Monday, January 31, 2011

I just want to have fun, I want a quality life! I want to sleep as much as I can work as hard as I can, give as much as I can and not missing one more SHOP as much as I can! I know I should not be saying that hence simply spending money is projecting myself as no self-discipline. I thank God that I've made it but I need to work harder on this! Wisdom is needed indeed!

Today is my last day before I hit my CNY break! I was exhausted with work and all the things I have to go through and really sit down and do it myself one by one. To pamper myself I bought these Pictureka from Toys'r' Us! I simply love cute and adorable stuff, this is a "board game:Smart one! Although I have not try it, but by reading the instruction it sounded fun! New games to play during CNY! Wishing you an early Blessed Chinese New Year!

Till then fellows!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Small but mighty!

He has...exalted the humble
Luke 1:52

God delights in aking small things great. He's in the business of taking scrap-heap people and turning them int treasures: Noah (the laughing stock of his city), Moses ( stuttering sheperd turned national leader), David (smallest among the big and powerful), Sarah (old and childless), Mary (poor teenager), Rehab (harlot turned faith-filled ancestor of Jesus). So you and I can rejoice with hope! Let us glory in our smallest!

Matthew 17:19-20 "Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, 'Why could we not cast it out?' He said to them, 'Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."

Friday, January 28, 2011

Back on track!

Hi Dolls! It's been a week that I have not really blogged about my weekend, especially last weekend was a blast I spend it well with my church buddies Like FINALLY! We held our first Vision Sharing for 2011, it kick off well despite the hot weather that is making use sleepy in a AC room! Nevertheless, the day ended well but the entire dinner was fantastic, the amount of food we stuffed into our face were unpredictable,and most of them are(maybe) air cause I've been laughing about all the lil' secret we were sharing that night. It was super hilarious and kinky!

Steaming and let's start our dinner! We were the only table surrounded by girls!
Not missing my BFF in life! Great time is to be spend together
Have a glimpse of our gang!

She is the "er hem" eldest amongst all!
My darling is in the house too! We love and Serve together!

Moving on, I've been joining a few marathon venues for this event and there will be more to come. Being in the committee for ntv7's Feel Good Run 2011 will have a criteria is run and observe the style of different organizing. I was bless to be in this job scope because this is something that I don't mind doing, at the same time I get to do some cardio to burn my calories! 2 in 1! Besides that, I love doing sports and I use to jog always but when I'm occupied by work then I've stop jogging but to does simple work-out at home. So this is the right time to do some jog, back on track!
27th January 2011
Feel Good Run 2011 1st Press Conference
Joseph and my dearie boss-- E Ling
Our opening was a gimmick,don't blame me for not having picture for you because I was in the gimmick! I was on news tv tho. We did a run to the stage! After the gimmick we have a few line-ups form Celebrity Fitness.
and this is the famous cheer team-- Pirates! I heard they were good, but it's okay for me.
People who work behind and in front the scene Joseph, Zher( emcee for the day) an Anepe. Shu my best buddy in Purple HouseI kinda LOVE this picture!

This Feel Good Run is in conjunction with our ntv7's 13th anniversary celebration! The Feel Good Channel is bringing you and your family together to experience the Feel Good Moment! This run will be an extraordinary run, 1st we are doing for charity, 2nd you get a chance to run with celebrities, 3rd first costume run in Malaysia. All these will be happening on the 3rd July 2011! To know more log on to our official website

Monday, January 24, 2011

Join the DOT's

.....He can complete me with His word

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Morning Breeze

Bird chipping next to me, sun rising greeting my Saturday with a smile, I saw colorful shadows from my widow pane, it wasn't a fairytale it was just the reflection of my curtain into my room...For a moment, I have a thought that life is too short to be laying around on a Saturday morning instead I took a slow pace a slow morning breakfast, looking at my mommy doing her work. Life is as simple as that, looking into things from a different perspective. This thought comes when I'm going through many different things, God has His way to molding me into a better person.
I was sitting in front my screen browsing through blogs, and only I realize there are many people around me are blogging. Word(s) is the only best description in life. I was looking back how many years I've been blogging... it's been almost a good 3 years old blogging about my journey in life. How many times I've been reading backwards? I do so when I miss my days behind me, people say we shall just look forward in life. Hence for me I think we should store the best/or good memory in life, whenever I fall I know I've been through so many good times that has been written in words(blog). This is the time when I start counting my blessings in life with golden linings! When I was having my long long holiday trip I did not post, reason being I was occupied with work. For our living God who even appreciate if we could jot down each and every blessings we have gone through. There are moments I throw tantrums in my life (and of course blogging about it) what's the feeling reading back? It's about not getting back to the same mistake. I love blogging and I will blog for my life!

When I am afraid, I will trust in you.Psalms 56:3

This is the reason why am I awake with a thankful heart every morning....I love Mornings.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

8tv turns 7!

A big shout out to 8tv, it was amazing that you've bring such abundance of joy & topic into our life! Hail to Ahmad Izam the founder who work hard behind the scene 7 years back! From zero to hero and thanks for putting up tonton! He is now the CEO of the television station isn't it something to celebrate! I'm feeling all grateful not because how proud I felt towards my company,but I'm really proud how Malaysia has took a gigantic step in the media industry it might be the largest history to my grandchildren that their mama,me witnesses the entire growth, adding on experiencing it too!

People rise question like why do I support 8tv much, to give you a little mind map to work on. TV3,tv9,ntv7,8tv,flyFM,OneFM,RedFM, Big tree and NSTP is all under one roof called the Media Prima group! Isn't it a pow-wow to you? Besides that we are aiming different target audience our objective will never bump into each another, what more supporting your own sister company. Story is as simple as that.

Getting back on track, 8tv turns 7 last night we celebrated with the clients and the 8 team in Neutral Bar. It was setup as PSI (Party Scene Investigation) dress code is to do with all the investigation scene, police,cop, inmates, inspectors, murderer, scientist and whatsoever you can think off! But being in this industry we are practically the most creative people, we dress up and name our self which will give you a moment of LOL! This time about I'm going to post unfamiliar faces in this post, for those who appears many time in my blog will have the chance to appear in FB itself.
we had a welcome speech by Kim(GM of 8tv) with her super cool Cop attire! Charlotte the scarlet, she is one of my closes bud in 8tv!
You know her well ain't you? She is my all time bestie still best of the best!
Bel came later that night, still looking all gorgeous in her inmate inspired attire.Manage to catch up with her a lil, and she told me all the hard time she held while filming A time to Embrace :D
Alexis known as my sister, cause people say we look alike. For her she thinks I'm the L size, she is the XL size haha!

The Mass Comm student reunited!This is Brian my super colleague inmate yang paling sial!

Night ended with in house music, dance floor is open all night long. I left when the clock hits 10pm, am too tire after a long day they wouldn't allow me to leave but I need ample of rest with the stress I'm going through. No doubt I had fun, fun and fun!

Smooch to 8 team,HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8TV!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

心情遭透了,昨天在办公室里好像打了一场噩梦,驾着车是心不在焉竟然撞了车可怜的车子。心情变本加厉,我就崩溃了眼泪不断的流什么晚餐都是假了。感恩的是我去这祷告会,到了餐厅什么美味的晚餐都假,连把我最爱吃的麦当劳放在我面前我都不想吃,一吃就吃到狂狂! 祷告会真的好好得泪流满面。

以为睡醒了心情会变得更好,那当然有变好啦做了灵修非常的感恩!意想不到事情又发生了。到了添油站竟然遇到了一个气死我的人!我应今天工作缘故穿了一身OL 而且是短裙,不要下车应为都是男的员工加上时林晨7点左右。他不要帮我,我就用很客气的话来说请你帮我可以吗?他不愿意。我就叫了别个员工帮我,他们还是叫他帮我那他就很不甘原的帮我还加了一句“lain kali jagan isi kat sini!”弄到我生气是因为我好声好气的更他说他还这样回答我。哎哟,叫我如何心情便好呢?我就祷告,一种念头来就想要打给xxxxxx service centre!还想要用电话马上的大给他们! 算了,去到工事在打。

从停车场走走到都很生气,可是到一个们口我碰到这个打扮到没“整样”的人。看来打扮好像一名厨师---就是他脸上挂着一幅简简单单的笑容就让我醒觉了,他可能是个厨师每天要对这不一样的顾客还要在大大的火炉前不断的炒啊炒,汗流浃背的薪水有可能少少的。像我就幸福多了穿得美美,在空调里工作。心情突然充满了感恩,心想不要打给xxxxxx service centre 了,当上帝给我机会我也应当要给他人机会有可能他也像我心情遭透了所以不想工作,什么都好我应当给他一个机会啦!那我就不会再这里type 了那么多的话语字! 上帝的恩典够我用阿门! 快乐是一种选择,不是因为事情或什么啦! 反正我觉得好了,上帝会恩待那顺服他话语的人,那人也比得到上帝的恩宠!哼哼哼。。。舒服多了啦!谢谢路人甲! 哭过了,气透了,心情要变得更好,在他没有难成的事因为上帝的恩典够我用!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A life of Marshmallow

Today is Sunday a day where Christian is prepare for Church, praise& worship and this week we are about mission; title to it is All for Mission which content on give it all and do for all nations who needs salvation. Period.

Morning kickin' well I did my usual routine, and when I was dressing up I look into the mirror and OHEMGEE why is my face full of spots and red marks, dark eye ring. I wasn't happy with it, I went into the car mom saw my face and practically gave a very shocking voice saying what happen to your face! I answered yes I know with that tone down voice, I did not want this to happen but I'm not too sure what's reacting in my body and I'm sort off angry because I've been sleeping early, consuming good brekkie but not so good lunchie(at times) and dinner as usual, fruits are number one choice in all meal listing. Yet I have zero idea what happened. It eventually turn my mood down, with people around me asking if I were overtire, or restless. I think I need some changes in my daily routine, or the I personally think is the amount of stress I'm taking up. Besides make-up for work and events are killing my tenderly soft skin, Lord I need your beautiful oil to anoint on my face (haha I don't know whats the right word to describe). Simply to describe my day was despair by all these!

Despite all the hard times I held today, rewind to what happen on Saturday it was a different one indeed. I woke up the first thing mom did she passed me a booklet from a jewelery store asking me which one I like and I was going through it with no expectation you know being awake in the morning and going through all these ain't my type. So I was going through till I saw this awesome design with a butterfly!FYI I'm very into ribbons, butterfly, polka-dots and roses much! So ya I say ahhh this one "hen mei". Then she say come let's go for your favorite Bak Kut Teh, cause I told her I would love to have brekkie at home and I want to wash my car. Ended up in BKT and then headed to mall obviously to the jewelery store, I was looking for the actual model of the pendent and I got catch by this butterfly pendent which is contended with rose gold(I like) for the butterfly. And she say you like it? I say yes, but bit too pricey and she say okay then let's take that! I was on cloud9 for a mo! And yes I've got my very first diamond pendent,despite one ring that is given by mom with diamond this counted as first! Mommy was repeating its so nice on you, and it suits your taste! I walked out the shop happily saying thank you mommy she turn over and gave me one word "SURPRISE!" awww isn't she lovely! It actually made my day!
"Spread your wings like a butterfly"
I think it speaks a story behind it, a butterfly who spread it wings,but mommy is like the ring who loop me whenever I fall, she framed me like a diamond in it!- I love you mom!

Move on a farewell for aunt Pam and family before they are back to OZ.

We love Hannah girl!
So as Jonathan!
What more with aunt Pam's love? Hannah is loved!
Never miss out the love from aunt Sab!
She weept for milky time, granny clams her down best!
OZ won the championship of Dinosaur Milo, they simply love Milo!The darlings.Not missing out Deb in the house, manage to catch on a Saturday night is fantastic!
The night was fill with laughter and sharing with each anther's daily life. It was very heart warming for me, it ended nicely with a goodbye hug we shall meet soon!

Friday, January 14, 2011

So Long Farewell!

I'm up to something in work this month and the following, this year revenue will smash like madness but I think it would be a great year of transformation I was thinking can I really do that seeing that million target we need to hit for 2011. I personally think plain by thinking it I can't make it,but doing it practically will be able! A very thoughtful chat with Leonard over the phone on the way home, he told me something: to achieve it, it's the matter of how did I made it through the progress, that brought me so far is the things that I shall cherish! Hmmphh very deep and thoughtful indeed.

This week I've started a brand new week, I was bless throughout the week with people treating me lunch, dessert and little presents. I'm so bless and I would bless others like how they bless me. I miss being super free, I'm sort off running up and down like a sales girl this week for I was assign to visit agencies, but I manage to pull it off well! I'm glad that I'm experiencing different expect of life. I always want to benchmark each and every moment and steps I'm taking.

Recently I've been thinking much on plannings ahead in my job, especially my project on The Royal Wedding I will flaunt it one after another when I finish doing my draft. Today I've start drafting and I'm already excited about it. Another thing that I would like to highlight in life, I've been so close with my manager to an extend without her in office I felt time doesn't fly,but stop! It is excellent to have such a great bond with my team, and happen one of my teammate admitted to hospital due to high fever, I wasn't very close to her but I misses her presence in office. When she back today I got a bad news saying she will be resigning after a month, God!!Why is this happening when we are already short of hands in the team but it's okay my prayers still goes to you and may God bless you days in future Jermaine.

I wish to dedicate this post to one of my colleague also known as my brother in office,he seats opposite me we don't use to chat first week and I tried talking to him and eventually we had caught up well, he shared his burden and life story to me. He is indeed a very silent person but I'm surprise we manage to cope up well, he is someone who is very caring and loving. He do not mind doing anything for friends, not a single comment he will say. I always say he is someone who is good to mess with therefore much of our lunch time we had uber fun having him around. About his leaving I'm the one who witness the entire progress and I actually wished him all the best when he was about to go for another interview weird huh, and time flies today is his last day!Let my status in facebook do the talking:
I hope you could read it, but after all it's about how thankful I'm towards him for helping me. I was sitting on my desk about5.45pm he took my thumbdrive(as usual whenever I ask him to download nice songs for me esp Mandarin) this time about he took himself without asking and gave it back to be without saying anything. I open the file it was a song, I almost teared it was about how a life and between brother and sister! I was so touched and prayer in my heart is bless this guy who came to my life and when off quickly!Before I left I told him I'm going off to lobby, and he lift me a walk to lobby.I told him to keep in touch and remember to take care don't be bullied by others, van was there he shut the door for me and wave me goodbye. I was smiling and wave back hoping life will be better in his new workplace. I did not know it was that hard and heavy to say goodbye to a friend that I know for less then half a year,I know there is always a reason why God always gave me this feeling. Appreciate whoever is here, and when he/she is away be thankful at least you know him/her once in my life time!
Wei Haw aka Bobo!
Friendship that I cherished! I wish to type each and everything wen have gone through, but it's okay let good memory dwell in my heart forever :) Go Bobo!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diva foreva!

My never ending oh-so happening life, I've been real busy lately been catching up much with my personal intimate time and of course my job needs me too! We have been doing much from fun to work, work to fun! I definetly have a time of my life last week! Not going to say much but will flaunt those picture that I snapped with my Classy Diva (my new toy) Cannon Power Shot! It's a kick start blessing from God for year 2011!

I always never believe in luck nor fortune I can only say God is good, he does miracles and blessings are poured on us! Expecting many pictures will be back in my blog, but I shall salute myself for being such a loyal blogger who never fail to upload pictures since my camera died loooong time ago. Thank you Lord for the grace and wisdom I had!

Let's sway with me from my first week during work, of course a marketing kick-off for the year is important! It was my first time but it was fun to catch up with the sales team, and a warm welcome from the MPB team to Ahmad Izam our CEO! He is an individual I look up to, FYI he is the founder of 8tv! Super inspiring man!

Here he is with the former CEO Dato Farid, and now the veil is to pass to Mr Ahmad Izam!
An up close on what is BAR about. Of course I'm trying some new capture angle with my Classy Diva!
We were all greeted by Patchi-- is most mouth drooling chocolate in the world!
Isaac from sales team, covered the first project for this year!
This is my Creative Marketing teammates (excluded the managers)
L to R: Yloon(known fashionista,adorable twin of mine--just because we share the same birthday and month), Jermaine(Known Jeraggau), Sab(Known Sabbie Sab) and Brian (Known Botak,Bodoh,Brainless..everything that has to start with B is him! haha!)I must personally include this women in the house, she is my most eligible lovely, hugable,lovable,hilarious, smart, pretty and sexay manager! She is my manager that I literally call her boss! She is my shopping kaki and chit chat(about everything) partner!
Quality time is needed, for I yearn for it like a bimbo! He is the one I would love to spend most of my time with! I love you baby!
After the choochoo train line-ups for the weekend, I sorta have a impromptu with Chloe for lunch after 1 month of not updating we spend 3 hour talk talking and talking! It was nice catching up with you babe!

I have a date with baby Hannah :)

Proud of all mom-- Joyce!
The Knots of LOVE!
Lea is her :)

I hope my new toy did not bore you down, and I hope it satisfying for your taste(eye)bud! I personally think it is a powerful camera that I will explore even more on how to play around with it. I love each captured moment by Classy Diva! More fun schedule line-ups upcoming! Stay tune!

signing off!xoxo

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm not gonna reveal classy-diva until I have the chance to reveal it! I'm thankful that my year kick-started with this blessing and also more ahead! I'm starting my resolution already, and I'm living a life for it. God I need your blessings from above! I trust and know you are always my faithful Lord,I will be your faithful servant in your house forever and ever!

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


People say diva always have to live a life like diva! I'm living a life like diva in my way! 2010 when by, I was bless with favor from God last year, do scroll down to view my testimony and also my message from Heaven, God is good all the time He never left me alone when I sometime does(my bad). This year about, I'm looking forward to different things and expectation especially aligning with church vision TRANSFORMATION! I want to transform a few things in life, things that I haven't thought or done before ,it's the time to embrace the goodness in me!

I will continue to be the blessings to others, and bless those who need. Let the pass be the past, but 2010 marks a year of BIG FAVOR ISM from God! I can't describe by words, it's unbelievable! Thank you Heavenly dada!

Rewind a lil' on 29th December 2010, Leonard turn 24! We had a simple dinner, a dinner that marks down another memorylane that we have walked through. Our very first time celebrating birthday when both us are working,I can only say it actually seems different to me(not too sure about him) but one thing I know he had a blast although I did not put up cakes and well dine-in, he is just a simple guy who leads a simple life, no fancy-bo bency! More to come...
just wanna grow old with you!
Once again Happy Birthday Yih!

Moving on we are already on a mod-off status in work place, nothing much we can do but only to spend nonsense time doing nonsense! Looking forward to the weekend, it seems like just a second a way from year 2010 to 2011! I tried looking for the right gift to my cell members, up and down for 14 people I can't find any but to rejuvenate my love on a&c!Therefore, I've been preparing a lil art& craft for my cell members, and I'm glad that they actually love it! I've made it one by one with my prayer with them, a bookmark with name and bible scripture for them to kick start their year ahead! Nothing is better then the things I can find in the malls.
Peek-a-boo on my work for my lil guardian angels!

Last day of 2010 I met up with the Tan's for brunch+lunch+dinner. All in one most of all I met baby Hannah after long time. She has grown up much, thank God!Isn't she a cutie? I love her much!

Last but not least night were spend in church with a awesome countdown as a keyboardist! Happy to serve and love at the same time! I'm sure each and everyone had a blast! Happy New Year, may God bless your day with all good things in life! Jesus loves you!

Topping up with this pink-twinkle pony! It's actually from my boss, she think I might love it that's why she sent it to me, so adorable is it?
Topping up a cherry on top of my 2010!