Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea with June.

June is my new friend,aka Nicole's mom. For your information Nicole is my all time favor student!!Hers mom says that I'm the only teacher she would talk to but sadly I'm leaving June asked for my number so that we could meet up even I'm not working in St.Nicholas;) Today I went out with June and Nicole,June is a very kind and soft mom she told me so many things about Nicole and I'm glad I get to know her more.

During class,I was telling her I'm going to Bukit Tinggi Jusco after class and I ask if she wants to go with me and she said she want. When her mom came I told her, happen that she is going too so we met up in Jusco. Nicole was so excited to see me there she was holding my hand and talking to me and smiling all the way! Glad to see hers smile and the talkative her because she doesn't speak at all in class but only to me.Shy Nicole.

Went for tea with June, chit chat and Nicole seems tire but she resist to sleep when I'm going off she look so sad and she don't want to go home.So cute!!!I told her I will see her tomorrow and she nod hers head and left.


Nicole busy playing with my beg....

*special thanks to Azahra for the teacher's day chocolate gift.

Ms.Sabrina's dairy: day 17

Thursday, May 21, 2009

She brights up my day!

2 days she wasn't in class,Nicole.I miss hers smile and those beautiful coloring;) This girl is so adorable,where she brightens up my day! She is really smart and good girl. Her mom claims that I'm the only teacher she talks to since she first came in and one more week then I'll be leaving her mommy ask for my number so that we could go out together or pay a visit at hers place.Thank God for such a cute student!

Today she gave me sweet...


Sab0094Ms.Sabrina's dairies:day 14

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

piss off..

I'm just a teacher not a maid,I don't understand why are those children so pampered by their parents.I shall say I'm a psychologist,just to observe the children hence I take initiative to help.And thats what I got back!I make a mistake for my first time I did not know it will have such a bad feedback.I felt sad after knowing that I did that mistake and being unlucky among all parents this is the most FUSSY one!

Case Study (1)


This child I've been observing him for 2 weeks his weird behavior(hyperactive) gets really excited whenever his parents is here. By the age of 3 children should be able to speak,well toilet train and wear their own shoes. I was surprise this child can't do any of this,yet his parents says that because they came back from OZ so WE might not catch what he speak.But the truth is he is speaking in Tamil(one of the Indian cleaning lady said so). Happen that I have to sent him out to his dad he is so super excited of his dad's arrival and he refuse to wear his shoe when I was helping him so I randomly wear it cause usually his dad will carry him. So his son is tip-toe-ing to the gate and his dad said:" eh,why you din wear his shoe nicely?Wear for him now." Me:"oh..sorry."*putting on his shoe for him.* His dad call and complain to the principal saying I didn't wear nicely and its dangerous bla bla bla and my supervisor apologies for me.

Solution: (my POV)

Child are pampered by the parents for such behavior,not well train at home.

I know I should have put it better that's my fault,but dealing with this boy I have problem mostly messing the room throwing materials,jumping around that influences others. His parents came today asking why is his pants always wet,well this boy doesn't know how to control ,besides that when he is playing he will not tell us.Coming back to the same point aren't this suppose to be train at home?

week before,I was friendly asking "Sir what kind of language do you speak to him at home?"He:" English,we just came back from OZ..." .I just want to know cause I'm new there I'm not aware of his background and I don't understand what he speaks,and my supervisor said no the boy spend much time with his grandparents that usually speaks Tamil.

He claim that his son is like this it's okay cause last time he is the same,but now he is a doctor.Ewww I never want a doctor like that!

I've learn a lesson..


Ms.Sabrina's dairies:day 11

Monday, May 18, 2009

For you a thousand times...

Weekend was awesome the Big Bad Wolf bookshop is here,I went for the sales it was crazy! All books at the range of Rm5-20 but all the books that I wanted cost RM 8!!!It's so cheap! I and L spend 3 hours we both headed to different corners for our own books.Both of us shop for about RM 80++ on 9-11 it's so CHEAP!



this is my favor,currently reading this and will go on with others that I'm sure will be good!Really appreciate this organizer for giving us this chance for purchasing affordable books. Night headed to SP for Kenneth's birthday celebration.

Sunday was awesome,one of my plan got cancel so I and L went to MV hunt for his shoe after walking almost every shop at last I've got him the best and nice one with affordable price too! Besides that I got my Cheong Sam for his sister's wedding night "family theme" thingy. It wasn't in my list cause I think it's too expensive but praise the Lord I've got a cheap and good quality! ;) Besides that we had a great time talking and walking.

It's all God's grace that I'm able to enjoy all the cheap and nice things.

Ms.Sabrina's dairies:Day 10

Phew what a weekend after 60 credits hour I have another half to go,I think I miss all this time in SNMC being apart with them is nice;) Looking forward another 60 interesting moment with them.

Today I got a hand-made card from one of my students and cake for all Teacher's cake;)



in this Montessori they call us Aunty instead of teacher I'm not sure why :)But isn't it lovely?


too busy to take the whole cake so this is half eaten by other teachers.

Thank you to all!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day!

Last few day's our dept received a Teacher's day card from Nicole none of the teachers know that this Saturday is teacher's day;) I'm glad I get to work on this special month cause I get to experience the joy of being teacher and wishes from student. I'm bless I got 2 present from students and many wishes!Sab0086

from Keshav Kumar


from Tanissha

thank you so much!

To all teachers Happy Teacher's Day!

Ms.Sabrina's dairies: Day 10

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I forgot your name...

My students knows my name,not those in other classes they always can't remember my name well..I have no idea how should I ask them to call me Ms.Ch'ng too funny or Ms.Sab nah...too friendly.So I prefer it to be Ms.Sabrina but they still calle me "jie jie" (I'm the youngest among my colleague)

And they came up to me,what's your name again? =)

Ms.Sabrina's Dairies: day 8

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

she's in pain....

Annabelle is in pain...she is having rashers behind hers knee due to the hot weather..somehow I have no idea what can I do for her she was crying and shivering..I try to calm her down but she is still in pain goosebumps on her legs adding on with lil shiver. I try to hug her,and ask her to tell me what happen before i know that she is having a rasher. After applying Tiger balm she feel much better. Phew..

Ms.Sabrina's dairies: day 7

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't cry...

My favorite student Nicole super petite and shy.Today she took sometime to come down from the car poor thing crying badly,and after carrying her into class she feel so much better. She starts playing with her friends and talk to me;) laugh loudly for the first time.She is a very good girl,smart and patient girl. She can color very well,hers work is very neat hers coloring should be a 4-5 years old work.Extraordinary girl.I hope she will adapt to hers daily routine to school soon.

Ms.Sabrina dairies: day 7

Monday, May 11, 2009


What a wonderful weekend,Saturday was awesome nicely spend with love one.Did nothing much but spend time talking and relaxing. Absolutely worthwhile,and I'm well recharge for my relationship, the bond between us is so much stronger.Recently I have no interest in shopping exclude shopping-books;) I enjoy sitting in a cafe sipping English tea ( L claim that it taste like "tit kun yam")and a slice of Walnut cake. Heart to heart talk knowing each another's goals even better.

Sat down for another relax time with live band,I absolutely adore!




Good morning teacher....

Today is my 6th day in St.Nicholas children are getting close to me,and I've learn a lot of things through the report period and I believe more to come.Well,I'm always exhausted when class ended really tiring but I'm enjoying it...I hope there will be more interesting things would happen;) Another birthday celebration. No flashback any of my birthday celebration I wonder will they remember me celebrating their special day in SN?! It doesn't matter cause I've done a interpretation,no matter what it is; it will be....and one day a teacher forever a teacher for them. I will never know which lil kid in there will be a well known super star nor well known person one day.-"yes Sabrina you might be teaching a fashion designer or a world best engineer!"That's the strength that push me harder,I can do it to mold them into a better person!

Every morning I got greetings from the children,some come with unhappy face(esp Monday) but some insist to come earlier too...they are all adorable to me,although there are some naughty ones among them.

I spend  much time on materials those are things with colors which includes the category of sensorial ,memory, color identity. pound_roll_wood_toy

This month is the theme of Zoology,mostly cover animals.Sometimes I find out they are smarter then me with all the "funky" terms of the animals which are rare seen.

Many things happen throughout this 6 days,funny one and angry too! I lost my voice tho...today's art & craft ( salt dough) what a mess...

Ms.Sabrina's Dairies: day 6

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Be Alert!

I really hate people who are late late late!!!So irritating...I don't understand I think people cares for the event will be alert on time but if it's not then people just take it easy. Com'on keep people waiting with excited or in a hurry feeling it's BAD! late adding on with a lame reason equal a simple plain lie tell the truth maybe I will try to even sympathize your situation. Whatever it is,I hate people that fail me especially being late. I know nobody loves being late but think twice if this happens to you?--SPOILER!
Get a timer la!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tadika Sri Emas,St.Nicholas

Yes,finals ended last week no break this time,but internship. After 4 days I'm starting to adapt to my "Ms.Sabrina"'s life, I missed one day because I was sick due to the hot weather besides that I guess because all the teachers are sick that's why. I can't wait till internship comes to an end,cause it's not easy being a teacher sometimes they are too noisy,and naughty but it's okay;)I miss college now, I really miss those time where I have no stress and need not to wake up so early!I need to work from 8am-2pm it's tiring I feel restless all the time. But still it's okay. On the 2nd day one of my student,Sarah Pua's birthday this adorable,smart and talkative girl celebrated hers 3 year old birthday in school she looks so happy.
This week a lot of things going on,Loo Ann flying off, Yue getting to work and not seeing Dot around. Besides that I get to catch up sometime with L after the whole load of finals and assignments. At least,I get to relax. Will update more when I have more happening stuff happen;)

Bless Holiday!