Friday, July 31, 2009

Zero Gravity.

....and God heard my prayer :) I manage to step out from unknown situation, it is a good start and I shall say I'm proud of myself, and thank God for giving me such a brave heart to face all this situation. It was hard but I've made it,now all I need to do is keep praying for it to be better.

more exciting post coming up...this weekend will be packed with activities!Stay tune :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

keep my iTunes playing.

People usually ask me what is my favor type/ genre of music, I'm not sure but I will choose only smooth song, Jazz,Classical,R&B, Pop and Religious not forgotten Hip -hop that one will only come when I feel like like listening to. When ever I turn on my iTune, I feel so relaxing and it brings me back to different time and days, especially those that I play for zillions time :) I feel like crying somehow, cause it was all the best memory I have with my friend, love one, and most of happy and sad moments.

Music can move humans emotion easily, I always prefer to listen music when I'm not in the mood or even in the mood I love love love music!After I started both my internship I seldom spend time alone, I almost forgot the luxury moment in my room, surrounded by all my favorite musics.

This few days in office I have nothing, yes NOTHING to do day dreaming thinking bout life about future about PAST!I'm thinking did I miss-out anything in life...I guess no;)Recently I've learn something, keep smiling- mourn for a minute, smile for a lifetime! My jealousy, arrogant, has gone away far far away...God is still teaching me with different situation.Thank you Jesus for giving me chance.


and thats me;)

Let the music heal your soul!!Amen!


I kinda missing my best friend today,I was moody and I have no idea what can I do to make it better. I really miss to have someone to hold on and to go further in life.I miss those teenage time and I miss those time where we use to hang out late night in camp.I really miss those days...I hope it was just a dream now.

God please give me wisdom and strength to do this once!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I almost went lunch alone...I did not know how bad it turns up,well I see the through friendship that I myself first time can't handle with care. Somehow, God has always prepared someone for me although it's not the best of all but for that 1 hour it was much appreciated!Thanks Naquib!

Things went haywire today,nothing came into my way but I put a smile and make it a day!I love you Jesus!

On the brighter side...


my oh-so-office-desk

I randomly took this picture,just because I manage to keep this Daisy survive for one week with the all my love watering!


we live to serve and love!


both pianist went goo-gaa!!

Finals rehearsal for Bloom Musical night,both pianist set fat apart but this happened;)



Went back to college,did not manage to sign up for next semester and we went for a short,yeh I mentioned SHORT shopping.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sab just wanna have fun!

Weekend was a fruitful one, Bloom Musical night was awesome I'm really glad that I manage to serve the youth in Charis Church and there are 13 souls saved! Besides that it was well spend, I manage to catch up with mom, and we did a lot of talking and there is so many sharing inbetween. Sunday, there is a roadshow for Romantic Delicacies, which happen in Sg,Wang.




Aneph,and LynettDSCF4213





Monday book-off, spend time with cousin sis--Beth. Went to college bump into Sern, Joseph, and Jess happy to be back in college. Can't wait to be back, but not looking forward for MT and Finals!That's the good part of working. Catch up abit with Yue.

Ms.Loo Ann...


This is my first visitor when I'm working in 7, I miss her so much after her loooonng London trip alas we manage to meet up.It was short indeed, I can't wait to college re-open then we'll re-unite!!

Next week will be my final week in 7, I have a feeling I will miss this place although it is not a long period to be here but the happy moment blooms in this company. I'm glad to meet nice poeple in this company.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Made in UK

What more can I say when I have all :) I'm really bless to have nice people around me, althought there are people who put me down easily but,I'm happy to say that it's another learning process.

Welcome home Beth! She's back after 2 year I have no time to catch up with her yet, I hope that during the weekends I will have more because I have so many events going on during the weekends. Performing with the a4j band, and Sunday will be roadshow for Romantic Delicacies.

I need to say abundent thanks to my uncle, for bringing so many nice top, pants and dress for me I love them all! And thanks to Beth for the nice handbag.

God always put different people in my life bless me in different ways. I love you all!!

Recently there is nothing much about life, mostly work and PC.Everything seems fresh to me, but it is an eye opener for me to learn and experience 2 in 1= PERFECTO!

I'm really satisfied with my life now, but it's all coming to another ending and I'm going back to college on September I'm not sure if I will use to it, the route that I use to use for this 2 months going to be different.





 18 July 2009- Bloom Musical in Charis Church, Cheras 8pm

19 July  2009- Romantic Delicacies roadshow brought to you by ntv7! Sg.Wang,2pm

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can you see my expression?

Is it a must to show your anger on your facial?If I'm the one who make you unhappy, please let me know do not show me your black  face.

Sometimes I do show my anger face too, but when it's done then get rid of it.

In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.--Ephesians 4:26

God thought me this last Sunday service, and I've been practicing it well. I have another 2 weeks to go,I will enjoy to the max!I've give up talking/or dealing with. I will not state her name...God restore me with faith and patient.


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hola Summer!!!Oh yeh, here comes Friday long break and weekend! I'm really glad that Yue came all the way to OU for 2 hour just to meet me, I'm bless to have her,what else we will be doing besides eating? UPDATES!

Most of all, I had a great time with her, and I hope there are more during Summer, and yes September here we come!!



Monday, July 6, 2009

Friendship forever!

Weekend was awesome...nice people added into my dairy;) I'm glad that God works in many way, which I'm so satisfied with life. I hope there are more coming, I will appreciate every single moment with all of YOU,thanks to you guys that has once again lite up my life!!

Catching up with my OLD friend,friend that I only see them once in a while, or maybe we'll see each another every week but not knowing what's going with life. Time flies, everyone grown up with their dreams..

Saturday I ajak aunties (aka L's aunts) to Klang for BKT!!!


Nah, I din't went for any summer holiday it's,Pulau Ketam!




Leonard, Sab and Kenneth


"tian mi mi,ni xiao ge tian mi mi..."


the cousinS...


Happy 21st Birthday Kee!May God bless you abundantly!


my man!

Sunday...awesome day, catch up with Nicholas,Kath and Joyce.

Than night...


Justin eating his "hei pi gu"


the siblings: Jerry and Chynthia