Thursday, October 28, 2010

My new love!

People who knows me I'm a art and craft lover....what more when all fashion and art comes together! Especially the fashion icon they are just magnatic! FYI: Their main objective is by using their adore towards fashion,they implement into a favorite doll of hers to wear clothing from designers like Marc, Burberry, D&G, Chanel and many many more.....
Aren't they just smart!! :)

First like: Plasterdoll visit her website support her if you like. I'm going to get one for my room! I'm love with this sexay!

Moving on 2nd like:Fifi Lapin

Isn't it lovable! That is why I love fashion! xoxo

Colourful days!

I'm in the midst of loving all sorts of color since end of August 2010, why do I specific it? Because I would like to make it a benchmark! Today I will be a purple lady cause I've got my-self reward for this month already! I'm lovin' it :)

Let's touch on Shu's birthday, I've made her something special since she is a Instax photo lover she was telling me she needs something to store hers collection. Practically I do not have any idea what should I get her because I only know her for only a month? Well so, using my fun + talent ability, I've made her this....

Then we celebrated her __ birthday (let's keep it as a secret!) in office.


Moving on Media Prima Screenings, as I promise I will post up my mafia look. Here are some highlights so I will make sure before you leave my blog you will not be bore down!
Let's welcome Upin & Ipin's friend they are one big shot for tv9 they are really growing well. Keep it up tv9! OMGFact: Upin&Ipin has been the highest rated Malay 3D cartoon in Malaysia, not only that they are well known in the Indonesia too!

All time favorite CEO in the houze! Ahmad Izam! He is one smart, talented men not only that he is very loving too! Izam tickle your funny bone from time to time and boom you will all the extravaganza's idea!

Presenting the most presentable BD team from ntv7! Coolest.
(Left: Brain,Kelvin,Ee Ling,Jermaine,Sab and Yloon)
This faces are not aliented to you and me. MP always bringing you the best of all this is TVB artist Micheal and Michel pretty freindly. Fuyooh to our 8tv GM, Kim
Look up to her most, she rocks!
This is not even a unfamiliar face for my blog, she has been growing with me. Now-wow familiar face to you and public! She is Megan Tan 8tv quickie face.

New found! Shu Ling :) We had a blast during the post party!
Thumbs up to MP blooming well in this industry! We are no more a TV station only, if you zoom in we are a company with tele(TV3,ntv7,8tv and tv9,prints(NST), outdoor(Bigtree),radio(fly,hot,one) and we are having it one step closer to your door step tonton(online FTA tv). Yay to all the hoohaa! :P Let's support local tele!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


If only you can read mandarin then you will know what am I going to blah in this post. I have friends who told me I'm like a Superwomen to her, I was shocked indeed! Well she does explain from which angle she meant-- Independence! I can say yes, but sometimes I do cry and needs cuddles too. Super doesn't meant that I'm born to be a super, I'm just mold to be one hence I grow from a strong dependency background yet through some reason I have to be strong and independence.Honestly, it's not hard at times but it can be tough at times too!

This few days dad was in hospital and I was busy with work and church therefore I spend much time dashing in and out. It's been tiring and I know it's not only me but my dearest family are tire too. We know we all plays an important role at this moment, for dad I can do it! With the love of Christ I need to do it too. Lending this post I would say a million thanks to those who text, call and ask me about daddy thank you for your prayers too it meant much to us! May God bless those who bless!

I would like to share a little about my feelings during this few months....This is because today I came to a stage where God spoke to be through His words.

I woke up with a unexpected manner, I don't bother doing anything special today and I was expecting today to end early. After dancing, I walk in to service I have this feeling ;strong feeling that I can't describe much what it is about. I was in the second row, Jessie was sharing on we have to overcome our relationship. This ring a bell in my head, a big knock in my stomach I was alert and I'm yes focusing on what is it going to be. The sharing was short indeed, nothing much a few point and question were given nothing much tho. Till the part where she was asking do you think there is a relationship that is broken or you can't mend? Relationship that has hurt you a zillions time and we still don't know why and how. Unconsciously I actually teared.......

don't know why I'm now standing and crying here, I have no idea what's making me crying like a baby! Okay for a moment I think I know why, few months ago or a few years ago I was in this serious depression on a relationship(friend)! I have no idea how can I do this, really NO idea! To be exact, I felt I was left out I'm in the midst where nobody cares where am I going and doing I don't even bother blogging about it (not like I wish to blog now,anyhow.....) I was thinking once we were eating together, playing, shopping, working and singing together but now? I'm missing it, and I think life still have to move on because they will have their new bunch of friends and life. Moving on now they are flying off for some trip....I'm seriously in depression on this! I can go gaga about these! I'm left out-- relate this to the sermon, yes I was left out from a group of people. Story goes on and on.

One thing I need to learn, there are more people who needs me. What more to care those who don't care me? Might as well, give care and love to those who needs! I need to take this as my homework for now, of course, to abide strong in God's word! I know there are some people who stab me like sh*t but I know some people who cares and loves me, I give thanks to those who loves me and pray for those who stab me. After all, I'm just a human yes a HUMAN!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mob my DAY!

Black is the new green! I'm doing something extra ordinary, if you are reading this ahead then it wont be a surprise anymore. Cause I'm into falsie! Falsie lashes, hair extension! Oh yeah babeh! I'm doing it, for chrissake I'm doing this for work and fun! My job will be the coolest job to be a barbie dressing up in all different ways for different occasion and most of all meeting artist all the time, isn't it fun? Period.

I'm having a mix feeling especially my dad in in the operation wad and I'm partying at the other side, but I've did my prayer for him and send a love text to him. I know I should be there, but work is work, GM insist us to be there! NO-MATTER-WHAT! no petition? Well this is the real world I'm working in. No doubt I cant hype myself up with all these fun YET, but perhaps when the real thing get pumpin' in then yeah PERHAPS! I will not reveal much on what I'm wearing any time soon...till I get pictures uploaded.

Mobster mission will start from now.......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How lil' things still makes me smile

The power of SMILING! Since the day I start working in 7 I felt I've smile often, and also I'm surrounded by a bunch of nonsens peepo!Bubly is always very me :) Neways I would like to show off some picture
Shu and Me :)
Yi Xin and Deb runs the same blood with Leonard.
This is from my boss, she knows I likey Elmo!
I did not break my promise on this! At least some picture that I did not post on fb before! See you guys are loved by me! I will be a mobster less then one day, stay tune for my ____ look!
Request: Please pray for my daddy's operation tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Living a life like Barbie!

Heyoow Dolls of mine! It's been awhile I havent been blogging, too much to update especially when I step back to my media company. Thisis such a blessing for me, there are no boundaries especially on things and idea I have. There are much to update but then I cant squash all into one. Therefore,I'm going to hop from one to another. There might be some of them that have not pop in my mind at the mo.

I was here working as a Business Development aka BD. Much to do, but mostly to ooze my brain juice as much as I can. I have spend my 2 months here and I'm enjoying it most! Let me see, I have know a friend that is known as my buddy in 7 already. Her name is Shu Ling and we clicked well enough, thank God we have much similarity that I loved most.

Things happen much if you are my loyal reader you will be following me closely in my facebook and twitter. Blessing has showered me through out this quater end,I give thanks on all goods and bads! There are many picture that I have upload most of my pictures. But I will leave this post as simple as possible, I will make sure my next post be as exciting as possible. Besides that I would like to send a million of apologies on my personalize blog (security) there are some reason that poeple start stalking my blog and getting in too much of my life and apparently they start interpretating my life from there! Which is so inmature! Some poeple just do!

So ya during this few months that I have abandon my blog cause I was away for goods, I went to a couple of places. This was my target for this year and I've fulfil it! Yay! Next year line-ups will be in my resolution 2011! I'm bless enough to visit China, the country I would want to visit most throughout my jouney I've spend much time with my family. Thank you Lord! Hopping on to Vietnam the following month, Viet is a very nice place to shop and EAT! The honking land might freak you out, but when it comes to creativity they are no NOOB! I appreciate moment I spend with my family and my mommy! Sadly when we are back from China daddy's leg wasnt that good any more :( It hurts to see your family in pain, espcially dad limps and now walking with a stick :( But well let's rejoice because we know that Jesus is taking care of all these. No more sorrow and pain because we know He is the Lord!

This few days I will be involving in a huge event that is organize by Media Prima, and we are asked to be a mobster! Dress code will be MAFIA! So not me! I know is not me at all! Welll fedora, and my black suit is all in my wardrobe stay tune I promise *finger cross* my pictures will be up up for you!! Make sure you don't give up on me yeh. Another thing please pray for my daddy if you are reading this, he will be admitted to hospital this Friday and operation will be on too. Prayer is in need. Thank you much in advance!

I will update from time to time to keep you in my loop of life :P Many to share in between nowadys but then, yeap ADMIT Sab is LAZY to rewind on what I've done. Promise! Keep my words!