Saturday, April 26, 2008

What Type of Heart do you have?

Usually I don't check my facebook and I don't really enjoy doing it,
and I saw Jo send me this test and I try doing it cause it was short.haha~so I did and this is
my answer=)Angel's Heart, given by my lovely Jesus!;)

My result is: Angel's Heart

You fall in love quickly and easily.You give so much in a relationship, and you don't expect much in return. You love always seeing your lover and you just love them as they are.You have a huge desire to whomever you love and you stay in love forever

The Struggle for Thier future continues....

After reading all the notes input so many words and theory,skills guideline and the list goes on....

I went downstairs set on my dad's lazy chair...and I saw there is a letter and I was wondering if there is my letter or not, but then I saw this WWF symbol and I check out whose name it was my brother and my mom's name..I'm so curious that I did not even ask my mom for permission to open it I just open then I start reading it...and I saw the headline was The Struggle for their future continues...below it a picture of a turtle and just below it Marine Turtles are among oceans' most magnificent creatures.

They've graced our seas since the age of dinosaurs, but the last twenty years has seen such a dramatic decline in their numbers that the day could soon come when they won;t return to their ancestral nesting beaches anymore.And situation does not help that these beaches are being polluted by HUMAN activities.

I had this feeling deep down in my heart, I ask my myself how much can I do and did I do anything for this Marine Turtles?? And my hearts says NO! *eh please don't get the wrong message, not that I'm a cold blood person kay.* so keep reading and I saw a lot of words that touches my heart,I was struggling that how those people think zillions of way just to eat an turtle egg?those turtle are just so adorable! I myself went to Redang and get the chance to see turtle babies...and I'm glad that I have a chance to put it on my palm! then I have this thought again would the next generation get to see turtle thru picture or the real ones ? So the last page...of course the main purpose of this letter to my mom is to ask for donation and give commitment to help the wild. I myself don't think I would give this commitment,but I pray to God.Furthermore, I would try to commit when I get to work and earn money.

Seriously, I'm scare of those lovely creature under the sea.Hopefully everyone in this world would love the nature and not kill them!

"Only after the last tree has been cut,

Only after the last river has been poisoned,

Only after the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten"

Native Cree prophecy

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bloom Muical.

This is the first EP from a4J. Come and join us and have a delightful nite with full of interesting program!

May God Bless You and all the best for finals people!

*For more details do not hesitate to call me,add an comment or visit our website

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Now I truly understand how much I love my room and my desk!Because of the horrible *bing bang* next door I have to leave home and come to the nearest Starbucks to study for my finals!!!So ain't fun,not cool sitting here and it's so horrible I miss the wearing baggy top and shorts hair all tied up like nobody business,sit back at my "boss" chair and study! A lot of distraction, not suitable for someone that love to "observe" things....

Anyway, I still manage to cover most of the chapter,later will cont...

Come back to next door renovation, I would say it's killing my brain and it's affecting my life and I thought of suing them just because they did not inform us about this major renovation,at least I will have a preparation move away from my house for 2 months! WHY 2 months? Because this MAJOR renovation takes 2 months to finish! Driving me crazy with all the drilling sound.

People: Please pray for me that I would have a better environment to STUDY!=)

The Incredible Walk

spaceCamp Fee:
spacenon-member (RM70)
spaceCamp fees inclusive of transport, accommodation, meals and entrance fees to
spaceGua Tempurung.
spaceAttractions: Adventurous grand tour at Gua Tempurung, once-in-a-life-time camping,
spacecampfire, exciting games…

spaceClosing date: 4/5/08
spaceContact: 012-2527944 (Wai Loon), 03-7955 0977 (Carmen)

spaceCamp briefing: 11/5(Sun), 10.15am @ BCM
spaceCamp departure: 18/5(Sun), 12.30pm @ Glad Tidings, 99A, Jln Gasing, PJ

*leave me a comment if you are interested,will hit you back asap!=)

Take a Break.



The Curve

After being a one week nerd, I thank God for having this dinner to distress. This time is with Leonard's family,purpose of eating dinner together just to celebrate his Pa's birthday.Of course!we have a great time talking and eating those delicious dishes! The "siu long pau" wow the soup hmm mm! and the fried rice..awesome!

:the people:

Obviously the lovebirds I =)

me and Leonard

the lovebirds II =)

Wai Loon and Joyce

lovebirds III *er hmm* NOPE! Grace and Kenneth the lovely siblings!

Me, Leonard and Uncle George and aka motherly AUNTIE!haha~

*Note: if you are hungry, I suggest not to scroll down!


The best fried rice!

this one cannot miss out!" siu long pau"!

after this wonderful dinner,carrying our big tummy for a walk=)

The most I love that night was spending time talking to my love one, and I know that we have to prepare for finals,and a lot more waiting for us to do.But one thing I always remember we are holding hands in hands setting our goal for future! Thank God abundantly for all the strength He gave us.Amen!

Can't for my Spring break!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008



I know I should not be blogging here, being bad me.My Uncle from UK came and he going off today it was a great 3 weeks having him around! I know I've been a bad girl for not updating, firstly FINALS around, and I had fever for one week, and then 2 days of allergy (am NOT sure why) but it was a horrible week for me last week, for most I'm home alone while I'm sick but I did pray to God, nothing happen I was so disappointed, besides all these horrible thing happen to me my next door doing a major renovation and it's so irritating with all the noise, and I'm so sick that I don't even have the energy to go college or even drive out for a meal. dah-lah.It was so bad! But I think I still can praise the Lord because I always have someone to take care of me, and he always reminds me something when I'm so weak, pray to God He wants you to LEARN something from these. ok.

this is Aaron Wong!my cousin.

his friend Ollie!

When I was sick, I went to Sushi and KTV. Because my lovely friend Chemmy's birthday, it was bit quite because the noisy QUEEN sick so no point!haha~anyways happy birthday Chemmy!

My cousin from UK came Aaron my cousin and Ollie my cousin's friend. Went to Genting with them and hmmm on a tuesday, you can't imagine how death can Genting be when you don't have your gang there. I did nothing much, but slept at 10.30 catch Ugly Betty 2 and Desperate house Wife.BORED to death! that 2 guy went out but I being so death and tire don't bother to go out. My heart and thoughts were totally back at home because I feel so bad when I still not yet start studying, and finals around the corner! ish~poor me.The next day I went to theme park with Ollie it was LAME! to go theme park on a weekday and raining cats and dogs no point for paying and playing those horrible ride indoor! But overall, it was alright spend some time talking to Ollie.Still thank God for all these lovely time! *picture will be update soon sorry!

Note to self: study study study!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Interview with Daphne Iking.

Interviewing with Daphne Iking for your information (meaning people that don't know who is she) she is a TV host,hosting some breakfast show.I think she is quite well known if you watched tv3 or ntv7,because me kinda blur ASTRO freak ;) so I did not know her when i went to see her the first time after she gave birth=) Then I told Yue bout this women, she's like huh Daphne Iking there the breakfast show bla bla bla....erm...*blur* anyways, so yea..I know her and thank God so much because in our interviewing class we need to interview someone that is well known,aha~see God always bless me.

Yesterday I had the interview at hers place,and it was fun!haha~you will love her if you see her in person. Isobel Daniella, hers baby girl, she look so much different form the first time I saw her!

And here are some pictures, that we took after interview=)

Daphne says she's not feeling well,this 2 "JAKUN" went to get some fruits in Taipan.haha~after choosing here and there,MISSION ACCOMPLISH!

me driving in Yue's car.

Me and this lovely women!Daphne :)

After the interviewing me and Yue went to One Utama for food and to hunt for some stuff we needed.

She looks tire,because she's HUNGRY!

ABC for the sunny day!

Emperor noodle.

Sambal Fried Rice.

After this lovely meal,we head to look for our stuff...

Mission not accomplish,but it's ok there will be part II!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thanks Dot!

Thank you Dot for this Christmas present(toothbrush holder) that you gave me on 2006!But too bad it is broken maybe is time to have a new one ;)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AA Sports Day!'08

Happen: USJ 1 Field

Date: 29/3/08

Time: 7.30am

People:All ADP students

Rating of fun:Great!

Why did I join this?Just because I have to cover this event as a reporter and for sure is the sake of my ASSIGNMENT!

Early morning,see my bubbly face=)happy!on a Saturday morning!

See! everyone ready to have fun EARLY in the morning.

This is my DEAN Dr.Steven Baptist.See how he dress and you know he is "SUCH" a sport person!;)

My team mate,Jess this women drag herself to this sport day.But I guess she had fun!

Present Yue:)

So you think you can "TALK"?

(Kacau lah~WernSern behind)

Although I'm big but I manage to win this competition!

*blind folded k*

Mr Chong Ah Beng Organizer!

He is my Chemistry lec.

Green is my team.We had 3rd place.Not bad!

My dearie!

As usual our TM!

This smart Guy!Rueben a.k.a Rueby!haha~

Freebie my first lesson!FUN!i love it.

This game drive me crazy!It was totally crazy,shocking fun!

after all the hard work,time for FOOD!

Sunkist!On such a sunny morning,orange came at a good time;)credit for this!

I love sport day,it was a blast with all my lovely friend around!Thank ADP for this to built up our relationship with our AA(Academic Advisor).