Saturday, April 9, 2011

Smiling Heart

Since when I last typing in front of my lappy with my iTune playing my favorite songs? Ages. I flip through my planner and I find out my one and only free weekend would be today FREE FLOW to do what I would like to do. I'm pretty glad that I'm well occupied, I have no idea where should I start my post.Yesterday I was engaged with a topic with my girlfriend and we were saying blogging is dying and it only reminds me oh I haven't blog for a while and what more when I already have a twitter with me day and night.

Recent or back times? I went for a couple of event most of them were night events and I haven't get the chance to spend time doing nothing. Well the Kingdom is coming anytime soon and I got to use of all the time to do as much as possible, pretty positive huh!? I got my few first time: Golden Horses Hotel for a Spa event, Stylo Fashion Gala topping up with a first meet-up with Dato Jimmy Choo & Chef Wan, first jazzy concert with Michel Buble & first canto speaking concert Sammi Cheng. Back and forth I'm pretty glad with all my first time fret not to say more to come.

Upcoming I will be skipping from one country to another state in and out, first stop of the year 2011 Sydney and than Bangkok follow on with a few cuti-cuti Malaysia . Thankfully I get the chance to play around with my family and boyfriend's I can only say its exhausted but end up with a word of WORTHWHILE! I've experience many things through this 3 lovely month and I'm looking forward for more interesting event and things to come up.

I shall leave a period here. Take care lovelies!x