Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Prayer Request.

Dear Sabrina what is your prayer request?

So many running in my brain, and all I have one is to pray for my cell. I was surprise how did I blurted that out, with my tear rolling down my cheeks. What happen to me, I think twice I know I've got a burden for this bunch of people they are the lil lamb that is given by God for me to take care and mend them into a person who understand the teachings in Lord's Kingdom. Hence, my prayer for them is to grow spiritually and to be like what Jesus adore. They called me leader.

Last week I was praying in the car, and for a moment I have this thought that I should spend some quality time with the kids, before school reopen. I suggested to go for a supernatural outing- Bukit Jalil park.

We had a blast running,sharing and had a few games.A potluck session with fellows, we held so much of inside jokes that make us LOL and I pray that everytime they are alone or when they are feeling sad they have a bunch to play and to talk to. A scene that I thought of, and it happened that morning. I gave thanks for the grace to bring them up, nothing is easy until it is from the Lord. I got to be honest, they create havoc in my life too but God is good.....what is your prayer dear? I got it done and I'm all pump up to do it once again :)

Nothing beats walking with a bunch of friends.