Friday, January 29, 2010

The girl next door.

Bang a loud door slammed and that evening went pin drop silence....I guess that girl has been going through a hard day. I walk to the window peep through that silky satin curtain I saw nothing but sunset combining with beautiful nature, flowers bending down as if they were greeting me good day!, birds tweeting and huge endless sky I believe behind that sky there is a secret that nobody knows. I wonder again is that girl crying silently with fear, tear caught in my eye. I know deep down she has been going through something hard, that she can't take it anymore. I was about to dash to her door step and say darling everything is going to be alright. Sunset, night fall upon...

Everything happen with a reason, does it really meant what it meant? That girl might be standing at the edge of the world thinking what more can she do in this world? Nothing was treated fair, peer pressure, and family problems massive ones or either a tiny-bitsy ones it actually all matter to her. She is 21. Isn't she suppose to be going through a happy-go-lucky life and not think about anything? But I came across knowing she is one mature and independent lady. She matter everything in her life, she want things to be in the right track. To be seen by the world. Working out her way to give the best to herself and family..yet nothing happen but to cry behind the door. There might not be a single person in this world understand how does she feel. Nothing can change the fact she is going through until she get up and tell herself You can do it! Walk with faith and strength. There are many night I heard someone sobbing it seem so near to me that I hope I could have give her a huge hug.  The never ending story is like another nightmare for her, perhaps, when the sun rise up she will be better.

I empathize her, hoping that one day she will find someone that she is able to share also someone to turn to when she is in sorrow. One day she will be a successful person, as I mentioned, all thing happen with a reason. I'm sure this is just another obstacle and the next wave might be bigger. No need to be fear because she has gone through the small ones, what more for a bigger one? Don't you think that she is half way through the path of success, I do! Faith is to believe thing that you can't see and touch! Be optimistic to life perspective, walk with your chest up!

The next day, I saw the girl next door got her belongings packed ready to leave. I'm not sure where is she leaving to but one thing I'm sure she has found a better place :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Romance under chandelier.

23 January 2010 the new couple: Kong How & Esther's wedding. Esther is a sister in Christ, I can't call back since when I knew her probably during mission trip in Jerantut and some piano lesson in church apparently, after all these we get closer and I love the way she is. She is also a close sister to Leonard they talk much about life and feelings before and after L knew me. Esther is someone that is lovely, kind, approachable and easy-going, she motivates me by her life, in fact she is one of my bestie too I share most of my problem with her. We spend time usually during dinner :) When time goes by we get to know each another better, not talking bout the age gap we both have something in common we love one of the song by Norah Jone-Don't know why (genre pop/jazz). I guess we both were meant to stand by each another side, especially when both us have problems. When she told me KH proposed I was so happy for her,of course throughout the process there were up and down but she has shown me the maturity in her that encourages me to be strong and have faith in Christ like her in all situation.

The preparation of her wedding makes me feel so hyper excited about it, I got a news that she wanted me to be her bridesmaid but sadly I can't make it for reasons(P&C). Looking at the brighter side, I manage to contribute to make her wedding perfect by decorating the church for her matrimony and a co-actress( a short sketch of her proposal). It's my pleasure to be apart and to see my lovely sister to have the perfect wedding.

Not forgetting a wholeheartedly handmade card for Her.

Making: I have inspiration one night when I was listening to some song on my bed, I wonder what should I give Esther to buy or to make something. All I have in mind is a perfect wedding for Esther and I came out with the theme color: PINK & BROWN. Then the wedding gown must be floral to make it romantic, KH's suite to be Gold to match the bride's gown. Beforehand, I want it to be a 3D thingy and it is!The paste-up one by one diamond is to show Esther has to be glamor on her BIG day! I thought I would need 3 days to complete but it didn't, I end up doing it in the mid night for a couple of hour. Viola*

Hen party....

Bronte sister suite @Duta Vista,KL

not forgetting Esther's mom making the "tang Yuan" a sign of wishing her daughter to have a lovely marriage.

the moment I've been waited!  Tear caught in my eye...

the YES I DO! moment.

presenting the new couple!

24 January 2010@ Bankers Club, KL

A special invitation to special guest. I can say this is the best dinner I've been so far. A British looking place  *heart it* Small group of people there were less then 150 guest. Therefore, it is a peaceful and graceful night.

Violet romance!


girls went WILD!

Table 8. Adeline, Sab, Leonard, and Gary

Last but not least, congratulation Kong How & Esther!

Jazzy music my favor genre were fill through the entire night, I and love enjoy much! Also to catch up with the girls. (For more pics proceed to my FB)

The night ended with tremendous love and laughter everyone seems so happy and to mention HIGH with wine. It was a memorable night. Not only the new marriage couple were in love, but I myself got the romance of love on that very day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Buenos días! In case you are wondering did you get into the wrong  blog,I'm still Sabrina! On the 20 Jan 2010 myself and xin ying celebrated 2 January babies Elaine and Xin Bei! Glad we are able to spend a good night together, I always thought we are all grown up lady and not have the same topic anymore. Thank God for  His favor putting us together talking from north to the west it was totally a splendid one.I'm sure there are more date for us!

Elaine my childhood best friend(cousin) and also my sleepover kaki since we were young, here are the long-cut-short of our life..

This pretty cousin of mine know me since I was in mommy's womb. We spend time from snatching doll house,and protect me from stray dogs*loves! Besides that we come out with loads of different ideas for our every Friday sleepover, and not forgetting our BARBIE doll moments(really mad ones!). We travel over seas for the first and second time together. I love her from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, she is a loyal sister of mine forever! This year I decided to celebrate her birthday together with 2 other closest cousin too. We have an awesome time!-copied from my FB's album "Elaine's birthday"

Xin Bei is my cousin sister(younger) a really adorable baby in hand, grown up to be a young and pretty girl. I always feel proud that the Ch'ng's looks big, but we have a small heart! I love each and every of my cousin sister and brother everyone plays a role in their personality,attitude and behavior. Each and every individual(ch'ng) shows different role it merge together well, I thank God for the special chromosome XY  and XX , it not only identify us but another way to identify the gene in us.

The Shepherdoo, Centro

20 January 2010

Food was mouth watering, base on Mexican cooking. Picture available in FB.

Sab, Elaine, Xin Bei and Xin Ying

the January darling!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

breakfast with Jam.

Rise up by Diane Birch playing in my iPod when I'm stuck in the jam...Besides tuning into my favor music ,every morning I'm on my pod cast listening Joel Osteen sermon it is very inspiring, besides that it boost my day with faith! It's been real tiring having 3 days in a roll of morning class. Today I was awake by that scary sharp thunder storm, it seems like it strikes right beside my ear! Eye opened like someone stab me in the stomach, following with my alarm"bad day?"...lazily drag myself to the loo. Here goes my day, one class and I'm  home now sitting and resting here. How I wish I could have more time to rest in the morning then my day would be PERFECTO! No matter what, I'm still good in helping myself .Planned for a catch up with cousins which I'm already excited about it! Therefore, no matter what turns up to be in the morning just pray for a excellent mindset/ or reset the biology alarm clock to  make it a good good day!

Home is the best place I love to be!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dancing in the sunbeam!

Hola! It's the first month of 2010. College life started 2 days ago, I'm not use to it too many freshie that make me feel so uncomfortable. I hope I could adapt to it soon, adding on, there are a few classes that I'm alone not a sign of being sad but I will try to get to know more people before I leave perhaps? I'm glad that I'm done reading one very inspiring book which I shout out a special thanks to Esther Chia for giving me such a helpful book by Joel Osteen, currently on his Podcast!

It started during a random noon during holiday, I love reading as I mentioned a zillions times ago. I have this particular of lovin' the cover than only I will purchase or start picking up for a quick scan. This book cover ain't interesting it's just a head shot of JO. After reading, I got so into it and I started. -Don't judge a book by it's cover!(very true indeed!) This book was with me since last year and I completed reading this year, the content inside this book has gave me a real good lesson of life especially to equip myself in this year. It talks about different perspective of life, and methods that we use to achieve certain goals or getting into a lil' personal- happiness and thoughts we have. I encourage people to start reading it if you are in the mid of having problems or a missing person in life. It will definitely boost you up!

I came across people, situation, objects, and emotion when I was reading this book. It seems like a planned lesson in life it appears straight in my sight which I thought it's some karma or jinx :P Nevertheless, I pray to Lord for wisdom and for indication of all this appearance. This lesson gave me a clearer vision on what am I suppose to do and to act in certain circumstances. I might be so lost in the mid of preparing my work, or even being rude to others without feeling it. This topic that I was reading this noon which is the last chapter, it says do not forget the miracles! For the interesting definition for that go grab the book and you will experience it by yourself.

I heard bout others new year resolution, seriously I have no idea what are mine resolution. I have one pitch black in mind bout it. After reading this amazing book, it inspire me- DARE TO DREAM BIG! for a moment I thought I have no dreams at all, refresh my dream aha I've got it yet I need to make it big with the guidance of Lord!

I'm very thankful that during this Christmas I've received another interesting book- Everyday hope for women by Coty. This book is going to be my best good-morning mate! I've started reading a page every morning- INSPIRING & INTERESTING! I will talk further bout it when I have a suitable time. Everyday is the best present from Lord, kick start with a set of delicious breakfast?! nah..not for me, kick start with the word that will keep you dancing like a butterfly in the sunbeam for the rest of the day! A last para to end.

Waking up in the morning might not be a sunshine day, vice versa?? A gloomy day, lets dance in the puddle grab your galoshes and do the boogie dance!! Because no matter what day it is, I call it a thankful day! I love you Jesus!

Weekends gonna be FUN!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Walk the talk

Quick updates for my final 3 days, before my college officially starts. First I would like to congrates Yue Mei for being the new quickie host, and I'm really glad you've achieved your dream after all the hard work. I can't wait till mine comes :) So happy for you babe! Well done!*

Friday started nicely was awaiting for the great night to start, the pre-planned sleepover with Chloe in my crib! It was all fun and I would love to have the second one when Summer comes!

a very sweet noon :)

and yea Miss Nerd gonna kick start her year with all the blessing she will and gonna have!

Year of FAVOR!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't need a single penny!

It has been a week helping my dad in his new shop, it's my last week for my Fall holiday. Spring2010 semester starts next week feel that my holiday is so fruitful and fully recharge  ;) Praise the Lord for giving me such a wonderful holiday, before holiday officially ends I will fully utilize my last 3 days!

During my long-yet-short holiday I manage to equip myself with all the readings.I absolutely heart reading! Currently I'm reading Become a better you- Joel Osteen I found out that I need to change my life and to step into a higher phase I believe every stage of life means something to God and of course myself. Reading has been apart of my life, especially books that helped my life and attitude! Everyday I wake up with a new heart to face all the consequences. If you ask me am I afraid? you've got my answer YES! but I know I'm standing on a giant (Jesus Christ) shoulder!

I see blessings when I start living a life like Christ, to put down matter that matters to me. Sometimes I do leave my hair down, lay in the middle of my bed thinking why do people do this, why do people do that? I have million-zillions-gazillions question in mind. Somehow, I can't find any answer but I'm sure one day I will experience it. During 2009 I experience the painful bond between human and many things in life. Looking back makes me feel even thankful for happening when I was 21, because I'm not sure if I still have the faith to manage it when I'm 41( perhaps my mind say yes, but my body say NO). I learn to be patient, kind and forgiving. I know this is what we have been learning since erm?? when?? Since I was 10? Well it doesn't really matter! ha. Common' look in to it deeper then you will see the TRUTH of being patient, kind and forgiving isn't as easy as we've learn like ABC! I want to jot every single emotions, feelings, and thoughts into my blog. Reason being is to jot down each and every lesson I've learn and of course the countless blessings!

Yesterday I came across one of my friend we were chatting in MSN, then we were talking about blogging. If not mistaken this is my 203 post, I'm not sure how did I manage to crap that much. Hence, during my free time I go through my blog,every post speaks in different voice, tone, feelings, colors.....blah..and the list goes on. It is also like a way of keeping my memory and so-called Diary that won't burn-of or missing. Coming back to the conversation in MSN, I told her that I've been blogging for almost 4 years, in between skipping from blogspot to other blogs and lastly I settle down with wordpress. WOW! said her adding on but don't you think people are always so judgmental on what you post. They judge you when you are happy (show off), or emo ( looking for attention). The first thought came in to my brain receptor and hit my finger muscle---typing: " WHO CARES! This is my blog!" shooooo kiddo and go away if you are that judgmental and I would recommend you to be a full time judge!! Piss off! They really need to get a life man! Skipping from blog to blog looking at people's negative and weakness! IMMATURE! Let me remind you this is my BLOG!and the conversation of blog ends* :)

To live+life+cool better start speaking positively and start praising people (from the bottom of your heart lahh). I'm working hard on this homework. Nobody is born to be perfect until you find your weakness. Mind your own race; in this real world we are all in the same Olympic everyone is out there achieving their dreams or goals. If that individual did a good job in his/or her work oohh the hard work behind lead them to the success. So mind your own race, start doing loads of exercise and obstacle before you hit the real race in life. I'm not being professional here,but to JOT down another thought of mine. Because one day when I come back to this post I will remind myself common' Sab mine your own race! I'm not perfect tho. Let's work it to the highest together!

Recently I'm in the mid of being a happy person! :) I feel the joyous in me. There were a few things I've gone through that really breaks my heart but what can I do?! mine my own race! ;) This holiday has made me feel so complete! I really have loads and tonnes of thank you to give, most of all Jesus Christ! Without Him working behind the scene I might have just fall out.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

After 21 years, I haven't watch a movie at the first row and you've got it right Avatar is the show that is PACKED for few weeks. I was about to throw out the first 10 min, after that I saw empty seats I went up to the 4th row it doesn't make me feel any better tho therefore I slept half of the time but when coming to the end I was awake by the super loud bombing. You ask me how was the movie? SO-SO.

Sunday was the third day of year 2010, I accepted a job as emcee. It's not my first time hosting events,this time I and my partner  Yi Wei.

The wedding located in Centro, Klang Andreas & Alison's wedding the new couple is not my friend but I was introduced by a friend of mom. Alison is a Chinese and Andreas is from German.

the band on that night, they sing really well! :)

A & A

aunt Jovyn

presenting my co-host Yi Wei


Sab, Alison and Yi Wei

Well done Sab!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Into pieces.

I don't trust fairy tales, but I like watching it. I don't like the afterall being wow-so-beautiful happy ever after effect, because it makes me realize how not beautiful being in this world when there is an comparison of happy and to experience unhappy moments. I was walking in the mall feeling bless to be in this world, and have friends, family..... feeling good on that noon till some stup*d "news" hit my day and I almost fall into pieces, but I heard cracks deep down in my heart. OUCH! Only three person understand my feeling at the moment, God, meself and L. :(

I want an ice-cream heart.

After all there are happy moments I found my old town down-to-earth real good friends!

The Shepardoo, Centro

a meet up with girls which is very heart warming!

Vivien both us are well known as the LOUD ones in primary school. We were in fights and being real b*tchy.

the catching up keep us busy no picture of foods. But the food was mouth watering! Mexican foodiee!

Hui Sin my best best friend in this world, we know each another since standard 1 and we are still as close as we were before, she hasn't appear in any post because she is in OZ. We were in ballet calss, performance and hers & mine family gatherings. We have nothing to do with the biological family hehe. We were born to love each another like sisters!

all grown up with BIG dreams!

I HEART them to death! ;) xx

Friday, January 1, 2010

Thank you Lord for the 2009 year and I'm looking forward for another extraordinary 365days ahead! Thank you for all the wishes and text world:) A Blessed new year! xxx