Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oppss You did it again....

I'm in the mid of hanging again!It's so irritating,I've tried my best to forget about it.I hate "one day to be nice,and one day to be ruin". I'm wondering why is it when things happen it hurts,but when they ask to forgive I say "yes",does my heart says so?It's complicated,mix feeling.Anyhow,I will just follow the flow.I need sometime to recover,this matter has been bothering me again,why am I so * to make such a decision without thinking properly,I'm worry I would have hurt my self again with that answer.

Yesterday was pathetic!I went to college for my photography class, I enjoy this class;) Mr.Francis told us there is a photography exhibition in One Utama and he want us to be there to see the exhibition,you know if you're not an artistic person you'll be bored to death!Thank God,I still enjoy looking at those lovely picture took by random people.Some picture really tells a lot just with a simple shoot and object,amazing!Going on, lecturer ask us to take a few picture in the park(Central Park),the weather was nice to take a few picture,and it turn up to be a cam whoring session where Mr.Francis is our camera men!haha.After taking a few shots of jumping,everyone looks tire pull off to college after lunch in Tepanyaki.

the SCB


Long story for my entire day......(too lazy to talk about it).To cut short the story,while L is driving back home from airport we were talking about my problem,I told him how I feel and how I react.Then I only realize I did the decision too fast.

the man I love.

I came home zombie-fied, but something I'll never miss talking on the phone.It was a long talk with full of question and question.At last,I still get my answers,of course I'm glad with all the answers.Once again,I'm refreshed,oppsss did I mention refresh?on the phone?night? haha,that would be horrible for L,cause I'll keep talking and talking and he'll be yawning and yawning! I still want to say thanks for the encouragement and opinion you gave me!


This came across my mind,some people just want to do it for the purpose of doing it,but some people do it for the sake for them self feeling better.This morning,while I was washing my car,the maid next door talked to me "friendly" and she sweep my car porch.I was shocked,and she smile at me."Can I take a few mango?"said maid.(FYI:There a big mango tree in front my house and the age of it is 30 ;),a lot of people like to ask for our mango.) Of course,I say "can la." and she looks so happy.See!she did something because she want something.I wonder why some people can't just tell what they want,instead of doing something unusual.I don't like it.

Did someone say something like I won't guarantee how bla bla bla won't happen to you before?I have.This make me think that you're try avoiding something to happen ,but there is still 50/50 chance it WILL happen again.Then whats the point of telling me?I don't see the point of it.Is it to make you feel better?*sigh*Seriously blur......

And what is the point of blogging huh?For me blogging is to update friends that you don't meet often.Like someone who stays really far,can't even meet each another and to update each another of course expressing my feelings.Why do you need to blog just to update someone that is so near to you?See!!!!I'm stuck again.I need to talk to you.Although I said I'm cool with it,doesn't mean we don't need to talk about this matter.I do!

thanks, for walking with me!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Full stop.

Now is the time to give a full stop.In every story there is starting,body and ending.I'm not sure where have I written.In between there is comma,exclamation and question mark.Now I choose to come to an end of my story with a full stop,I or you would not judge what is the ending but I would say it's almost perfect yet broken.Well,I still thank you for painting my life with colors and now I want to keep going on to the next chapter of life.

When I decided to make it an full stop,I need sometime tho.But last night thanks to L counseling session,he put me into position ask me a few question,i GUESS he have made it to become a successful counselor! I'm in love with my counselor!whooopsss.;)Nevertheless,I'm satisfy with my answer a 'FULL STOP'. When come talking about is it meaningful or painful,answer will be: worthwhile.I thank God having someone to talk to and God is pushing me higher and into another stage of maturity.

I know I've did my part,and God knows my heart too.I really appreciate people who encourage me with words and action.Thank you friends!! I know some of you guys have been wondering what's up with Sab she's been blogging about hers feeling lately.ha.Well this is my last post of being moody and emo,cause I've choose to come to an ending with a full stop!I'm free!

He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadow into the light. Job 12:22

I was going through a few picture of us,I see the happiness of best friend.I love the time,I kept all the best memory in my mind.Now I will put it aside in my small drawer,make sure it's safe and sound.Every single handmade gift to you is my pleasure.I will never forget the time I plan to do it for you and I don't care weather you like it or not I still made it cause it reveals the real heart of a friend to you.

Angles looking over me,I know I'll have someone better to care me and love me.Thanks for the day you've made for me and I want to use this opportunity to say thank you so much!

Ahhh......what can I say I feel fresh now,with all the sorrow in me for few months shoo come new Sab ;)Oh to add on this coming weekend is going to be fun fun fun!Can't wait for another short trip!Whoolalala....

*special thanks to my Love,thanks for the numberless of night talk and comfort.I know you've encourage me trough all this while,I know you've been praying for me.Thank you for everything!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I thought I was strong enough to take the pain,I think I still need some time to be strong.I'm glad I did my first step,stepping out if the box and doing something I feel comfortable.I know I have to work harder to be better and stronger.I'm really glad there are people who cares me.I love you guys!Of course,in the same time I need to complete a whole stack of task.Ok,I'll stop being emo here,let's talk a lil' bout my weekend.

Talking about task,i went to my first night class in BCM.I was looking forward to class on Monday,I enjoyed the class besides some elderly keep asking question that drags the class.If I were in college I think I'll be gossiping bout it.haha gossip is when you have a few friend that share the same opinion!!!!

Weekend was alright went to Ulu Yam or so called Batang Kali? well is one of it.I enjoyed the time there with my love one and my friends journey was short yet get to talk to the "handsome driver" haha.When we reach there weather was cool and chilling,I went to change my top and in the river I go ;) really icing freezing cold in there!Will upload the pictures when I have time..Anyhow,at last the BBQ turn up to be a romantic one under the rain.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cupcake Day.

Last week I found another talent in me!I can bake now,last month during the holidays I baked muffin.I wanted to try out decorating it(topping),with icing sugar.I know I did not make it beautifully but for my first time,I shall give myself a pat on the back ;) Although there are some hiccups here and there,but I've made it!

I'll try harder for my next cupcakes in the decoration,anyhow this is my fist time.haha.I still get good comment from it,besides the topping is sweet,overall is hmmm mmmm.....


Friday, August 22, 2008

Cleaning day.

Venue:Glad Tiding Church


Mission: clean up in door badminton court,toilet and moan grass.

represent SS2 and USJ cellies, since it's school holiday,we've combined to clean up church.It was tiring,but full of laughter.

time for work.....there is not much picture taken because we were all busy cleaning ;)

when the storm is over,I have to head forward....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Phillippians 4:4-7

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mouth shut.

Last night was hard for me,sometimes human are self-centered,I don't believe things happening around me so  fast.I got a message,instead of feeling happy I was sad,really down and sad deep down in my heart.Feeling combination make me feel so weird.I pray to God to heal my broken soul.Losing a best friend I appreciate so much,I have nothing to say.When I ask myself do I need to reply her,I feel that I'm falling down from a really high place,and hits again the land.My eye were red I felt the pain in me.Why is it me again?I really don't understand,therefore I will wait upon God.

I hold my breath,try to keep my tears...yet it hurts so badly I choose to cry out loud really loud inside my small towel.I feel so relief,and I've decide to make a decision,a decision with no harm.I hope that things will be alright when time goes by.I might think that I'm crazy ,because I take things so hard,thinking everything will be beautiful,but.No.I give myself,my thoughts to God,whom I believe will help me.


Friday, August 15, 2008


Born: 14 Aug 2008


Color: pearl

Accessories: Jit-bitz (Flower and butterfly)

Comfort status(ranking from 1-5): 4

Well,I've not been looking for a Crocs since it's on market cause it looks funny with the well known "big head" Crocs.Nevertheless,they can really work hard to create more satisfying design for a youngster to own one,especially with the Jit-bitz. I absolutely love it (: thanks mom!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Appeared offline.

I can't think of anything to start my post,recently I was hanging on the phone for very long time and seriously need someone to talk to.I miss my best friend.I miss the time we've been together,I treasure every single moment I have with you,and keep your ears open to hear my problems.

How many times in your life you could actually find a true friend?I think I have a few good friends that I really appreciate them.Somehow,when everyone grows up thats when we need to focus on our future.In the mean time,I would have fall down and need someone to listen to me...instead of boyfriend we still need friends.Mentally I feel so tire,I've try all ways to gain back what we've gone through during the past,it seems hard for me now.I'm tire to do so.I've just realize I can't have trustworthy in you anymore because every time you fail me.I pray to God I said thank You Jesus,because you've gave me a good friend life goes on with so many zillions of people walked by my side,yet you've choose a few to stop by my side.Now I lost them,can I have them back?God has put a stronger faith in me.I went through being though.

I can's stand the eye contact I have with you because from my point of view the very close and warm look becomes like a stranger.Standing in the middle wondering,what do I need to do?"Sabrina,keep going on with life."Soft and tender voice.I feel so good.How many tears has been falling out from my eyes because of you.You've become so unreal to me,I'm worry the next time you say I'm sorry I can't accept it.Friendship is what God gave me,and all I need to do is grab it with faith.Do everything I can.But...........

I did my part,I did what I can.

I guess God has put another test in me,I decide to take the test.Before that I would say feelings all around,don ask me why,I DON'T KNOW!I need to be very clear what I'm doing,I need to keep her and myself in prayer.For God will strengthen me in all kinds of situation.

I mind if I've lost a best friend,but I don't mind how many best friend do I have.

Recently,I really thank God I have the chance,and time talking to my best friend.I don't understand why some people can easily be in situation but some people don't.Sometimes relationship might bring friendship far apart.Adding on,I don't see this thing happen between me and others but YOU.Why?

If the day comes,I have to be really close relatives with you I'm, afraid I can't handle well.BUT I promise God I will do my part without any regret of anything.It has came to a stage I'm afraid to see you or talk to you,I'll try my best.Jesus heal my soul and my spirit.

No matter what,I wholeheartedly wish you are doing fine.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

time flies.

Amber's birthday


Sakae,Bukit Tinggi Jusco

You guys might feel strange who is this girl called Amber, well let's start from how did I know her.nah,kidding too long to be typed.I met her at my secondary school volley ball court.I was once a volley ball player k.On top of that,it was because of a kitten near the court looks hungry so she was holding it, then I walk by I asked her is that hers kitten she say it looks pity, and i offered to buy milk for the kitten.And thats how we get to know each another.We became super close, some people and teachers even thought we were twins,we do shopping together,chasing star everywhere together,go concert together and the list goes on.6 years of friendship, truly appreciate.This year she turns 21st on 13Aug 2008, am really glad we manage to meet up for dinner together and have a great chat.

Keep your eyes open,see what's next......

FYI:Amber is a animal lover.

Start counting how many rabbits are there.

4baby rabbit and the mom.


did you lost count?

answer is there is 19 if them!!

To end up this post Happy 21st Birthday babe!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

to trust.

I've gone through a hard time last week,certain things happen I know sometimes I take things for granted.Hence,I never fail keep praying and seeking for God's will.I know God is overseeing me all the time.Well,He is just simply awesome to me.Thank God.At last,everything has settle and it ended with a very priceless,experience!~Sorry.

In those moment,besides God I always have an angel standing right beside me.Someone where God has already picked through a thousand of people.Weekend were sweet and blessed,having you I feel so good.Thank you for all the concerns and all the time you've gave me.I truly appreciate.Saturday night,awesome night...after a while I feel so good spending time talking to you without worries,I love talking to you,you know better then me,don't you?haha.I love you.

Simply know that God has always prepare me for a better way in life.Still considering about night class in Bible College Malaysia(BCM),topic of mental health and personal grow.I'm interested in this class it's another long term.Somehow I know when I put time and afford to God's Kingdom it's all worthwhile.Today was having lunch with Carmen and Caleb,where talking about night class to get a cert we need to complete 44credits.And Caleb say that we can convert our degree to BCM  as a diploma in Theology.Yeap,theology...all I would say is I will just follow God if is God's calling I shall go.Yet,God you know me well.Let go and let God(:

Weekend,I get to spend time talking to one of my best friend.Alicia.I was wondering since when I forgot hers presence.I still enjoy the time with you babe.I will forever remember the time we met.

At night,after service me heart broken because my very close lil' sis in Christ breakdown,I know I cant do much but I will leave it to God and of course in my prayer.I know is hard for her in such a age to face those problem,but I have faith in God!

Prayer is the best medicine...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Words to Inspire

I was reading RD(Reader Digest)June issue,when I was flipping back and trying to recall whatever I've read .This article catches my attention.I just wanna share here ;)

Seven things you should say to your kids-and seven things you shouldn't

A parents,or anyone else who interacts regularly with kids,knows that communicating effectively with them can be difficult.I myself strongly agree(as a kids point of view) because I believe one day I grow up and have kids,I have to learn how to communicate with kids and of course it's useful whenever I need to communicate with people,I guess is the same method of the meta-communication.

1. What you say "You're the best!"

What they hear"Your job in life is to make me happy."

A better way to say it"You should be proud of how hard you've worked."

2. What you say "We can't afford that"

What they hear "Money is the answer to everything."

A better way to say it "The store is filled with great things today,but we've got lots at home anything more."

3. What you say "Don't worry-it'll be ok."

What they hear "You're such a drama queen."

A better way to say it "I totally understand what you must have gone through.Tell me about it."

4. What you say "Don't talk to strangers."

What they hear "Anyone you don't know is trying to hurt you."

A better way to say it "Don't talk to people who make you feel uncomfortable.Here's how to tell."

5. What you say "Make sure you share."

What they hear "Give away your stuff."

A better way to say it "Jesse would like to play with your race car for a while,but it's still yours and he will give it back."

6. What you say " Why did you (miss your curfew hit your sister,etc.)?"

What they hear "you mess up again."

A better way to say it "my guess is that you miss your curfew because you were having fun and didn't want to come home,but that's still not OK."

7. What you say "watch your language."

What they hear "I've tuned out what you're really trying to say."

A better way to say it "I'm so glad you came to talk to me,but I have one request for the further.I find that word offensive,so please don't use it."


I think human will only learn after punishment...

Cameron Trip

Another interesting day for us,we've been to few places on the second day.

Start up with OJ,keep us healthy(:

Chemmy with hers scramble egg..

All geared up for our one day tour trip in Cameron.

Butterfly park.

Honey Bee park.

Thumbs up to ah yong,good shot.What can i say?It's another paint by God.

Double trouble.haha~

my say Yo friend.Thanks for cooking us breakfast!

We love nature!

I love this place!

Spot the differences...Thanks to Yue always got the wrong timing.

how nice,if you could wake up everyday and have breakfast here.



Nice WC:)

I'm hungry.

7billion holder.He is such a humble man,nice person to talk too.

I'm starving,it's time for lunch ;)


We love came whoring.Best buddy.

Waiting for bus,back to our apartment.

It's another rainy day....

I miss you.

What can I say rainy and chilling weather with HOT steamboat.Perfect match!

Night market time...FOOD!This is the food I ate few years back,where I still remember the taste.mmm..

Strawberry Ice-cream.

My peanuts buddy....








what else can I say for this TRIP with this crazy people around?Stuffing peanuts in to his own nostril.