Thursday, November 27, 2008

You know who you are.

I saw the back of you reminds me of a tire man,a man that works hard for a better life. Somehow, people fails you but you never give up thats the spirit in you. I saw you praying, God's love falls upon you. I was thinking of you...I miss you. I want to finish this walk with you, will you?

I love u.

The CopyCats

Hoorayyy!!! Thanks to people in COMM 332 especially those in our group Yue, Rueben, Sasha and Sern!You guys have done a great job,for our newspaper! If you are wondering what am I talking about,it is an assignment for our Writing For Media class it took us few months to finish. With the time limitation and hiccups in between we've manage to do it! Don't talk bout the editing for others and rushing them to finish work tho I feel guilty and I complain on how much I have to do for OTHERS yet I'v learn a great lesson, besides that I've learn how to use Illustrator and In design!Now I think I'm multi functional, somehow this is the grace of God who made me so smart ;) Special thanks to Yue for we have done a great job *thumbs up*, and we are always the best working partner,knowing when to lend a hand or a shoulder? Well, it's all about teamwork. I will love to show a few page of our work,but I guess not now for I need to study finals around the corner. Oh by the way, for the ONE who did not work hard in our group I wish to let YOU know, giving appreciation is really important or maybe your mommy forgot to teach you how to say a simple thank you? PLEASE learn to be thankful!

Throughout the whole semester, not mentioning finals God has send me a few angel in front my doorstep to rescue me! I love you Jesus!

I'm so happy after I drew the sketch and a lil touch up *"viola*! happy Sab! finally the Logo that me and Justin work out:


We LEAD,others to follow

Cool eh? Sorry we are not selling in town ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wroking hard.

Counting down 2 weeks to go and I will be FREE!!!Not so easy in the meant time, assignment due dates are killing me pilling up with the chapters to study for FINALS!This semester,is the most worse semester dealing with HUMAN!!!I'm learning how to us Illustrator, photoshop,Picasa...somehow,learning new thing makes me feel freshing.Nevertheless, something makes me feel more fresh is having my love one with me ;)


With my darling



and the girl in the house, everything is ALRIGHT!;)

Please keep me in prayer.

I want to be.....



Thanks for giving me fully support,and thanks for being beside me when I need a shoulder to lean on.

I love you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Who am I?

I went Halloween Bash last Friday to cover the event for my assignment, I simply grab what I have in my wardrobe and dress up what I have in mind.When I reach college everyone keep asking are you Bree( Desperate Housewives), are you Blair (Gossip Girls) and another friend saw me in FB ask am I Ms.Hepburn? Well, I have no idea, I guess thats all a mixture ;) Let me show you and you do the comment.

img_2791I shall say that night I enjoy the most is photo taking session, where everyone keep asking for photos. Besides that as a professional photographer looking for nice angle, Mr. Francis is one of our mentor that night teaching us how to do this and that "On the Flash!"

Overall it was alright not counting the open dance floor part.Ewww....





There are more picture but I malas to upload all ;)

I come not to start this relation but to finish the walk together!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot or Hwwaat?

I've been suffering from high school waking up time. Meaning the time I wake up at 6am, but for the sake of photography class I have to wake up to do make-up, dress up at 5.30am, but it was an successful photo shooting session! Few picture to spice up your taste buds ;)





Good pictures are taken by good photographer! Credit to Dot, Chemmy,Jess, Yue and Wern Sern.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I want Rubber Ducky!

Since when I've fall in love with Rubber Ducky? I'm not too sure I guess it's all before the Digi advertisement, because someone gave me a duck plush.



and now I want a Rubber duckie! Like this.....




Monday, November 3, 2008


At last my LOMO FishEye2 develop the first film!

The couple LOVE FishEye!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are you Singaporean?

It's been a while I haven't been to KL at night, weekend I went Bukit Bintang with my love one main purpose to take picture for my photography journalism, besides that I need to shop for something (: Mission Accomplish "lah". The night atmosphere there, makes me feel so good and relaxing.

Along the way to Sg. Wang this live band called the Bonyari Band from Japan were performing, really cool with the natural instrument catches everyones attention who walk by. Me the Ke Po went to check out, I was amazed by the thing they used. With the nice music, I can't resist to dance with it;) !* okay la, I know nobody want to know what dance what flow la, let the pictures do the talking la ;) Welcome to MaLAHsia!

the couple.

night life in KL.

he & LOMO

------before the next picture------

this one really funny: Me & L "eh b, we act like we are tourist and ask picture from the polis IN English?

L: okok...

*walk towards them like really excited*

S: Can I have a picture with you?

*They agreed*





say Cheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeee.....

Well, there is a story behind the title for this post. Everywhere I go people will ask am I Singaporean, I went HK, Taiwan...few places even KL people still ask me this question. I guess it's either people don't know where is Malaysia or I have the KIASU face. lalalala......

The Boyari Band!!!!

Go you tube and check out how cool they are.You'll love them, because I do ;)

In all situation I love being with you, sitting next to the busy road eating Char kuey Tiao and Nin Yong pao oohhlala...Love it, I don't need expensive meal but a meal with you everywhere will do! Thanks for being with me, although I know how to cross the road myself, yet you still want to hold me. I love you!