Monday, May 9, 2011

Walking the narrow path....

Have you ever walk a narrow path all by yourself?

I'm currently in a situation that I got to make a lot of decision, and a situation that I need to even schedule date for meetings with my friends and family. At times I might think that life is so busy that I don't have time for myself and also for my loved ones. I get so exhausted that my brain got clog down by thousand of feelings and thought that I couldn't share just because it get outdated in a split second. I got to be honest that I might neglect many things in life. But most of all I do not want to neglect my serving in church, it's pretty hard to work things out with people that can't walk on the right way with you, hence I can find people that I could work so nicely in workplace. Organize is the word. Why is it so hard to organize with people that you care and also people in Christ, somehow this kind of narrow path will lead and mold out the real in your inside out, God is good!

2 weeks before I was in Australia have a time of my life, Sydney journey is for company benchmarking trip( percisely, a 2%work and 98% R&R). This trip I got caught to slow down my footstep, and to look around what I can do. I went to the park, set my body on the green grass, look-up on the undersea look-a-like sky. I got so relax and my mind was set towards God's work, I pray each morning and did my devotion in such a great weather. I was neither pampered by the surroundings. That 5 days were amazing and I miss the days there. Refreshed. Coming back to Malaysia is like another point of no return where it is time to face the reality back to work, back to serving back to the busy lifestyle.

I've been working sometimes during weekdays night, and sometimes weekend. Glad to say that I enjoy my work and it has a platform for me to learn and grow in many ways. I thank God for setting the right place for me to walk through. Yesterday Yuan Carnival 2011 1st venue my Go Green booth has made a good success and we are looking forward to extend to a bigger thing. I got to work it out, and pray for each and every child that comes to my booth.

In less than 4 days time, I will be heading to Bangkok for Mission Trip this time about I'm taking a giant step to be a pianist in 3 piece. One month back I let go dance ministry and focus on what God has set for me to inplant more time and effort in playing the piano. I spend many times practicing and seek help from superior to improve the minors and majors. I pray and worship Him with my instrument--Piano and I'm able to do it for almost an hour when I practices and indulge in His presence. I have faith that this is from God. Not only that I thank God that I have good comments from people on my piano skills it's AWESOME! That allowed them to dwell in the presence of God, and I'm very glad that how God played with my finger to serve those who needs Him. Therefore, in few days time I'm going on my first oversea mission trip with the young adults and I look forward to help the needy ones.I fast and pray for wisdom,I shall rejoice because the Lord will cast away all the bad thoughts!

Extending the ruler another 3 weeks time youth camp--Be.Lives-- I believe that this would be another marking day on for every youth. So lets pray and see big revival to fall on this young people.

.........I'm not walking alone, because He is with me