Friday, April 30, 2010

Been there,done that!

College ended spontaneously, I'm finally done dealing with quizzes, class, test, and things I matter and not matter most! I'm DONE! I was tensed the night before because I really can't take it anymore, by using each and every memory space in my brain to memorize all the terms and whatever I know and don't know that is coming out for finals! Then again, I'm done! I headed out with my four years besties for goods :) Came home with a ribbon on my heart, feeling all relax but at the same time, wondering what am I suppose to do before July comes? I have no idea, but I will keep this matter in prayer, for sure He will lead me!

Now I'm officially unemployed, not only that I'm still considered having my Spring break! Which is good enough for me to have a long breath after all the hectic time I've gone through without a single complaints! Once again I have plant a history in my life, there are always stages to be up level when time comes. This stage of life-- I'm done was my education life (stage 1) one step at a time Sab! ,I'm on my way to perusing my dream job real soon(if I happen to get it soon)! I'm kinda excited with all the awesome things that lies upfront, I would pray even harder this time cause people I'm going to meet will be the real thing, real life and real world! I can do it with Christ!!

Came home, plonked my tiring leg and brain on my bed with nothing hanging in my mind. Tears fall apart, I turn on my lappy start writing a thank you letter/or so-called farewell notes to my besties that I have met in my life! and here is how it goes..

To my honey babes! Yue Mei Tan, Dorothy Tan Eileen & Chemmy Pei Chian thanks for making my four years so awesome possum! It's been great that God brought us together from different background AND knowing YOU is the best thing I ever experience in my life!We have gone through those hard moment or whatever 'siao' stuff we have done, countless comment on our daily work WE HAVE GONE THROUGH HANDS IN HANDS!!

Besides, I wanna thank you for giving me mentally and physically love, and encouragement ,also being there for me when I need someone to lean on or even make you girls laugh at my most-lame jokes! I'm one lucky and blessed person to know you girls!

Four years, FOUR years we've made it! I will not let our friendship bond end here! The hugs and laughter I gave you during the bye-bye moment will still always be that strong and will always dwell in my and your heart forever! I LOVE YOU! Nothing will set us apart, because we are like 'cheese' (can't think of any other thing besides that) inseparable haha!

Okay to be honest by writing these feeling makes me wanna cry! :(

By the way,DO NOT! forget the dreams that we have made sending our Kxxx to the same kxxxxxxxxx! hehe! Attach were some picture that is still presentable there are more but then lets keep the best memory in our mind ya.

I will keep you girls in my prayer!

Dear Yue Mei,
you are my best buddy for now and forever! Thank you for always giving me a hand when I need someone to hold on! Remember there is once, I accidentally restore the wrong assignment and the complete assignment were deleted can't be retrieved and I was panic! Then you came to my place all the way here to rescue me! and and...our creativity are AWESOME, not only that we can edit video, we can catch insects and banyak lahhhh! There are many many more story to share, but we will keep it in a bottle and shall not let it expire. You are my best kawan that will go shopping, travel, pillow talk, heart to heart talk and siao with me! We have much in common, therefore we made good team mate!
We are always in the same class even lecturers ask when one is not around!We crap and comment bout almost everything!hahahah shhhh! Don't let the Juniors know! ha! Now you are moving on for goods with all my blessing and wishes I pray that you will be the brightest STAR among all! OH YAH! I won't give up on you! *finger cross!*

Dear Dot,
I haven't forget you! my most loyal friend and honest friend! haha! You make our four years wonderful with all the jokes, and naughty moment we held!I really appreciate the moments we have esp the last semester being with you at the same class playing BINGOZA and manage to answer Q during finals! geng!!! We are the women! :D I thank you for always giving me encouragement, also giving me a hand in my work also in my life! Thank you so much! We have gone through so many things, from A-Z! How can I not miss those moment?! Scratch and win kawan! I love the way you are yah, keep up your good work! Super smart at times, super doink doink at times too! TEEHEE! we are NO MORE a SOPHOMORE!

Dear Chemmy,
Er jie! I always can't recall since when I knew you, but through Dot she mentioned it was in Gen Psych class but I have no idea who you are! sowie! But it's okay I remember our dance during Public Speaking class, LEO club stuff and PROM night! You are always that weak I pity you, I pray that you will receive the healing from God every time you are in pain yah. You are a very soft spoken person, not much comment person, which makes me love you more, cause I don't like "ji-za po!" haha! Well well, you are always the er jie in my heart, no matter what happen we will always stand by your side! Don't let thing put you down, because I believe the faith in you is stronger then anything! You can do it ya! BTW, you are a good planner NOT blur k? Continue to plan more outing and trips!

ONE last thing! I heart you girls, no matter what by what I mean is no matter FAT, THIN, 10 KIDS, NO HUSBAND (choi choi choi), NOT A STAR, JOBLESS and ANYTHING! I still want to be your friend! Not only friend is BESTIES!

SCB=Siao Cha Bor!!

I love you!!!
Terms & Condition apply: Besties cannot be refundable or exchange for goods! :P

all the love,
Sabrina Ch'ng

we went through the LEO moment! ROAR!
awesome memorable getaway!
bug catching! :)

Our TM!
I love you girls like how you love me!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Was browsing through Chloe's blog and I saw this awesome! :) This is what I've been looking for ages, especially the real thing in a mall or somewhere! Hence with the high-tech DIY at home,it's simple as ABC! I like it :) Here are some show off*

Vintage is stylo!
Me like fade away pictures, I think it's been sometime I haven't play with my Lomo- Fisheye! Very soon! :) Hold on tight! I'm in dilemma of getting a digital camera or a Polaroid hmmphh!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whack It!! Part 2

Here comes the interesting part where I got whack because my partner in crime can't answer a simple question! I was freaked out. The Whack was bad,but I'm sure the Whack Boys had fun,looking at us being in such a situation!Like what I mentioned in the previous post with all that gross ingredient they mixed! The most phobia one was OJ! I got it all over my body,hair and the stain on our brand new clothing and pumps won't go away!Brighter side, the stain reminds me of all the good moment!
During our slot, when we were preparing to shot, there is an incident where the main monitor to function the whole production, which is like a moving tramp, got locked! OMG, and guess what we waited for almost three hours..our energy got down and that we fully utilize our time by cam whoring, talking to the friendly crews, host and everyone got boring, the sound system man pump up the volume with awesome songs, with extreme lighting turns the studio into a club haha and everyone start doing moves, the whack boys were shuffling :D it was great fun! We got even closer during the free time.
check out far left were the whack chamber that is the most horrible chamber that I've been! You'll see what I mean when Whack It is on air! The set.
Us with Julie known as quickie host.
Julie and Prem was the host for Whack It, long story behind the scene where Prem put loads of prank on us! Ooohhh besides, we have officially broke Julie's jinx, cause she told me every group she support lost, but we've made it! :D woohooo!
During our free time we hang around the set
Our competitor, aka the TOI TOI TOI group ha!
This is what happen when the winner beat the loser down! Got WHACK!!! :)
Hold on tight for more!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whack It!!

Friday marks the day! I touched a FROG not only that wait till you watch the 3rd episode of Whack It brought to you by 8tv then you know what happen! I know eww and gross! It was a life time experience, all the time I was the one who work behind the scene looking at how people got prank in the studio but this time around I was the one who got prank like madness! But I enjoyed most of the time, special thanks to 8tv and Reebok for the sponsorship! I will keep updating on what happen during and after whack it! Next week will be my finals, therefore I will save up my time to be a nerd and keep updating bout Whack It as soon as possible!

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Charity we have this shoe with the Pink Ribbon print! :) Me likey, and I support Brest Cancer Community! Special thanks to Reebok!

All geared up, make up done, headset on! and we gonna start the whack it job!

Jo, Jess and Sab
The OOhhh Yeahh team (given by producer/ maybe Prem or Julie).
Mr. Crew! They are a bunch of good people!

Got whack!! Flour, orange juicccceess!, many more!
Stay tune for more updates!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

POP goes the weekend!

Weekend went by quickly, yet another one is coming soon! There were much impromptu during the weekend. I was exhausted with all the meeting up back to back but I enjoyed.As mentioned I prefer slow phase..not the sign of aging but it's just me. I'm loving my lifestyle!
18/4 @ Paddington House of Pancake

to celebrate Leonard dad's birthday! *Sorry I do not have a picture of uncle George tee-hee
19/4 @Sunday Rambo, GTPJ

The hu-ha RED TEAM!

Tzeh Xuen's birthday celebration@Delicious, OU

the jing-bang gang! 11 of us, almost rock that place down!

Sab, Tzeh Xuen and LeaYee
This might be my second time playing bowling, I'm not a fancy indoor person..FYI I gave a try with the not-so-suitable outfit for sport because the others were asking me to do so...booo!
To put a picture like this makes me look and feel proud! Look where is ball is heading? Aha got it right! (doesn't matter what that Aha you have in mind :P)

Jesus has His way of doing that shuffling! Wootts!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Someday I feel like I don't really need you, but someday I feel like I need you badly.I miss your thinking of your smile simply brighten up my day! Cause your smile has been perfect to me, I've been.....
I miss you HoneyB!
Only yours fits mine

Monday, April 19, 2010

Secret Garden

Weekend was a blast, but this post will be on Sunday evening before sunset me and L headed to OU meeting up with others for a birthday celebration. After one long week I've waited alas I manage to have time with Leonard! I thank God for always giving me patient to wait till weekend comes. I always wonder why does weekend happen to be so short ( ans:something better then nothing), nevertheless I'm still thankful!

After a long noisy-busy city life I love to spend my weekend quietly, especially just spare sometime talking to Leonard catch up with life, share things we've gone through. Marvelous! We spotted a place in OU known as the Secret Garden, I'm aware of this place but I always have this thought in mind that it would be another normal garden full of moss and eeky-wicky stuff. When we headed to rooftop ooohhh it was really a secret garden. A perfect gateway!

With the man made misty water breeze, and perfect length to adjust your vision on those pretty plan and flowers, simply brightens up my day. Mini waterfall, benches and plan that you haven't expect to be seen in our country --all in one!
I'm a happy person! ;)

The special leave that Jesus Christ has made to bloom my day!
Yes I'm a hungry person!
oohh when I saw these I was like OMG!
My bf said I'm cute :P

random thought that it looks like an ice-cream good for a sunny day! Hearts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunshine through my window

Another three weeks and I'm officially done with college life !Not counting the graduation ceremony which falls end of 2010. Many people came across my life, some meant to be your bestie, friends or some just stranger. I came across so many types of people I'm glad I met you once in a life time, and we are still friends! :D

Life is so fragile , I choose to live to the fullest. This time I'm blogging with a thankful heart, it is because I've a date with Jesus and He has once break me into pieces, remold me into a beautiful clay! I'm really thankful for almost 2 years the hard feeling in me has came to an ending.

Life is fragile, handle with prayer

I'm a happy person!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A date with Jesus!

The breeze in the air that smells like spring water, a splash of freshness. Flower greets me with a bow, sunshine hanging in my doorway. I decided to have a good date with Him! It was a simple date yet, it was full with power!

Sometimes I do ponder why people do not like to be alone, I myself can be a loner or love to be surrounded by many people. Both have two ways of indication, being alone allows me to have space for thoughts but it will be a nightmare if there is too many unnecessary thoughts. Being with a group of people of course isn't that bad, is either you choose to be the quite person or the person who spice people up. I have dilemma on these both, perhaps I'm those who can't take too much of either one. I shattered into pieces at times, not like how people states me as a happy-go-lucky person. I can be moody, mourning about all things in life and the other side being shiny bright person! Split personality?!Aha! You've got the point, I might be one. In fact, all humans have split personality this is not a sign of death don't worry. But with the choice of human we are able to choose to be either one! According to Gordon Allport we are unique!特别 To define unique:existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics ( In God's word we were well showered with this word UNIQUE! He has created us as a unique individual, hence I found out that many people do not treat them self as a unique individual. I myself do fall into that category at times.

Does this picture speaks a single word?
- expression through hands-

What so unique about being yourself, having your own thoughts,character, feelings,style, emotions, and expressions-- that makes you a unique person! Agree or not, I agree cause people state you as you because you are you! (confuse?) well well, just be you, be real is just that simple! I can be down when people do not act or shall say live like they them self. It really bother me a lot! Therefore........

I pray and seek for His wisdom words, and God has mark today as the day for our date! Strong scripture that reminds me not to forget He is the Lamb of Lord, the Lord that makes me unique and lift me up from the mud! Mold me into a stronger individual that shine as a unique person.

Cast your cares on the Lord an he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous fall.- Psalms 55:22

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Howdy, Sabrina!

First of all I would like to say howdy! this is my new blog, but as usual full of words and thoughts. Reason being for changing my blog it is because there are much limitation in wordpress,but I had hard feelings when I was about to swap using blogspot, anyhow, I manage to transfer my previous post from wordpress, not easy to transfer from WP to BP I did a lot of research to make the transfer a success! I miss those clean cut layout in wordpress and those time where I use to type so many emotions in it. It was a grateful and once again I want to say thank you to wordpress for being such a goodie to me :) Alas everything is now settle and I hope this spirit of posting thoughts will not die,I simply enjoy reading all the post. There and there I end my blogging in wordpress, and now I'm gonna use to this blog so much different, very much high tech which allows you to edit as much thing as you can. I can only say if you are a person who love blogging, wordpress is much like a e-journal which is much easier to access. Somehow, I guess it's time to upgrade!

Weekend was not as how it is, cause I was told that mommy and daddy had this impromptu to Penang, and L went to Muar for mission trip. Home alone? Nah, I had my plans with girlfriend Alicia in the morning and Chloe at night! Talking about Alicia I haven't really spend sometime with her, both busy schedule made it to have a day out for lunch and movies. I can say it's grateful to have her with me all these while, people always say that best friend can still be built even we don't meet each another that often, and yes I totally agree with that statement cause when we get together we still feel the strong bond of friendship between us that is what I called best friend. We had our girlie talk as usual and updates. I would not trade anything for my bestie! Coming along, night was a sleepover with C, as usual we pigged in my place catch a movie in bed and good night! I yearn to have more time with both them, very loving and warm, there is nothing I can express with words of our closeness!Thank you both darlings!

Berrylicous! I'm lovin' it! Alicia

Sunday came as usual but I was touched by the sharing from both service, I'm sure God is talking to me and I'm willing for a change in my life. I pray to Lord that I'm here please vacuum all the unwanted piece in my thoughts! I want to be clean and be a happy person,I want to mark each day with a smile! Today Jesus has once challenged me with His strong words, I say yes and let's do it! I'm home after service,plonked into my comfy bed for a good nap, now I'm ready to face everything with faith not by sight! Thank you Lord!Nice week ahead people!

Monday, April 5, 2010

What a girl wants!

Weekend gone with the wind, and I'm still in the midst of all the awesome fabulous moment!Nothing hunky-punky happened during the weekend, but the accompany was great. People always give me a big-shocked eye look when I say yeh, I only meet my boyfriend once or twice a week(exclude special occasion) which it happens to be on weekend only. I'm totally cool with it, but I happen to see their surprise expression.ha. I look forward for everyday(includes weekday), but during weekend I always have extras to be done. I always state myself as a superwomen on weekday doing my work, sending myself from place to place to complete stuff, and weekend comes I'm that little women who is closely cuddle by loved one :D That is what a girl want.....

Rule #1: accomplish assignments and revision before heading out for fun!

Weekend was well planned, I've been wanting to be in a bookstore hang around there for long long time! I did it on Sat! Yeh, I won't allow myself to indulge in a normal bookstore(MPH,POPULAR, BORDERS and KINOKUNIYA) for long period, but this time came on different I love this new bookstore with good deals! I will visit you bookie-store! ;) Both us, spend RM100 for 7 book! Awesome-kan! So the rule of this few months is NOT to buy any book yet till I finish it! Well I still have book on my bookshelf, but I don't mind, cause I know that I will finish reading all.

ooohhhh....I have to recommend Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, that I have already recommend in my previous post! I've finish reading during the weekend, it is a awesome+fantastic, heart aching, and heart pounding book! You will glue on once you start reading! That is how awesome it is! I was reading and tearing too! I have this cringe feeling that anything bad is going to happen to her or not, but it yourself and you will know what I mean! By the way it is true story!

April marks the last month of being a student :( I have a strong feeling I will weep like mad when I leave college, but it's okay I know I'm going to adapt to the new stage of life soon! May God be my guidance and I'm willing to follow you Lord!

Thank You for the cross, Thank you for the crucifixion!

The sacrifice will never fade from my heart, for I know you have gave a chance to live!

I Thank You Jesus!