rising sun it was abit lame coz I did not dance well,practise makes perfecr but teeeheee* me did not practise well cause me busy with loads of things~well as everyone should know that I got alot of assignment.Sunday went to ChengMeng stuck in the car for 3 hours and Im so sleepy cant stand it...anyway till nite still have a lil short time at the curve,a suprise party for my fren Camelia is hers 21st birthday=) it was abit boring after that cause I have to pay for the food and my $$$$ running out like a pipe witout the tap lalala so i have to save on everything i use=( erm...yeah MOnDAY mOAN day yeah,is interpersonal comm class it was alrite coz i got quize i DID not do well i don't get to answer all the question mAN~ sad class not ended i have to go for an interview for the 8tv reality show and its a show that going to be with a rock start call Raldi(if not wrong) yue say he is not HADNSOME! haha~ but anyway i had a great interview time.

after the interview got to rush for a shoot for movies class me as an Alien(THEY SAY I USUALLY LOOK LIKE AN Alien)after the whole mdraggy boring shoot im tire tho...then have to go comp class super sleepy n boring cam whoreing time so it was abit lame oso la we all look like zoombie~yue flew to Langkawi haha~(if you get wat i mean)


While in the bus, i got call from fren and a msg from caleb"wow sab on TV ~me like OMG i wanan faster reach home and see my episode but then reach home stil leaft half an hour,but my bro say i look ugly infront of the TV he say my make up so horrible and i say its not my fault is the make up artist!!!

im BACK~
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Mar 29, '07 2:46 AM for everyone

All was been thinking to blog or not to blog...but still i came back to say hello,life been busy but u stil try my best to do it well.My time can be inspired by people that loves me and i know Jesus you're the ONE. wondering am I lucky enough to live in this world but i always thank God i got a better and good one. Looking back at Joyce blog my tears fall down,thanks giving...


foreva wanna say thank you the ONE who always encourage me and the one who support me i really got the feeling im guilty if im doing wrong my spirit pulls me back from the sad and the wrong part but still life inspired by YOU! jESUS THANK YOU~ recently been busy dancing and to9 will be having a dancing performance and this performance is from the ADP department and its also the very 1st prom from this new department and I think i should support right? but i keep thinking i got no time for studies and im so stress out even reading Bible i might not be able but Im wasting my time going for

sat down thinking I wanan do this to glorified Jesus name im not doing this for the sake of myself coz I wanna love you more wvwn tho i don have time to read Bible but i wanan use this time to serve God always under the spot light shining for Jesus. tears falls apart and I keep praying to God.
Im so dissapointed for alot of things but i still wanna thank God!

Just had a call from SEGi and they inform me that they had pass my hp number to 8tv they wanna have a shoot for the new campus thingy so i was like ok sure so i wanna pray i can do it coz once again i wanna shine for JESUS not myself and before the day my dad was asking me if i wanna be the emcee for his association thing going on,on 5h May and i rejected coz i worry i dont have enuf time to do it,jz now sitting and thinking back am i suppose to do it?I jz wanan shine for Jesusu doing if the sake of Jesus not my name.I don mind about it but i pray that Jesus leads me to the best!

Exactly ME~
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Feb 16, '07 11:07 PM for everyone

Since i stop by so long ago....recently me

I got my new hair cut

I got a really good Valentine Day that so many girls wanted so badly...yea i got a dozen of roses and full of suprises...

Life been busy study study and still studying=)

Chinese New Year around the corner what can I do?HAPPY!but i still have to study.

My wish for this year i would wanna meet all my old mates....izzit F.A.D.E.D away????

some people see things happen, but some people make things happen.


all i need and all i want its still YOU!

restless me still need to study makes me feel stress...

but i still L.O.V.E you!

looking at ME.
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Looking back at myself.

Afterall is about to change...

F.A.D.E.D. friendship?Nah,i still love all of YOU!

Some people make themself ugly,but what I still wanna try to talk with them.

Life been busy all this while,Valentine around to be love or to love?!

WORKLOADS yea 5 assingment and LEO club HELP me!*yanking  my own long hair*

Reading classical is so not me!-The Last of the Mohicans.(recently low rated book!ha.)

I can spend my time watching tv,devotion,not moving and starring at the blue SKY!Recently me,riding a bicycle to release my stress!But im loving it*lalala*

Special thanks to Lea Yee and Leonard,Joyce,Kenneth,Grace for helping me=) seeeeeeeeeet!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!yea this year i've got my new cloths ages ago but i stil love CNY...Im 19 but i still love it.

Cuddle by you makes me feel comfort thanks ya=) Friendship is foreva.

Most to thanks God you are the ONE!Hold me tight and carry me up and down.


GREAT weekend!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jan 21, '07 8:37 AM for everyone

On a lovely friday i was so excited haha~1st coz its friday and i got 1 class at night went to PJCAD cf(Christian Fellowship) it was great the lighthing was nice and had a great time,the refreshment was *thumbs up*.=)after that we had a drink at the mamak near there abd what happen my friend gave me a tea tarik and i say nono coz im not a coffee or neither a tea lover,and i drank she ask me how was it?i say yer,y tate so strange and my very pro friend say "the milk expiry already!" i was like blerk what the!and after that we change suddenly leo drink tea spoon got nestum in it the prob its where can a person drink tea o limau with a nestum STICK on the spoon *yuckies...*!!!Never wanna be there the next time.After the disgusting meal,leo came to my house to catch happy feet it was lame but the partner was AWESOME!*do you get it?* he went back at 1.30 and i got no energy to talk so i slept when he is back safely=)around 2.00a.m.And here come saturday it was a busy one,in the morning i was lazy-ing around home and then went out at 12.30 head to chruch for jamming and jamming went on good till 5.00 i have to rush for another drama practise then 6.30 rush for dinner at A&W(take away)ate in the car coz it was raining cats and dogs,and thanks to baby the strawberry was sweeeeeet!Night we have a speaker that she is a very nice and great pastor of prayer hers power was great she touch me and holy spirit fill me!And i had a great time too...slept around 2.30 coz i was talking on the phone=)Sunday wuuuuhuuuu here come the sunday i love it!And ya first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely cousin sister Elaine!wish she could see my blog.After service went to class like all the time and had a meeting after class...went to lunch after that at Fusion it was walau good!I got zero in my purse man,haiz...sad me haiz...and me went to Ikea to meet up with my parents but before that went to shopping with love one=) the same place we always hang BOOKSHOP!We love reading whaahahah~i had a great and fruitful weekend coz YOU make me smile=)

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we end up with a happy smile=)
this is want tend she is the funny CREW!
this is me lea and niu niu tan
this one *taaa-daa* my handsome host-wen bin=)
al or no deal?wondering what is it watch out on ntv7,ya la wei ntv7 only not very canggih one but its ok how many peopple get to go to a tv station???This programme will be having from march,and it makes ur heart rate pumping super fast and sure screaming out of you lungs=)
it was a great show to see how lucky you were and how much you can effort to deal witht the banker.Ok let's talk bout yesterday morning i woke up around 7 then we have to reach the station around 9.Me and lea yee and niu niu tan and our contestant jia hou.When reach there i was like so early *yeesshh* nothing to do seating there watching tv those HK and US people playing i watch the US one it was crazy super scary that you meal deal with 100,000.000 cash in dollar! or nor deal and get 100 dollar thats all!its bout how LUCKY and how the banker treat you=)having our breakfast and seated from morning 9-12 then me and my friend were talking to the workers(crew) coz we got nothing much to do crapping playing arounf with video cam and camwore thats sabrina?! will show you all the video cam if there is a chance we wanted to see all the models but they were at the back anyway they are just nice not GORGEOS some la then we have lunch,till now we were still sitting in the waiting hall at first we 3 were like so quite after that whahahaha~we make the whole entire place crazy thats the siao me=0 after lunch some briefing then we can go in the studio for the 1st episode it was ok inside as how you all always see in tv=) then we were screaming clapping,deal or no deal number 17, on and the 1st contestant kesian la him he got 100 ringgit home=) oh ya i still not yet intro the host HANDSOME man!wuuuhuuuu married tho=( its ok haha~and me game i wont tell you all won or not but catch it on march=) its CRAZY.After the whole day from morning till the sun goes down its already 8 when we walk out the studio it was dark,and we went for dinner at the curve and when i reach home is already 12.It was a memorable and awesome day really love it!Thank God for giving me the chance to be there!

tiring day!
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Hey back,me back!Today super tire thats all i can say,i din't plan to update but afterall my heart still make me to up date=) This morning i woke up around 9 something that my mum say going Jusco as i have mention in my previous post today there's a shopping spree near my house they call it the "Jusco Membership card Day"*wooooshhh*cool tak?Everything is cheap as if is FREE.yes it is.Alot of people and is alot alot of people they went to que around 6.30 starts at 8am-11pm is it totally crazy?!

Anyway this morning i reach there around 10 then went to buy some stuff that my mum booked before the day and went there to buy,so the same im the yongest among all have to be in the que.While im in the que there is a malay(couple standing behind me) and for a while they din't pay but don't know where they were and sure they person behind will come behind me and as you all know i HATE malay this guy is a malay guy and he start getting closer to me and then start pushing me and then keep taking my place i was freak out.I told my mum and my mum give me and evil look,and i start saying in Mandrin that what he is doing and the auntie in front of me start looking at hime and me(she is "ke po chi" not helpful dont get wrong) and then i was so so so so so sososososososo super angry i decided to go back to the que and then i was standing there my mum came and ask me why am i standing so far and i say i don want to stay near there and a chinese auntie and man saw me so freak out that what i say bout the malay guy,the chinese auntie and man gave me the place in front of them*phew* at least this world there are still some chinese!I fell like slapping that malay guy i tell you all so so so want to do so.At night came back from coll went there again was not that bad still alot of people but im with the trolly this time so don't come near me!!

Yes today still have to work is calling called alot of people some so uncivilize and some not bad and i got ulcer how can i talk properly sometimes say the wrong pronouce haha~*blerk* so thirsty and tire but at least my chair better then yue & dot

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Today is a tire one.Erm woke up early travel all the way for the DATABASE but was not that hard tho but then it took me 6 hour to finish up all the work with yue & Dot.Its okafterall.But after finish doing my head all most burst Malay cant have good handwriting!!!Need few of us to figure it out whats that word.Funny.Lousy.Not understandable.That's this all freak me out + my "monster ulcer"*frown* it reall hurt me that i cant eat much and i cant talk properly,even when im sleeping i have to take care of it(to make it wet all the time,if dry it HURTS)poor sab!Please pray for me cause its making me sick.Our lunch time was at Mandy's I do have a great time with my SCB's.LOVED.

Leo send me home and he bought coconut drink with STRAW!!!!Sweeeeeeetttttt.....When i reach home,the first things i do is wash up and sleeep!Really tire its much more tire then having me.And SEGi is moving to Kota Damansara its a nice building that obviously looks like a uni rather then the one I'm studying now so SEGi-empat!All facilities is in the building not like us in 3k!haha~But still its not convinient for us to go all the way there,wish they would just remain if not im going to say bye bye everyone.Say helo to HOSTEL.Oh yea let's talk about yesterday night my very first time sitting double decker bus in,the speaker was CUTE!And its a nice speech that he deliver about "prayer" after that my aunt invite us to hers house for durian yey,durian my uncle brought from some jungle=) its nice and they sell "3 biji 5 ringgit"is it cheap?And the best part is not plant and not having any chemical stuff to make it grow big!I ate yes i ATE cause cannot stand the smell.its delicious.And i was so jakun walking here and there what happen ops..not walking is JUMPING here and there haha~and case happen that sabrina hurt hers princess-ly leg.

Tomolo going to shop for very cheap groceries czuse behind my house that Jusco got really big sales they say that people start lining up in the early morning to get loads of goodies.Me and my mum going too but i will not go line up la what for right?!

Last Night I Have A Dream=)
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This morning i din't have breakfast but I'm missing the breakfast in HK!

Are you all wondering what dream is that???Yea last night i had a lot of dream...Im missing my lovwely dog ROMEO(shizhu).yes im missing my dog,was dreaming about him *missing*.My dream do included alot of people Dot & yue i din't dream of you but i think of you both!

I just woke up with a very lazy eye.Last night i have a talk with Leo im sorry for the hurting part,but still thanks you're willing to listen what happen*hugs*erm...yesterday some people that i think so called"high expectation" person make me see no more "high expectation" it just drive me like a bonker!But i pray to God i want to except it rather then feeling angry.YES.I must do it.Tonight im going to chruch cause there is a talk a guy from Taiwan i guess it would be a good one!*your future,is your vision* yea it's all about vision and get the mission-to Dot i bet you can do it!I'll keep praying for you.Time pass by so fast that is a New Year have to set a lot of target and must make sure i done it by the year end!
Oh yea let's tell u all some small things happen while im in Sunday service while im worshiping there is a small lil' boy *tap tap*--*shuu shuu* i was like huh?shuu-ing me what's that...then after finish worship i seat down and my youth pastor husband(Caleb) came and seat with me cause some girl keep talking non-stop!While service that lil' boy keep kicking chair and non-stop moving till then Caleb told me that he is suffering HYPERACTIVE i was like ooooo*shocked* the first thing came in to my head was im sitting with a kid suffering from hyperactive*cabut* in this time i think i should not be like that i should Thank God at least he is still all normal!And i feel guilty,and then i smile with him.Surely he din smile back with me cause he got the few expression that he is scare of people and he is skinny!Dot he is the guy that sat beside us on the Christmas day you ask me is it my cousin brother.And i din't seen him before cause he just came from the kid's department now 13 years old then they are youth so they are allowed to sit at the big hall.Sometimes and some people wont think "if i were blind or i were deft".Now i got a bad feeling that i should not be like that i have to learn to love and care for those people that need i will just give them a hand!

Let's talk about my LEO club....this Sunday having some kind of project at Sg.Buloh so my Lion wanted the Leo to joint with them in this project for some kind of donation and lalala...not sure=) And president got no option so i have to go and its far aiks how should i go without a car and a driver???I called the Lion.And he say that his house to the New Village the distance is less then 1 km.So i was like DUH~u want us to help you cnt fetch us whats the point?

*Am i going to miss you in my dream every night?*

1 night it TRANSFORMED!
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Woke up and things happen like the every wednesday, but then this wednesday was abit hetic for me cause things become worse and worse(for not breaking my mood i wont mention) but its something really horrible to me from college to home. But i stil feel ok when i learn to seek for Him. Pray is the best solution! Anyways, till evening things TRANSFORM into a better situation of course not anything special but I get to meet up with my baby to catch TRANSFORMER!WOOOHOOOO~ excited to watch but as i say in the previous post actually just want to accompany my love one to watch, but then hehe` it was AWESOME!so in love v "BumbleBee" and the other one "Prime" (really remember the last name)=)*teehee* I think at the beginning i was like arrrgghh so sleepy and tire coz the air con the dark dark inside the cinema haha~makes me want to sleep. but then I see see eeeehhhh like got hotie in the movie haha~then I told Leonard he was like ooohhhyaaa wanted to tell you too.*lol* I think am like those irritating kid that keep asking "mummy,why he come out want?" "eh, why the color like that?" haha~ sound like those annoying kid in the cinema,yeap yesterday it happens to me, cause I dont watch that kinda "cartoon" am into the very fairytale,girlie programme(its not my fault not knowing any of the character okay. I think the 2 big brother at my house dont really watch it. *dalalala*
Till then I know it at last, Blue is good one,and the Red one is bad haha~cool rite?! Mr.Leonard Tan teach me=) hehe` so its a very nice and touching movie, absolutely worthy to pay RM7 for that movie. Make sure you watch it,before you regret. Next movie is Die Hard(try translate to Cantonese) haha~ today suppose to watch Harry Potter with chruch bud, but i want to study er,kinda dont love the sub i took this semester but then I will try all my best to do it.

*Thanks to Yue for helping me all the time thanks too! hugs and kisses!xxx

Thanks for giving my the hugs, and holding me through the hard time and thanks for all the encouragement that you gave me last night, I have learn to be stronger and understanding. thanks for all and thanks to the mighty Lord for all ABOVE! thanks thanks thanks. and I LOVE YOU! -Be Strong ,Be bold!

when you knoe it!
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IT'S ABIT LATE!so there is nothing BIG deal here, but according to my day..aarrrggghhh.... but wait is actually the few weeks before. Monday is a "MOANday" and as you all know monday blues, what the crap and for me I have to wake earlier then class starts at 10 and i have to wake up at 7.30 why?!cause from here my house to college abit far.But im fine with it, cause im use to it since the 1st year. and then i decided to learn driving=)
Monday walking...nah DRAGGING my leg to 9 floor(library) off course in blur and lazy mood after happy weekend,look at my watch eh still early then 9.30 ai yoh...class going to start real soon. *ding ding* (msg tone) yue: gal, class CANCELED! ooooiiii...good man no class.. hehe` then can go have lunch earlier.

time pass.....wednesday morning, still the same dragging to 9th floor. same thing same situation. class CANCELED! aaarrggghhh. wasting my time. is ok..then came back from Bali on tuesday nite no actually is mid nite, its abit struggling to wake up so early after a relaxing holiday,hard to adjust my mood. anyway my baby, fetch me there and then saw yue msg AGAIN! class CANCELED! AAAARRRRGGHHHH what the crap~ ok till now i still not yet mention what class is that is communication class. and is MRS.Pxxxx she was not feeling well according to lecturer and notice board. is short sem how can i miss so many class?ish~ then yesterday i was there, this time i went to 10th floor check out is miss Pxxxx there anot, yes i saw HER! i was like PHEW at last got class. then i were happily sitting at the classroom yue came  and she ask me eh you sure this class ar?where is everyone? *di-ignore-kan* i say i saw her. then we were talking bout our weekend. then she got call from Foo Joe she was talking then suddenly WHAT?! then i know something were like yue...class CANCELED again ar? then she nodded. arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh*bite off your leg man!*(why leg?i don't know haha~)then i told yue takkan i hallucinating early in the morning! then i was like OMG lts go 10th floor. i saw no her in hers office, till i walk to the back i saw her i was like ish~ feel like chocking her! but anyway *long story* everything is alrite now.
till today is tuesday. REPLACEMENT class...from 5-8(that means i got to go out from home at 3.30), she came in class...another PHEW~ then she was like saying hi and stuff say she was in hosipital. everything was alrite. till she say ok tomorrow i will cont the next topic, i was like huh?!why tomorrow still not yet times up, takkan end class early? is like 6.20 only. so class was 1 hr and 30 min!

so thats SEGI college subang Jaya---->ADP(American Degree Programme)-----> the lecturer!

being a student og SEGi is so not proud of it! failure. but i still have to thank God for all above.Cause i learn something being PATIENT! WHEN YOU KNOW IT, shut up(some ppl just complaine alot :like me: all i can say is FACE THE FACT on the noticeboard or the sms or the phine calls), head to library, then plan what to do next.

great company.
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last month I say "Hi" to you and this week I say 'Bye'. In this passage, person im according to is my cousin~she just came back from Uk and then now she is back it was short, indeed it was awesome for having my miles away cousin around me to keep bullying me and spend quality time together. The last time we meet, was ages ago. erm 2005 was hers last trip to Malaysia.anyways this time is abit different that year we went to Phuket this year we were at Bali.=) thanks to mum and dad. we spend most time talking eating and shopping( things that cannot be missed) bargain and bargain for all the things in the world. haha~ Good experience to see the different culture and different people in this world, culture shock plays big role.
anyway kiss, hugs..and bye Beth.
trip was 6 days so it is long that i think i wont blog about it.check out the slides that I have make, so that i no need to blog about it=)

came to coll, is like coming back from Heaven to the Reality! surely Im super excited that I m back to Malaysia! miss all my sweeties and definitely my darl. Did not get much for them but i wish you all love it.assignment, presentation and everything exams all in 1! its really stress, but with Jesus I must and can do it! Had a great time with my darling,spending abit of quality time talking about my trip and also about his mission trip! and guess what haha~ tomorrow we catching TRANSFORMER.( and actually i got no clue of this movie) okay, i did not say i want to watch, but  being lovely ME accompanying him to watch, it mean nothing but I love YOU!

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* lunch time=)
aku fasting cant have any rice or meat. Just stop by 7/11 have cup noodles it was nice coz the accompany was great=)

yup messing around 7/11......laughter, joy, happiness!

2 hours later....

*drum roll*




so free! and dot say that can SAVE shampoo!! hehe~

everyone says that:

"SABRINA,why so short?!what happen to you?!"
+ "but its nice"

and my darling trim his hair together-gather

Special. S & L . Lover

SpeciaL starts with an "S" (Sabrina) and end with an "L" (Leonard)

Jesus put you into my life to make it SpeciaL!

loving you,

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Preparing for youth camp thats what I've been doing in holiday~Always checking updates at yue's and dot's blog. One(Dot) seems appearing all the time, the other one(yue) hilang all the time..but anyway its almost end of the holiday cant wait to "back to skool" haha.

I've been stressing for my youth camp stuff and yey thank God i've got the name for my group Audacious!!! wooohoooo* its going to be the greatest for Jesus!

sometimes we see people come and see people goes...but sometimes you dont want to meet some people but Jesus put them into your life and make you work with them!*aaaarrrgggghhhh I pray that it is a learning time and I guess He want me to learn something from this problem. So yeap stand up be firm, be strong be bold! neva give up. thanks for your support never with you never have me

"sabrina, you are good at this no worries."
"sab,you can do it!"
"sab,never give up!"

yeah yeah yeah thanks thanks thanks...for all the lovely support!

At night being alone thinking what you want and doing wat you need to be done....tears fall apart, Jesus hold me up! Everytime I see you shinning me from heaven...thank YOU!

yesterday I went out with my darl at LAST!!! But still busy with my youth camp stuff telling him lalala* not really telling but nagging and manja-ing to relieve myself from the stressful time...went to catch spidy!!!!! it was alrite i slept in the cinema at the front part cause it wasn't that catchy in front...but at the back abit "gam dong" la coz of some emo-ing touching words that comes out with really good meaning=)

overall, my day was great because of your accompany...yeappiieee


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the most ever BORING class of this sem.....INTRO TO COMP!

This lil RASCAL...*She's going to stabbed me!*lalala....

she is trying to act cool...but too bad....she looks like.....


don't get cheated she is not that RAJIN in comp class....

but actually busying with hers PHONE!

....and me.

so boring......taking pic....=)

gummy bear playing with mud(cream)

we got nothing better to do....

she looks so cool in that pic...sitting there missing someONE hundred miles away...

but I'm here to cheer her up=)

cant wait to see ya.... missing my lovely SCB's....


bye bye to SPRING, helo to SUMMER...
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yeapppiiiidooooo* I've finish my SPRING semester,a nd now Im having a holiday...yes.everyone carving to have one. But now I'm missing my sweeties. the craziness and the loud laughter! the the the stressing... Now I cant wait for SUMMER semester!I did not did much in this holiday cause I'm GROUNDED! can't belive it rite im grounded.yes I' mum don't allowed me to go anywhere on this holiday other then church and to finish my mission!

Yes I'm half way hanging to finish up myy MISSION! at home I got nothing better to do,sleeping, eating, cooking, cleaning and Im almost the top tv mania in this house!

sometimes I dont think is a good thing to be with someone for like days,hour,min,sec, morning til night 24/7 week, weekend! the only time to be relaxed: sleeping time :

In this holiday I've mention I did not did much, but one thing I built up a better and closer relation ship with God and I always feel so comfort after every devotion! Praise to Lord!

that verse: "when I close one window, I will open the other one for YOU!"

when things become so blue I apply this verse to myself! I wish I would finish up this holiday and have a brand new ME!

*2nd mission to accomplish is my youth camp HOMEWORK!: I'm sqeezing my brain juice*sigh*  to do something cool!

all for this hard time I want to dedicate this lovely thank you to LEONARD TAN!For having you boosting me up keeping me strong, thats the miracle part that Jesus put in to my life to LOVE me=)

p/s:Next week I've got a date to SWENSEN...I wish I wont make you dissapointed!

youth camp!!!
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when? 7-9 June 2007
where? Bayu Beach (P.D)
how much? RM 135
closing date? 22/5/2007
who to contact? 0163306434/03-79550977
warranty? FUN,EXCITMENT....

God Bless You!

Happy Mother's Day!
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And yes its Mother's Day people that will be busying will be the kids in the house!I' am sure everyone will be busying thinking, brain storming what to do for MOTHER'S DAY=) so me plan to do this


This the ingredients is my first time i went online looking for the info and yey at last i got and here i come busying doing the sorry i dint manage to show the process coz it was like so busy and nobody can take pic of me doing but i can prove i did it=) haha~ anyway i have done and everyone say it was nice.....yday noon i was doing the last touch up and my 2 siblings standing there saying yer so many color. elder bro:" wow, after want to go toilet( that means perut sakit) then my 1nd bro:" ai yor, i think tomorrow i have to take MC for 2 days!" isssshhhh but.....


guess what everyone say it is very nice!!!thank God=) i know i can do it! i heart my mama she say I've grown up so much=)

p/s: because last time i try doing it but it turn up to be flour all around....this time i say i want to do she say no don MESS up! but hehe I did it=)

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If it is a YES or a NO is also the same i have to face it...there is always chances but till then I have to face it..anyway I want to start up with moi yeterday=)

see I got something cute too!!!super small cute+adorable CHILI PADI!!!

so this is what i got on my holiday while I'm helping my mum to cook lunch=) so love is in the air as long as you think you have something nice and usable no matter what way it may always become a HEART! holiday has been a lazy one,and nothing much tho.ha ha.but more coming up,cant really sleep well this few night because of some problem but thank God I always have a lovely darling with me and supporting me!And sure Jesus loves me...=)

Last night I din really have a great sleep.And thank God I have a chance to burst out to LEONARD TAN! =) I've mention in my previous post that I having a mission to accomplish so its really bothering me for so long and I always been struggling for so long bout it..and yet I still not done with my work, anyway is my DRIVING LICENSE! so Leonard told me and blah blah blah and YES I've been motivated by so many thousand of people and yes now I've made up my mind i wanna accomplish this in my hols and i wish i don't want to sit public transportation this morning I saw my mum and she aslk hey where do you want to go today and I told her eheh~ i wana go register for driving=) haha~ then ok la..then lalalalla~ so many thing and the uncle I went there already close so fast pulak i not yet drive they close down d pulak....*sign* anyway my brother gf dad is a driving uncle(i dont noe what his name so whateva will do) long story bout how he treat me before that will let you know when i get to see YOU all=) then yes done then me and mum head to PJ UM to check up my nice nice teeth *keeeeqingggg* last time no more lo, as you all know i got wisdom tooth and the one i had before my right one my left one say
hello to Malaysia 1st then time goes by my right one came and yes having wisdom tooth is not a good thing is very irritating that makes you feel super sick and I had high fever for 1 week... but funny thing i told my bro"ko i got wisdom tooth that means I'm MORE clever already" sweat!
And come back to the thing I went to UM then what happen??when the wisdom tooth is out then the front tooth will be pushed by the wisdom tooth so what happen have to do minor operation and I got 2 sommore. I was telling my mum I say I wanna have braces to have a better and nicer teeth better than the ugly one. Than the dentist say if you  want braces have to  take away 3 tooth included 2wisdom tooth! then i was like what???shoot! i dont want pain ler. Then i was like "wo bu yao"(i dont want in Mandarin)......silence in the room........
till then she say "you have to take away no matter what if not
it will be exiisisisis dont know what she say in a very professional way then she say it might cause CANCER worse come to worse!" sabrina:" oh my goodness" ok la...take la take la...then have to take x-ray and stuff so ok la take la. the machine very canggih that make you shock wow MALAYSIA ler...having something canggih=) haha~ then ler, check then wait then wait then check at last going to see the minor operation DR he is a nice person that really give me warm smile and he joke too! and he is a Canadian not bad la so he ask me a few Q like: do you have exams?(ask because wanna check when he can have the operation), are you a student?what coll?what sub?(the getting to know you part)
then mass comm and psychology DR wow i love psychology(boost me up) and ask some funny question bout psychology(joking part) anyway things went well....=) then he say he will do me appointment then ok la. I got a thought DR next time I see you will be the operation day.=(
ADD ON: 1st to do is take away the left one after few months later have to operate too!

this is the x-ray I took it silently in the room haha~ not suppose to that=) but is my bone yes this is what I got today and he explain to be with this funny bone of mine.And yes he say I got nice teeth=) but have to be do a lil bit more then YES BEAUTIFUL!!!! =)

p/s:please pray for me cause Im very scare bout anything and yes driving and this minor operation!

May God bless you people in this holiday don't be like mine so scary but I motivate myself with the Bali trip=) haha~

before hols~
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Yes it's already MAY! and yes I wanted a holiday for like so long carving for it like crazy,but now yea Im in holiday mood,but it seems abit missing my sweeties and the "go where for lunch?" haha~but before hols was a mess busying with loads of work and stuff...but after it was on that very struggling last week of sem i got to do my assignment and my study for Cultural Anthropology. And yeap...*but i wish I did well too=) so before the hols we SCB's and ppl.....went to toy "R" us! so guess what can an young adult do inside such a place???as what yue say picture says a thousand u go..see+emphasize=is that sabrina???
p.s:cant dl more pic sever super low...will do it next time~sowie..
On that sat i have to be the MC for my dad association,it is in mandarin so hehe~big challenges for me this time but I think I did well overall thanks for those who keep me in prayer hugs...did not took any pic on the stage because mum did't know my camera was in my handbag. when i pass it to her,i forgotten to let her know that TAKE PIC OF ME!!! but i told her "mummy my hand freezing!" she was like it will be one of the pic i took after the thing i look sorry for the ugly pic my hair and everything was like KO after that whole war thingy. And my mum say my voice very high pitch...whooopsie....

have a blessed holiday, and yes i got a very important MISSION to finish people that are close to me buzz me will let you know=)

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Well this is my movies class project see the poster also know that our movie must be very CANGGIH too!!! haha~ yea yesterday noon was the movie sceerning day and yea everything went well just the sound got some small lil problem overall alright=) oh ya almost forget the movie included our special actress DOT!!! thanks for the time and everything=)

Actually after these movie then me FJ and Yue have to go meet up for our group assingment but due to some prob so we cant make it..then went to meet up dot and joy, chating and chating thats what girls do. after that Yue head back to coll to get hers car me going to meet up my darl and have lunch and movie with him,so we went to one U for movie :SUPER FANS" it is a lame movie but anyway the company was great=) *hugs* and yea after that we went to have our late lunch at BK.after eating got to go church for mission practice the presentation sketch was alright just that we need to brush up so hiccups part overall alrite we have oue musician and song leader and of course the backup, some song i cant get it coz i din hear before is abit hard...after practice went home on the way home i was telling leo bout my prob then i have a short nap=) afterall is was a great day and i lurveeee u!!!

Mission is around the corner,im looking forward to go and see something different happen in this small place mission: to win ALL the missing souls there! and i know this mission trip im going to learn alot. anyway i will update the pic in Jerantut so keep an eye on my blog ahah~ God bless!!!

1 more assign 1 more finals and yes im going to fly like a bird=)

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Happening things in my college, but still the death student that don't even come and paticipate the fun things! anyway me and YUe went so as i say that we are the siao char bors how can we not siao on that nite???had loads of fun that din expected we become so siao in 1 hour time. i still not et update the pic lazy la..erm...the band was nice and i love the band Refugees and the 2nd band that emofied the whole place=)

And also before the event happen we have to screem Fu-Yo top of our lung~~~ crazy man and to win a  good Charlette concert =) anyway is for Yue. more to be updated now busy~

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yea, this time is about my piano...I was telling my friend that I wanna sell my piano it cost around 10,ooo++ (thats when my mum told me i was SHOCKED!) so my friend say NONO!!! is a nice piano and its not worthy to sell in this time coz its make by wood and lala so on so on...but let me clearify first I wanna sell this piano its because I want a keyboard,to practice all kind of funny sound..I told yue i want the key board at your house.But still new better la haha~but maybe i might just save money to get one..its about 499 that that my dad went to ask so yea SAVE money for a keyboard~ i WISH I can do it! or maybe anyone of you don't your keyboard then hehe~i don't mind(but make sure its still nice and the key is CLEAN)


Today woke up at 7 still very sleepy but still have to dragged myself up arrrrggghhh* i don like waking up so early it makes me feel very tire and sleepy,and i have things going on in the afternoon too so its like the energy have to be used from 7-5 ish~on a SATURDAY!!! neways, morning seminar was fun Dot did not come coz she is having a sore throat i was telling Yue that she did not scream rite yesterday shoot haha~ ok....overall the speaker are good spek proper and good english got loads of goodies beg too!=)anyway i chao at 1 head to church for meeting and jamming~so it was alrite and looking forward to my next mission trip at Jerutung(dont really know the spelling) yea so its going to be very busy coz need lots of preparation..

*thanks sweetie,for the support and yea,always stand by me when ever I need you!

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so these were the things that make us stick together!!!~sweet like ice cream=)

we eat and play when we are bored~but see we were still always beside each another!

we mess around~

So how many of you know that what will you do when you are boring and tire of things going around you~~~
eg.when is the due date of that **** assignment ar? when can we go shopping??when can we have a sleep over???when when when???
so many when...yea when can i have a break,but these people shine my day especially YOU my darling.But my ji mui always takes my blues away too thank you~

check this out~

nothing that can be compared.
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Im really thankful that this is just a small operation,although I cry I tear but than when I come back I know how many times of my pain that Jesus Christ had thousand years ago.Nothing can be compared from it. I know it's hard and it's ugly and It's pain but I still want to walk this with Jesus I experience his love with me all these time=) I can't laugh like how before I can,but i can try to crack out my smile.Praise the Lord I can sleep well and it's not that horrible pain now..I pray that it would be cured asap!
for everyone's information don't ajak me go out first k cause,I can't eat, but with strw I can drink all things have to cut into small pieces,praise the Lord I like death pig sleeping ..hehe`everything is going to be alrite!

6 types of medi I have to take after every meal, after 4hour and 6 hour.It's really horrible I don't like eating medi but then I still have to eat,so that it wont be so painful...face swallon, but it's ok...=) the medi is so bitter and I vomited out once I eat it..I know I'm bad in eating medi especially TABLETS! capsules still alright.

I don't want any picture off mine in the blog cause it will scare you.actually I have my own tooth but it's abit gross so just scrap it away la...=) i feel so xing fu=) anyways I want to faster cure then I can go church and also can go zoo!haha~although the food now Im taking abit boring but I will just tahan for these few days after that wahahaha...KFC k??hehe`

My mummy so loves,she woke up early in the morning to buy some soft stuff for me to eat,I can't belive I'm eating tau fu fa with STRAW!!!hehe` but it's ok la...I want to eat my stomach very hungry but when eat in slow motion very fast feel full and also very fast hungry too...

Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of Godare a broken spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despite.

1st anniversary!
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It's our 1st anniversary

This picture were took at was a funny day.....we went to time square(to support Peter) then travel to Sg. Wang, it's raining and I tell you I'm carving to go Pav! then run there but the rain become more heavy!ish~went to Isetan at lot10 bought an umbrella,haha~rm14.90!ish~then run together under the rain so funny and I'm totally wet!!!and so he is he much more wet than me because he worry that I fall a sick.Sweeeeet!!!=)Then my shoe soaking man!so gerli the feeling went walking and cam whoring.talking have fun and he bought me things lo=)hehe`it was wonderful.

The nite before anniversary...

surprise from my baby,  this is the cake he gave me haha~at my home kitchen it was totally sweet!haha~

Tomorrow is mummy and daddy's 30th anniversary and we are going to have small celebration on sat,maybe at the curve or one utama.very happy ler!can't wait leonard going too! then I will post up bout it too!

Yesterday swat!!!!!!!!!Exam from thurs to tues,then I summore went out with mummy to Kl help here buy things,and then did not study,on the way home they told me is on tomolo(today) then I was like what??It's really crap!but it's ok I came back rest for a while then start studying and thank God I can do the paper,i mange to study too!phew!this mornin jam like siao because I drove to college,and the morning jam make me jam for 1 hour then I exam on 9.30 i reach the exam floor at 9.29,Yue mei was in the jam too we went to the same lift...phew.but thank God la...I've made it,and Im on holiday now wahahahaha~

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SICK!!!I so not happy with it,and it did not turn up to be great..but still thank God that I have the chance to gain this scary experience!Let's see what happen is a last min postphone thing..and Im incharging the backdrop so definetly I have to finish the things asap then I've been doing it till SICK!and then there is some incident happen..some no responsibilty yor..anyway...this is what I've done for the past few weeks...and VERY MUCH THANKS to Crystal,Joy and my baby.

early morning I went to college and put all the words up!thanks to those that helped..and shoo to those who don't even bother asking do I need help.

eeeeehhh...see is easy but the whole process ain't easy k...i have to design then print the words to paper then cut the words,then paste on the polystyrene then cut it...and then what happen???have to count how many A's and the sentences no easy k!I took,3days and nite to finish it thank God I MANAGE to finish it.then pack all the wording bring all the way to college...Paint it,then back to klang again then some words are missing too..and lastly all the thing is up for the day...AFTER the day it's all RUBBISH! hard work!

ok let me start with the LEO Yue with me this TM too..sad.lonely.

I look dirty,because been running up and down the stage to do the backdrop and to check is it in the right position=)

FAIL we have already selected one of the BOD as a cameraGAL and she did not took any picture.Did not get to take picture of the Lion and this is the picture taken by Jeslyn before we are going to be installed as a LEO BOD.

Did not get to take picture when we are singing the LEO PLEDGE also FAIL and they did not ask the LION and the audience to rise up.

3 new member...and check this out 1 of the member are not wearing the proper dress code as a member...WHY this happen because....nobody inform her about it.FAIL!


free style

-sorry for the bad quality because they did not use the flash properly.-

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How happy is it when you get to buy so many shoes...and yet I feel bad after having so many of them..and I din have the chance to wear all of them..for the promise to myself I don't want to buy any shoe this year=) See what happen? even the door break off and needed stick to take the weight of it..there are more downstairs...this is my own shoe rag.Some of them,have to be in the box..I don't like it because cant see what I'

Happy mooncake festival...
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This year so many moon cake i had at home...but anyways...this is one of the surprise i had from friend and it's just an online greetings=)wish you will have a great one.

a4J web!
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at last we a4j have a website and thank God for  bringing us all through hard works and prayer that we've made,he never fail to help us!
everyone are welcome to visit this site!
we live to serve Him forever!

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  • very BUSY

  • very hardworking

  • having soar throat

  • praying alot...

  • talking alot too

  • frustrated

  • crazy shopping

  • spending loads of money

so busy with my leo club stuff....and will keep trying to blog asap.

missing yue mei..she wont be around for 1 week. may God bless her. and I always keep her in my prayer too...=)

what kind of drink am I?
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Aug 22, '07 10:39 PM for everyone

You are a Whiskey on the Rocks. You are tough and you know it. It takes a long time for people to get to know you but you wouldn't have it any other way. You don't care what people think, but sometimes that turns people off of you.

iM cinderella?!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Aug 22, '07 10:27 PM for everyone

You are Cinderella. You are hard-working and never complain, however, your trust is sometimes misplaced and people sometimes take advantage of you. Still, you are beautiful inside and out, and one day you will realize it and find true love.

All kind of things in the world~
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 25, '07 11:09 PM for everyone

One picture can be MADE into different kind of style you want.

This picture took from Hard Rock Hotel, Bali. this picture catches my attention when I walk pass...

I'm thinking if only your dare to do something out of the box then people might find out the differences in between it~ So step out and start doing something different then you will find out how interesting life can be. [only if you want to change]

Our life are just playing a small role in this world, but our journey can be very different from each another only if you dare to take the challenge up then you will have the chance to experience new things in your life=)

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 25, '07 10:54 PM for everyone

So yeap, last night was my first day holiday after my finals...haha~ but last night I got nothing to do, and I thinking aiks..before that so many things want to do,but when holiday is here then I got nothing to do=) haha~ but its ok  Im going to PENANG with my sweeties and also celebrate ah ma(Elaine) 21st birthday...this morning mum allowed me to go so haha~ happy=)
thanks to all the wishes this morning,my phone inbox suddenly buzz for 3 times togather- gather lazy to wake up and see but when I saw all the msg are from those ppl that seldom msg me they wish me luck for sweet=) hehe`God will bless me and I know I can do it!

Joyce ask me to write testi for our a4J new website, yesterday connection was super low then I think since I got nothing much to do then I started typing and looking back all the silly time I've gone through it was not easy, but I did it with the strengthen of God=) *eyes wet wet dei*
Hmmmm...this time I got to pray really hard that this PENANG trip I wont get sick. Because Yue they all find out if Im going for vacation sure I will be sick, but this time I will pray really hard I wont!

Today Dot last paper....wooohooo~and today if I have enough time I would wish to do my oreo cheese cake=) haha~

I'm looking forward how would my holiday stay tune there will be more coming up=)

it's OVER!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 25, '07 8:55 AM for everyone

I wish to shout out to everyone....

I 've gone through the hard short summer semester!

special THANKS to my lovely baby,Yue, Dot, Joyce,Carmen, Jerial Chong and everyone that keeps me in their prayer. Thanks for giving me fully support=) love you all so much!

I'm sick and I did not have all the energy to study but stil the most to thankis God! He make me go through all the hard time that I think I don't manage to do, but all things I can do with Him! want to jump up and down in my room just to celebrate all the hard time. Now I can concentrate to finish-kan my major task=)

Should not be here blogging.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 24, '07 8:08 AM for everyone

Yeap I'm not suppose to sit here blogging,tomorrow will be finals and yahhoooo after all these hard time I cant wait to PARTAY!!!!!haha~

This few days alot of things happen, but thank God this time I got this opportunity to serve in Junior Chruch as a pianist.And yes always starts from the basic. One step at a time.Can't wait to serve! hehe` today looking back at my Ballet and piano cert. I thank God my mum send me to all these cool classes and now is useful! When God prepare and want you to do something He will just mole you anytime and anywhere. Thats why I'm thinking back all the stupid time that I cry not going to piano class and struggling to learn or not to learn than always give alot of explanation that I'm not feeling well and teacher scold me and this and that all the excuses in the world. But now it become all the talented things that I can use to serve in chruch. Never fail to say YES when you have a task to be done. Never give up.
A loser never gives up, a winner never quit.
I'm loving it now, and I want to keep on brushing up my skills, and serve God all the best I have. Saving up $$$ to go for piano classes( specialist for chruch pieces) Rm 360 for 3 months and 1 week once 45min class.

I'm sure there is more for me to learn and to try I will never fail to try and keep doing it. With God strength I can do it!

*Everyone have 2 dreams when they wake up, one is the one that you DREAM at night, and the other one is to chase your DREAM. I guess for every youth in every corner of the world would chose to chase your DREAM. So what are you doing?Keep on chasing till the day you get it!

All the best for everyone that is taking finals tomorrow=)

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 22, '07 5:51 AM for everyone

Only when you find out you can't express things that you want to and it become history that you might not say it untill you die. And I've learn something, tell Him when you want ,SEEK for Him when you need.He is there for you day and night never give up seeking for His help. Once you miss it, and you will regret that you did not EXPRESS to Him before that.

Because I've not been looking for Him ages, and this time I don't want to miss out any of the chance to EXPRESS all my love to Him!

Today I was worshiping and I keep so quite infront of Him and I wish I would have a hug from Him. But everything was good enough that afternoon because He make my Heart calm down infront of Him, and things that happen before flashes here and there in my mind. I feel so thankful for all things that He gave me. And this time, I never want to make this mistake again. Because He is just so good, when you put away your tireness and all the bad time infront of Him and He will just open up His lovely arms to comfort you!

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 22, '07 5:40 AM for everyone

I almost lost my voice in camp, that I first time can't talk and Yue say that so not complete without my laughter and my noisyness=) But its really very hard not talking when you see your friend around you start talking every single topic that actually you know more than them, but anyway is like 1 week already.

My throat this time really very bad cant really talk much, makes me cough even more. But I think is good la give those people that seldom talk, talk more=) So I went to camp, there were cats around and I HATE cats and those annoying cats come when you are eating. One of the cat walk next to my leg I wanted to scream but I don't have voice to scream out but just only the face expression and open my big mouth with a high pitch *eeee* how sad it is for not having voice and can't voice up the inner fear. haiz... I thank God now is al over at least I can talk and laugh. But today at Sunday service, I can't sing! so badly I croak more then singing ish~ but I know God will understand my situation. haiz.its not easy.

Last night I had a great time with my baby cause he came and find me just for dinner=) and he saw my driving skills wahahahahaha.although is short last night but then hehe~ I still get to spend a lil quality time with him, talking bout recently stuff. So long we did not get to talk to each another cause I'm sick and I have to sleep around 10 or 11. And I almost forget the 12 o'clock scene. But tonight I might need to study. I cant wait to have fully fun and great time with my LOVE one.

.: fast and pray for our NATION!:.

I'm not walking alone.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 21, '07 3:23 AM for everyone

I wish i was so FREE like that all the time, flying everywhere I want to with my love one and never want to look back all the tiring time.And look back only when am missing it. Can't wait to fly like a bird in the sky, touch the soft bunch of clouds and reach up higher to HEAVEN!!! wow, how wonderful it is to be so day! and that time I will surely look back all the time and things I've been through and how God gave be all the wonderful things in the world! And I want to say THANK YOU.

forgetting all the bad and unhappy things, lean back and looking up to the sky again. And always remember that I'm not walking alone...

I know that everyone will saw this only shades that I'm walking alone in the beach that noon. But in my heart I it wasn't alone and its forever in my heart there will be one person because He is carrying me through the up and downs.

I'm not walking ALONE.

what the crap!!!!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 21, '07 1:38 AM for everyone

wah~ i dont really know what happen to me since last week i was sick till now im still COUGHING!*sigh finals around the corner is next wednesday,and I'm not so suppose to sit here blogging.But then the book and notes are boring like sh*t! Its killing me myself.stab me now! haiz...when I don't want to study and all i had in my mind is: I want HOLIDAY! and Im already planning what to do in my hols and I can't imagine what my results will be...
One good thing, new car came on Thursday night, but I still not yet have my driving liscens yet not is not yet PASS also then the car is waiting for me to drive.Yea, definitly I do drive around for the first day=) but I pandai2 and better than Dot?! coz I came back with 4 wheels haha~ I cant wait to take driving test then here I'm going to fly out of this boring city KLANG! I wish i would drive to chruch and college, so i cant get away from all the public transport. but I need time to do it, and practise man if not 4 wheels become 2 wheels haha~

I miss that UIU talk this morning what the crap! see I told you Im sick and sick till psycho and Im forgetting everything that is important! and i slept this whole morning like death pig!aaarrrggghhh.... i might hate myself because of not being reponsibility!fine.

i don't want to talk.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jul 20, '07 1:32 AM for everyone

when you know FINALS around. what are you doing?
me coughing and resting.
please keep me in your prayer. TQ

Recently into....
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Mar 11, '08 9:09 AM for everyone

These lovely things...

yeah...PSP If I don't want to change my mobile phone I will plan to buy this RM 750 with 4G's man, I will just treat this as my Ipod. Really nice=)

This SEXY look FCUK shades...I forgot to list this in my birthday wish list tho=) having 50%.Hmm...will ask mom for this.

Once again, my dream come true.Mom bought this last Sunday 9/3/08. I can bake now,always wish to bake but I don't have an oven now I have one and I can bake all I can, although is small but I don't mind I still can bake cupcakes!wooohoo!
Ahhhh...this is to update that I just bought this new goggles I love it so much because is SPEEDO! Best brand for swimmers. Praise the Lord this is on 50% discount too! Jesus loves me=)

It's been a week....
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Mar 11, '08 8:58 AM for everyone

No,I should say it's been long time that WE did not manage to chat and say good night happily, just because of all the random pressure that WE both are facing. Anyhow, God just make us walk thru all these hard time and I really thank YOU for listening to me, and you know me like how I know myself. Sometimes arguement just simply makes us know each another more.I accept the way you accpet me!

When things happen you're right beside of me...
When things happen you'll never fail to lift me UP!
And when you needed me, babe...let me tell you "I'M JUST RIGHT BESIDE U!"
LOVE YOU to the MAX!

*touch up*
we serve in youth service for the FIRST time together!
& we serve because we LOVE!

Family dinner.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Mar 1, '08 10:21 AM for everyone

who is my Valentine?
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Feb 28, '08 5:37 AM for everyone

This year is jz another ordinary 13/2 I went to celebrate one day earlier,just to avoid all the jam and crowd.But it was fun and lovely!



:lovely couple:

Thanks for having you in my pass 1 year and I know there is more things we need to overcome,not only 14/2 is Valentine but for me having you everyday is.
Thanks Jesus for giving us patient,love,gentleness,kindness,self-control,faithfulness and goodness!We love thats why we SERVE all for Jesus!
I love you baby!

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Feb 21, '08 12:58 AM for everyone

One of the main things that I have to do after CNY and my Taiwan trip,gosh I've become a fat pig that pigs around=) But it's ok,recently I've been enjoying swimming and soon I'm going for tennis, ask me who is my trainer?MY MOMMY! she do play tennis last time so I'll try playing tennis too!can't wait..but I wish things would not be hard for me...been swimming for 2 days I find out it's really nice and relaxing,but the clorins really ruin my hair and nails,nevertheless, for the sake of my fatty body so I will go=) haha~Im lovin it, No sign of body aching because I've been dancing alot too!wooohoo~more excersice waiting for me to do.accompany was great tho,get to bully mommy hahahahah~(evil me)

For readers: do excercise before you regret that you have to drag your fatty body throughout this year..ewwww...I dont want fatty body!!!!Therefore, go!!!!=)

Feeling healthy me!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Feb 20, '08 1:05 AM for everyone

Happy Chinese New Year

Hmmm,Chines New is the time were the young and old gather together, for me I still love CNY but the mood of CNY bit weird.Many of our cousins are away to hoiliday or married.The "remainingS" ( not married) are still around really happy to meet up with my cousin. Some still don't want to married, just because they still want to get more ang pao's!haha~

Popo the lil one! Grown up alot and of course,mess around too!

Daddy's brithday!falls on CNY!

family pic,this is not all...=) (sorry for the blur pic.

first day of CNY...

Ladies,girl, women in the house!

Elaine me and Ying=) we stick together since we were in mommy's stomach?ahah~love you both!

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Feb 19, '08 8:22 AM for everyone

It's really back of time with all this picture but to update you,thats why I did this=)
Sab's place

A day out with my sweeties,at New Jusco....

this sad women because she din get to buy what she want,but never mind there is always a better one waiting for you!hugs*

as usual the pigging buddy...

SEGi sam chi fa=) courtesy of DOT

so you can see from al these who is the hardworking among us=)

black sauce for the chili!

busy with the hot tea.just for my sweeties!

this were the things we do before we sleep,trying to fit into my language they wish to TAG along to Taiwan with me=)surprisingly it fits!

Yue Mei the pig=)haha~she's really tire after crazy the whole day.

would you marry me again?
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Omni Studio

don be shock with the title,is my parents!It has been 30th year and they are still so lovely.I still love them and or course they do so.Today went for this photo shoot just because my church is organizing for couple that did not did their wedding in church as a christian,im proud to know that and Im happy for them too and Im glad that Ps James has this idea and thank God that my parents have the chance to walk on the red carpet with the wedding song and the part where pastor will ask,will you marry me??haha awww sweet,but my dad throw me this joke,he say since they have already marry for 30th years should ask :are you regret of marry me??haha~funny daddy=)seriously thank God to see this how many of you have this chance?but thankfully I have!!!!

check the gown out it was my mom's wedding gown thats see wore 30th years back!and she get to wear it back now..and she add up girl will give you when you marry,hello mommy see my waist and your waist and of course I'm sure I want my personal one too,because I want my dream gown and I've already plan how long and what color and when to...wait a min,too far keep it as a secret first=) so yeap mom's hairdo is the courtesy of ME Sabrina Ch'ng=)I love it and it's lovely with the lace!!!

mommy's boy (top)
mommy's girl (below)

let's present the............ bride and the groom!

will update for more photo shooting picture and the wedding day pics=) so stay tune!

meeting up the people...
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jan 13, '08 9:44 AM for everyone

the apartment

at last I get to meet up with my secondary friends on the last friday of my holidays=) it was a night that is full of "INFORMATION" bout everyone and other people is it called GOSSIP???haha~oh well..haha~it was fun and we did enjoy but when it strikes to 12 my eyes barely open,plus the next day Im having photo shoot with my parents my mom warn me please come back early if not tomorrow our house hottie will be a panda from China=) but the the good girl me went til late nite 1.30 but we had fun!thank God we are still as close as last time.

me with the lil doe or something that looks cute=)*and the person on it looks HWAT!!!hahah~

5 of us.
amber tan(top)
seh hua (below) check out the couples spoon and knife...*ding dong*

ah yong (mom proclaim he looks like Andy Lau,but he was the guy that we use to call him LEE in the boy band Blue(LEE)

back to SCHOOL!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Jan 8, '08 1:44 AM for everyone

Walk to the main gate,thinking the time that Im walking there no matter in the noon or really early in the morning.The blue and white paniform and the white shoe and white socks.Missing the time..It din change much but still some here and there changes=) but i stil love the feeling that we walk and chill in school time,I miss my friends.How can I not say I love my school so much memories and memories!walking u the hill to the office,the quite sound with the teacher sound it matches so RIGHT!went back to office to get my SPM cert and all i saw was the old man standing there our headmaster..still gentle and soft smile,not like the previous one.

After getting all the things I need,while signing saw a few friends name and really misses them alot.Walk to the office take a short walk to see those teacher some still stay but some leave.I love the paper smell in the office haha~lovely.and then wanted to look for my counselling teacher the teacher that told me so much and also she know me the most when I was bad.she is not around but it's so thankful enough to go back to my school.I will never ever forget that place!went to canteen all the way walking saw alot of unknow faces,but they are so cute haha~and the toilet smells still the same yuckie smell,but reminds me alot too always hang around in toilet with girlfriends.

Canteen is stil the same the same position and the same smell haha.the first thing i headed to is to the noodles shop because thats the best place to eat,I ate the same own gand recipe with the yee mee and,ying yong soup with the special sambal,hhmmm price still the same rm2 with 6 fishballs.wahaha I love it had one bowl then went to the place where I alwasy sits with my frends,the table is stil the same the seating is still the same!so wonderful,sat there eat alone,I wonder how nice if my fren can be with me there.but still thank God.after eating as usual I will go to the next shop for french fries and the ikan goreng am not sure wat that called.surprisingly the aunty still remember me=) and then while eating the bell rings,wow so nice,I love it.and student dashing to the stores.haha.went to leave my bowl at the pill that have to be put,and guess wat I cant remember which one I just randomly out one.haha~and saw the same gen thing that did not change was girl will be at the right side and the guy will be at the left side sitting.haha~walk to my class room then to the stairs,different thing was a new building there,and the staircase is so much nicer then the one we had last time.haha~and then walked to the pondok where we always go when ponteng class..usually will ponteng to there after exam because teacher don care.haha~then walk to my form 2 class...still the is the new building,last time when it is not built our PJ time is here.haha~but now too small.

this is the pondok!!!love the most!

Then back to the main gate.whao...wat a greatful day and I love the walking alone in school.I love it and thank God for putting me in this namely Kwang Hua well known school!Praise the Lord!!!will definetly go back again jsut to visit like how I did.=) proudly to be known that I graduated in this school!

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Dec 30, '07 11:21 PM for everyone


Today 29th Dec 07, baby turns 21st and our 1st celebration was with his family the food is just mmmmmm yummy!!

after lunch we went  for a lil shopping but am too tire to shop but I still have to fake it out.haha~due to the preparation for the surprise party for him I've not been sleeping for few days, but it's a worthwhile.
The plan went alrite,but he saw the invitation that I gave out .But it he did not expected it's on his birthday day because i told him that we both going out for dinner.
long story...

Surprise Party
Taman Paramount

looking at the presentation that I've made for him!

his bestie...

me ,Leonard and Lea Yeethe TAN's

I love you!

Christmas with love.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Dec 27, '07 10:25 PM for everyone

Christmas with LOVE

@Glad Tiding PJ
Yea...firstly we have to Praise the Lord that we have 11 people accepted Christ and also we all the committee had fun and we both get to have fun together too.and I'm really glad that I have friend came and it's wonderful..I love it.I love you gals!!!muaxxX!!!

Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Dec 27, '07 10:18 PM for everyone

christmas caroling at Millinium Square and strawberry field on Christmas was a BLAST!This year Christmas everyone was abit tire and exotic because of doing alot of preparation for drama but I think is all worthwhile because we are doing for Christ=)

let's show the flash back memory we have last year.2006.
Happy people with loads of fun.this year Chin was not around but added one more person Jerry.
this year church drama...
took a few pic with the actor=)

sekali update!
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Dec 6, '07 10:53 PM for everyone

Amazing Race

one of the game the handicap person his leg and I the mute have to help him!so hard but it's about teamwork!ahah~

the rules, 5 of them me mute, yue and chemmy 3 legs monster, joseph handicap, daniel was funny!

i did it! it was in the Amazing race=)happen in my was a total FUN!

Blood donation
Sg. Besar

i know look bit fat la...cause im super tire to take pic=)
on the way there in my Lion's Estima. 140km/hr

the folks.

the moving vehicle where the screening took place.
this thing costs about 1 million bucks!

lunch time with Lion's was seafood!nice nice food!hehe
our outfit looks like wat???Jusco workers.haha~

vooommm...home we go after the tiring day=)this time Mercz sport car..this one keng!
170km/hr ;)
seat belts were put on haha~

@ SEGi, SJ
the people=)

Pearl party@boon wei's



crazy+fun people!

fun fun fun!
field near A&W

i love u!

mom's birthday!
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New Jusco (Aeon), Bukit Tinggi

the birthday "girl"!

the food!!!

ignore the candles she din't want it to be known by others so we did a fake age haha...but she is still young and pretty!

daddy isn't around because he don like Jap so too bad,although he is not around but we did spend happy time together with my dear mom!

thanks for holding me when I fall, teach me when I'm lost, encourage me everyday...sometimes I might turn you down but MOM i love you! you are the superwomen in my heart forever and ever...thanks for all the great things you've given in my life...

too much.
Posted by .:SaBriNa:. on Oct 18, '07 12:03 AM for everyone

too much have to shift it to the floor if not the whole stack of book will fall on my head.

All the text book are HEAVY so my rack can't take the weight it's almost I can't manage to do anything with and what am I suppose to do?Who say Ikea  stuff is good?haha~

I always know I'm a good organizer haha~see now my shoe rack well done.

not bad rite?It's label!