Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I did it in purpose!

Last night, family dinner with my lovely uncle from UK , mostly are from Mommy's side. The dinner started cold where everyone looks tire after class, work or dealing with kids(housewives). One of my far far lil cousin really cute but IRRITATING! He is the kiasu type no more than 3 times you can argue with him,if yes he will cry and the main point is there is no teardrops hope you guys get what I mean. Whole night drinking, laughter, crying and most I enjoy bullying kids! ;)



my uncle "lou sang" my favor!


the couples


this is the lil boy!see his naughty face,when he reach the place he was talking talking and talking........then...


fall asleep and that's my brother the one who make him so TIRE!


candid camera.Drinker?



img_0467the Wong family.

Monday, February 16, 2009

♥ is in the air!

I've been telling no need expensive meal or present,yet this lovely guy still give me the best that why he is still my Valentine and will last forever*muah! We celebrated the day before Vday went for lunch, movie and dinner. It was awesome,and I was asking him so whats the whole point for Vday? Actually everyday is Vday for me ;) cause Sab is in love 24/7 with this guy Leonard Tan! It was as usual the different part was having a lil expensive + romantic dinner at Italianese, The Curve.  On the day itself we were with my family having great time ;)It was meaningful!







pictures quality really bad and not much picture taken for my camera went off!

Anyhow that's not important I had a great day with my love one. I LOVE YOU! ;)xoxo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gossip Girls.

I'm having a hard time this semester, all thanks to the lecturer. Putting me with people that are hard to deal with especially "E". I thought that x have change after 3 years and yet x is not STILL remain the same. Somehow, I think that nobody is perfect to have a reason to scold me. Being polite to everyone is called manner, hence some people doesn't understand what is called POLITE.

When i were called to be with x in a group, I was thinking God You won't be kidding me right? Well, Sab accept the fact okay okay! Test of the year? or the semester? whatever it is, I still accept it I know I can't change the situation but to accept and do what I can.

Yesterday when I was squeezed in the lift of SEGi, and knowing the lift of SEGi takes forever to reach 10th floor I bump into one of my girlfriend she was standing in front of me, she lean back and knock my shoulder whisper into my ear *conversation*

xx: Sab! Do you know your chemistry lecturer have scandal with a girl namely xx?

S: Really? OMG!

xx: yes!because xx stays in the same apartment as mine. And it's so weird that I was in my PJ and when I open the door of my room I saw him in the hall with her.So malu.

S: Oh, and than? (kepo sab) do they hang in the room or just the hall?

xx:sometimes in the room.

S: O.O


*ding* 8th floor

xx: okay la bye...



Yesterday, I feel so ooooohhhhlalala happy, thanks for the opportunity from Chemistry class...Experiment Day.

1)Length 2)Weight 3) Temperature 4)Volume 5) Time

Not talking about the first 4 the 5th one was fun! 5b) Walk from one corridor to another BLIND fold! Whahahahaha, the only guy aka Jo*eph in my group kena very good! Me and Chemmy din't mean to guide him badly but him walking so fast when coming to the end *bang* *ouch* his head knock on the wall. ;) Belly almost burst laughing at him! Don't try to bully me!Because I have Him stronger then you!

Secret remain secret.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepover kaki.

Laughter-silent-Laughter! Thats the whole night what we've been doing. Let the picture do the talking...





img_3292 shows our REAL character!


I love you GIRLS!!!Muah!!!

there is a video,I'll try to upload when I have time.... ;) Say night night round 3am... and guess what HANGOVER!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hang On...

Class  started as usual, weekend I still fully utilize my time with love one and still having the excitement of CNY in me.

Saturday, the couple were invited to Youth Pastors place for dinner, thanks to Carmen and Caleb for the gathering it was full of laughter and piggin'.

Sunday, I was asked to share testimony in Church in front of 800++?? people if not mistaken.I can feel furballs in my throat...But thank God I'VE made it to glorify His name.L and me headed OU, for books but I did not manage to get any but for one of my friend...Peter and Jane because of hers poor English I promise to get her to improve hers English skill.And yeappiduda....I get to try the famous waffle ;) Yummy!!!


.....night went to Amber's place, nice meeting up with my old friends. (picture will update soon)

Monday, after class escape to WL house for lunch, and having snack while reading....check this out it's a almond with the shell.


Feeling healthy...Exercise needed!!!