Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Nerd

Flipping my calender back and forth, planning for the next few months.One thing I will miss out will be my once a year holiday I hope I would get a nice time head to BKK.Before hand,starting from this week me aka Miss Nerd will be hiding myself with loads of book. Apparently I'm looking forward to finals and horraayy internship during Summer'09 may God bless me with wisdom in the workplace;) another challenging part will be this Sunday(meaning tomorrow) will be my first ever time to teach in children church pressure? Nah, I can't wait to polish my skills be ready for my psychology intern in Kindergarten!As for my mass-comm intern in nt7 I will need to brush up my speedy reading skill for I've already know my job scope needs a lot of reading and writing,so people keep me in prayer yea.Gonna miss a few event:(This few weeks were relaxing for me,cause I've done all my assignment, next week presentation then it's done for the semester.Nevertheless, few happening stuff coming up this few days! dsc07295

Miss Nerd wishing all study hard,play harder!


Monday, April 13, 2009

I believe in Miracle!

I've been reading a lot lately just finish Captivating highly recommended is a book which talks about Women's Soul, much on the Christianity side but I think it's good for all girl/women because it really speaks out your heart;) and the other one I've just finish reading was a book of Raymond Ong's book of memory so real where I tear while I'm reading this men that believe in Christ who do not expect anything from God but whole heartedly trust Him! Raymond(42) is from my church,the whole thing happen just right in front my eye, a strong wife with 5 kids that came across this nightmare a healthy dad is at the last stage of cancerous.Although it was a very sad ending where he is now in Heaven without pain,sadness but full of joy, the whole journey touches many people's heart.When I was reading I have so many in mind,remember the time where he was sharing his testimony in his house after Christmas celebration after chemotherapy his handsome looking is still there;)His smile will forever reminds me how strong he was when he is in hard time. I still remember one night I was preparing for camp practice with his daughter it's kinda late and that time I do not have driving liscene yet,it was kinda late after the practice him being a very patient dad was there waiting for me to teach them how to dance.I asked if he could fetch me to the train station he say "NO" I like oh my! Adding on,I will fetch you back to Klang...but he live in Puchong. Before heading back, the car have some problem he stop by at the nearest station and ask me and TQ(his daughter) to stay in the car while waiting for him to check. From that time on I see the true helper in him. Nice time talking with him when he was sick,I miss those short moment of knowing him.

I hope I could share the whole story here,I will try to translate into English when I have time.It's really touching!

Recently,I seems very free nothing much to do and nothing I can do(or I should say I choose not to do first) is to study for my finals.Seems like I'm on holiday. I'm really looking forward to Summer semester I'm going to do my internship back to back Comm and Psych.

Currently reading Joel Osteen-<<Become a better you>> a birthday present from Esther Chia.I hope this book will help me in the workplace where I'm ready for the challenges!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing but the Blood.

Good Friday,all Christian will be in church. Every good Friday rain pours,which makes the whole environment fill with emotional. A thankful heart I have last night. Besides that, this few days there is prayer meeting where we are praying for Miracle and breakthrough, and yes Jesus has answered my prayer.I'm glad all things I've went though was another journey in life, where I've learn how to overcome with faith. I was surprise how God has work in my life, after all the hard part I've been going through now it's the time to say Hola life! I got an last minute interview , I only have less then 5 hours to prepare. I was nervous but when I reached my sweaty palms were dry;) I was praying for wisdom. and Amen!God has answered my prayer again.I'm looking forward to a new stage in life! I know God will bless me!Cause He loves me! sab0046

Monday, April 6, 2009

I went through!

Yes yes it was a hectic week for me;) Yet God has put so many nice people around me that cares and loves me so much specially thanks to Leonard, Yue, Loo Ann ;) Thanks thanks thanks!!!! I'm bless to have you guys. Before all, I shall show what happen through out the week. it was tiring but worthwhile, although it's still bothering me but it's okay I'm showered with LOVE now;)

Presenting Ms.Loo Ann super hyper women! ;)



went Genting with mom after Thursday class..went to catch up it..I had a great time with mom talking about life and problems I have.This trip was full of laughter and thank God I manage to relax my nerve after all those problem.


live band...JAZZZZZZ!!!


they are from Italy, so most of the songs are like opera style...apparently I enjoy.Adding on with those dance move it's all worth watching.


there are WHITE lion,tiger cub and also furry dog(the one that looks like mop)I enjoy most looking at the WHITE animals!


Thanks for being with me throughout those yuckiiie time.


I'm now recharge to face any circumstances!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My blogshop!

hey come check out my new blogshop:

happy shopping ;)