Thursday, July 31, 2008

All most there....

Yeah,my room almost done with the re-deco.Super tire,and exhausted can't imagine if I have a bigger room.Last night was my first night sleeping with the new deco and paint,feeling bit weird because of the position and the style I've changed in my room.But I would say I simply LOVE it! I'll show a corner of my room color,not to expose too much.Haha.

All I need to say is thanks to mom because of spending time and money to make a difference in my room!I feel so satisfy with the color and everything.Of course,is God's grace too!Thank God for giving my energy to clean my room and all the things(i mean too many things).

While I'm cleaning my room..too many things I need to think twice to throw or not to.But one thing I found was my long ago diary,it was a nicely wrapped diary ,content of it was awesome too :) while I was flipping through reading one by one collecting memories.Sitting there thinking to keep or not to keep it,because there are few things in the diary I don't want to keep.Therefore,I dump into the rubbish bin.There is so many stuff that I do not like it anymore,I guess that is what people say while growing up alot of things changes too.Even your favor color,taste and thoughts.That doesn't mean I'm old k?!haha.

Every night I get into bed like a zombie,as if I didn't sleep for few days.

Today will be the last day of painting.Can't wait till everything is in place again.I will be happy and relax.Nevertheless,I'm satisfy with my holiday in Cameron,at least I've rest.It's all God's grace to give me a wonderful 4 weeks holiday.

thankful heart.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

in progress....

After my 3days 2 nights in Cameron Highland,am back!I would say the accompany was good.I miss the crazy-ness :) After a relaxing weekend,here comes my first week of holiday painting my room,so many old stuff from my drawer that I need to think twice to throw or not to,cause too many memory that I wish to keep but too little place to be kept.Well,picture of Cameron will upload soon,too many to transfer because in 3 days time we took around 400 pictures.

This few days,I'll be busy with all the renovation of my room.Really tire,and I'm so frustrated when I need to replace all the furniture and to put back all the things.But thinking of the other side is a good way to clean my room,and to re-stored things that is much more usable.I found out that I've been wasting a lot of money buying unnecessary stuff so this is a warning to myself ;).Hopefully,the painting will finish soon,then I can get back to my daily routine.Thinking that next week I need to get back to college,I know is suckie but I need to prepare myself for MUET.

I know time flies like nobody business,then I'll go back to college.LONG semester,I hope subjects that I choose will be interesting. ;) am looking forward for photography class tho. In this holiday I want to meet up with my secondary friends.When I look back it's been 3years I haven seen them besides Chinese New Year.

Recently my blog has been too wordy,so here are some pictures from Cameron will update more real soon!

I love the supernatural God has created!

:the best friend!:

BOH plantation


HUGE pumpkin!

Ok,I'll end up my post with this lovely pic.Check out that the cactus looks like mickey mouse and heart shape!

I miss the time I spend with God.....


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Long time ago.

Today I'm glad that I have chance,catching lunch with my koko (brother).Not the one staying with me,but the one that always took care of me since form 1.And I know him since,form 1.Through a friend of mine,and he was the well known school basketball player,that every girls go ga-ga that is why until now there is still people being jealous.;)

Anyways,we get to catch lunch near my place,I haven seen him for long time but usually a call or text I'll receive from him.I'll never forget what has happen in between our sister&brother hood.You still care and love me the most,being your sister is my pleasure.Sent me around when I need your help.Now you've grown up,being the best business man earning loads of cash.ha.Keep up the good work!

From the topics we talk about proof that we've grown up so much.From gossiping,Jay Chou,and now about life and dreams.I feel so satisfy even we did not get to spend half a day,but few hours in a nice atmosphere lunch @Flavor.Splendid!Hope that your relationship will never fade till the end.You still care me the most,thank you so much!hugs!


Sunkist Part 2

I've been waiting for my prize almost 3 weeks.I thought they plan to not even give me the consolation prize.Anyhow,I've got a call from them to collect my prize.

I have no idea what is this.

this is the best among all prize...Thumb drive.Unique.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Time—we all need more of it. Time to study, time to play, time for you, time for me. Few weeks,back I’m having this problem, but hooorraayyy…Am free! After finals, and now is the time for me to have a good relaxation time.Where?Cameron Highland.Why?because my friend haven been there,and my "Ji Mui" wanna have a break! There goes my holiday,before that.

Back on Sunday. Ms.Frances,a big shot post,in Choke.She owns a coke manufacturing in China.On our daily basis Sunday class,there will be different sister or brother will share about their experience.This is the most impressive of all.Unfortunately,she quit being the head of the manufacturing,because there is once the choke company launching,and according to the China style,they need to pray before they open ceremony.She resist to do so,because as a Christian we are not suppose to do so.Therefore, she left this Coke company back in China.But there is one thing where she's really clear where she know when she did this decision,she did not feel regret at all,and she headed back to Malaysia.Where after 3 days God has prepare her a better job in Yoe's,to cut the story short(ask me if you are interested to know more,I don't mind sharing) she is serving as a full timer in church.she thought us,3 factors of being succesful that you can apply and then you are able to be what you are DREAMING to be.


Furthermore,she has did a comparison what are the differences between the China's and Malaysians youth.She claim that China youth,are more common sitting and drinking,(like us mamak) she found out that  among their topic are mostly about politics,news,and etc.Compare to the Malaysians youth,we tend to gossip about stars,fashion and etc.see the contrast of it?

She says that in China,when there is 6 people sitting together,while one person is sharing about their opinions and thoughts the other 5 are absorbing.Each of them among the 6 share one opinions and thoughts, thats is where you got 6 different knowledge.You might think,I'm speaking like a jakun here,thinking who on Earth does not know how important knowledge are.Well,somehow I think I'm the one,on that day itself after class,I pray to God that I want to learn and read more,give me strength to do so.

I know it's hard when times come, sitting and talking about politics,"looking knowledgeable".Frankly speaking,being the typical Malaysian I love gossiping, fashion;) to clarify myself,I do talk about news,books etc. But one thing I must stand strong to convince myself to be knowledgeable.

I hate blogging,ever since I was introduce to have my own blog.I would say, well blogging has been apart of my life now,sharing thoughts and feeling through words.At least I tried,to be alive in doing so(blogging),when doing so I feel like I'm in love doing it,after blogging reading back,I learn from my mistake,no matter from the vocab to the grammar, from A-Z. I'll keep myself learning.;)

I feel so thankful when I know that actually I love reading.The next stage I need improvement is reading Mandarin books,I'm bad at it.

I'm a SPONGE, I want to try all my best to absorb as many knowledge as I can!Therefore,my prayer would be God shower me with wisdom.In the name of Jesus I pray Amen!

Knowledge is the power.

Friday, July 18, 2008

fill in the blank.

Some people are just communication noob! brainless.Being awful,I would say some people are brainless, and they do not know whats the art of communication!
FIY:I would suggest you to take up classes, and learn what's communication,understand when God give you a tongue not for the sake of carrying your head around WITHOUT brain inside,yet bring blessing to others.

Therefore, living in this sarcastic world we need to understand what's Meta communication.

Shut up.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My finals are in less then one week, I've just started being Miss Nerd, yesterday.

I have my OB and BIO paper this semester. I've choose to start with BIO, while I was reading about common descent, according to Darwin's Theory he came out with a hypothesis that all organisms had descended from a single common ancestor in the distant past.And another small section which they stated, most scientific agree common decent is a scientific fact, and European believes that in Bible, first book Genesis stated God uses 6 days created organisms.

Genesis 1:1-31

While I was reading I paused, and my brain start spinning with question why some people still do not believe that God has created this Earth ages ago.Anyhow, not being an anthropology here. I would like t thank God for how much work He has been doing in this world. I was reading through Carmen blog's and I nearly burst into tears, knowing this second you are having a new heart beat,and the next second it's not there anymore, and I've see through she is a strong leader that face the fact, foremost she trust God, therefore she let go and let God!I'm so surprise, she was terrified.She is brave and she preach on Saturday about faith creates MIRACLES! Once again, I've learn to stand up! Pray Until Something Happen.


Saturday,night.Youth service,am serving as pianist. Till the end of the session. Caleb ask who wants faith? please come to the front and I want to pray for you all. I was crying, I want faith I want faith not physically but mentally. And this song came to me. Miracles are Real.

Sunday,I was all alone in service.I'm in a bad condition where, I've been crying so badly the night before. I once again,feel the sadness in me, I stood up and pray to God shower me with love where I can once again be strong and brave! When worship started,from the first song, I've been crying until another song came up with God's word fill me again.Thank you Jesus.

While Pastor were sharing, I was sitting there,with thoughts and question. Pastor were sharing about 5stage of spiritual life. At last, Ps asked which one you think you are in. I did not choose but I say I want the 4th stage that I'll have intimate relationship with God.Tears fall apart. God rise me up,put me in place rearrange my feelings,I clearly know what I want.I love you Jesus.

Till night,I went to visit my auntie the one that who is suffering cancer. She is growing in God's will, she never fail to spread gospel to all the patient and I'm glad she is optimistic! Before going home, we prayed for her, and the last one was me, she teared and she says that "thong, thank you!" with hers tears in her eye. My replied was not me but God. The importance of prayer in life, who blessed the needy ones.

Once night, I was lying on my bed.Vivid thoughts came through and I cried .Once again I stood up and pray to God and tell Him what came through my mind. When I got a call from this person, where this person sound so down I know something is wrong.This person,blurted out the problem, and I elaborated to this person what to do,making this person feel comfy.In the end of the call my last word was I love you,honey.

I know I've been a crying baby this few days, but the price I pay, I got back double and triple blessing from God.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last week was a blast, and a bang.....I had fun, hardworking time and the feeling satisfied with my project. Thank you Jesus for the bless week.

First I went So You Think You Can Dance. Supporting JDa.

Yue, Joy and me.

my love one.

*To JDa: I'm proud of you,being the top 10 and shining for God on stage with the talent He have gave you!Keep up the good work!*

after having fun....and here is the hardworking me (:



She is the best,group mate,thanks for helping me dearie. Thanks for giving me a hand,when I'm afraid of the DEAD bugs. (For your information: I'm really good at catching certain LIVELY bugs.)

finally,after 1month....

our exhibition booth

Chemmy and Dot (:

thank you tan mei mei!

For walking with me.

*love ya, muah~xoxox

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Littering Bug

Being the one at home,littering the place with pieces of papers.For the reason I'm busy with my BIO project, doing all the cutting to have the best grade;) Monday will be the day,where we need to exhibit our bugs. Can't wait to finish it and I'll focus on my FINALS! ): Have a peek of my scrapbook cover page. Will upload more when I'm done with the exhibit. (private confidential for now) ha-ha.







free & easy time,of course with my love one(:

Sakae Shu sushi


The Curve

thanks for supporting me with L.O.V.E

Saturday, July 5, 2008

tell me about it.

For such a long period I never felt so down before.I'm really frustrated when it comes to me like a silent thief,I wish I could yell out!These thing making me ga-ga.

GREY is the color to me today.

tear drops on my pillow.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


by Jess

***RULE 1: Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No TAG backs!

1. i like dreaming about perfect wedding =) who not?!

2. i like taking picture when I'm dress up.

3. i like to laugh as loud as i can when I'm freaking happy.But sometimes people complain ;)

4. i have bad habits NOT combing my hair.

5. i like dancing in my TOILET.*Practice makes perfect kay?*

6. i can still eat when I'm really full.Makan giler.

7. i must sleep with something on my stomach eg.small pillow.sense of safety.

8. i can be really really really manja when only me and him together.

9. when i have a set of value meal, french fries MUST be eaten before anything.

10. i love digging nose in front of my bf.

11. whenever I'm going somewhere special,I would have take off and wear my cloths for TONNES of time.

12. i like going oversea pretend I'm from that country.

13. i like singing really loud in my car with different voice, from soprano to alto.

14. i like touching my bf's ear =)

15. i hate people who back stab! *back off*

now i tag,

1. Dot

2. Lea Yee

3. Kenneth

4. Nicholas M

5. Leonard

6. Gary

7. Shu Chin

8. Terrence

9. Leong

10. Joyce

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I got this news,that you are leaving I do not know what kind of reaction I should have.Leaving to further your studies,in Malacca(I know I know is not far) but it's still far that I won't see you in youth service, Sunday service and disciple class.I'm sure I'll miss you!Fist, thought came in was I went Taiwan with you and our relationship grow so fast,that we become Machi ( friend in Taiwan)I'm glad to have you around,petite you!I'm so worry that you will not be able to adapt to a new life in hostel,new mate and all kind of things. Oh yea,the other thing that make me miss you more,the time where you borrow me your shoulder..I'll miss that too!!!All the things that happen in a sudden changes again,it's time for us to do something big for God too. You came into my life,when I'm in critical moment and you encourages me with your love.You took care of me when I was sick in Taiwan,you do shopping with me too,AND the craziness cam whoring in the plan and crapping all the way to Taiwan=) all of our past has become the best memory to me.Thanks for everything.I love you dearie!! I never want to lost a friend like you.

God's calling,will lead you to a better path way.

our breakfast in Taiwan.

"Love river" in Taiwan,Kao Shiong

you are the best Machi!!!!*hugs*



Jaya One

Saturday farewell, I know I would cry like a baby again.I really don't know how to express my feeling on that day.The next day you are leaving and I did not prepare anything for you.So i decided,head to Malacca to meet you!=) PROMISE!!!I have so much to tell you tho.Anyhow,I pray that God will bring you to a better growing place,and mold you into a better person in Christ!!

Feelings that cannot replace with WORDS.