Monday, March 23, 2009

321 Yes I do

MARCH 21 (321), new couples in Christ on Saturday with the meaningful ceremony in front of hundred audience and Jesus Christ the couple got all the blessing from the relatives and friends. I'm proud to have this chance performing after they've sign the marriage certificate on their memorable day ;)I can't believe I was tearing during the Yes I Do moment. Congrats to Cilix and Stephanie. Cilix have a gifted talent from God a very good music composer, the nice piece of song were the performing song really nice and relaxing. Thank God he loves the dance so as Stephanie. ;)


the girls that I haven't been catching up for sometime,thanks God for this opportunity you girls still rocks!

I love you GIRLS!!!sab0019

very own hand made meaning I sew myself k!!! Dress or what ever it is ;) love it. The theme for the day pink and white.sab0021

Sexy backsab0022

the ballerina pose.sab0023

my favorite flower girl, she always bring along hers mom makeup beg ask "jie jie can I have make up?" sab0026

Daisy lover !sab0028

night went for dinner,it was an awesome dinner full of laughter!

May God bless Cilix and Stephanie!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


There is a book fair, in Summit from Popular Bookstore. When I saw the setting for it I'm so happy, this few days during my lunch break that's the only place I'm looking forward to. And yeap!!! The books are really cheap, although its not in good or nice condition but what more you can ask for when only rm10 for hard cover and rm 5 for those book that are selling for rm29.90 in the bookstore. Anyway, I've got myself 5 books happy me;) sab0012 There is extra 2 from my birthday present, now I have whole loads of book to accompany me during holiday ;)

*currently reading Peaches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Historical Town

Yeap..I know I should have post it before my BD, but I'm busy with assignment and project. Let the picture do the talking.


our first stop for the day, porridge! yummy!dsc062611

after every meal we need fruits to digest better...


who say we only eat, but we hit the swimming 3 in the the afternoon HOTSUN! but it was super funny, as usual me and yue are like dolphin ;)dsc06277

Dot's pro


Jongker Walk


2nd stop! food!!--there are more food stops in the mid of Jongker.



me and yue the Mango lover!img_3695

SCB hits Malacca round 2 !dsc06293

we catch this on the way for dinner isn't this awesome!dsc06297

dinner time, what more not to miss the Satay Celup..the couple Chemmy and Yung.dsc06298

couple no.2 Sab and Leonarddsc063021

we girls just wanna have FUN!dsc06300

I know you love me ;)dsc06306

after DINNER and this is hmm called what? Dinsup?img_3723

wooooo after dinner this is our supper "o chien"..its yummy cause not much of "O" inside I love EGGS! because my boyfriends surname is TAN? ahha well apparently the people that I usually hang out with are all TAN's !img_3731

Good morning ladies..img_3733

last meal in Malacca, head back to KL first, it was raining on the way back. Although it was short, but it's fun to have have you guys with me after Mid Term! Next trip? I've got another place in mind;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party (Part 1)

On this very special day, I've received so many text, and messages in FB it was all wonderful blessings and greetings! Thanks people. The few days before I was busy decorating. It was tire, but worthwhile. Let's not talk much...picture- story telling time....Once upon a time, on 14 March 1988 this girl...


Sabrina Ch'ng!


this people walk with me for 21 years ;) and they still loves me like how they use to ;) dsc06967

this guy came into my life and yes, I'm bless to have him....LOVES*


what more to say with this 2 lovely sister of mine ;) I love you SCB's!


Church buddy( will have more in part 2)


my big brother and sister (cousin sis)


my smart cousin sis , thanks for performing that night!dsc06933

that night the ice-kacang hmmm yummy and this is only and ONLY special! The waiter did it HUGE one for me ;)

dsc07001this cake is from my uncle back in UK! Thank you so much! and ya adding on the dress I'm wearing is not TAILOR made is all the way from UK, Next.

img_7582Thanks for all the present, and there are more that I have no time to put all in one. But still sincerely thanks for coming and it's much appreciated to have you people's blessing on that memorable sweet 21st! ;)xoxo

Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday wishlist....

Well, I'm still having my MT at the moment, but so many people has been asking what do I want for my big make you people life easier.

I find out the things I like at the age of 21 more on gadgets and it's pricey too,but anything will do kay? Don't worry.

  • I Touch/ Ipod nano Chromatic( Black/white/red)

  • Handphone (Nokia/Sony Erricson)

  • External hardrive ( WD-White)

  • PSP (White)

  • Wii

  • Camera(prefer Sony Cybershot)

  • Purse (black)-Gucci/Guess

  • Black strip watch-Guess/Fosil

  • LOMO Fisheye Submarine cover

  • One year pass to Celebrity Fitness

That is all I have in my list. ;) Need to get back to my notes!
*BTW, if you afraid there is clashes for my gift you can ask me ;) haha.