Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Headed downtown by subway, it was a no driving and parking day for us. We decided to have a little KL day not much tho, just KLCC. The main reason being to KLCC is to catch Muzika, the science of music something that caught me when i was surfing the net, it's more like jalan sambil belajar thingy.Muzika sounds interesting because the love of music in me boost my curiosity to see whats that.Therefore, I booked the ticket advance to save my time from being stuck in the ques. When I went in the first thing I can see is words words and more words explanation about certain music genre, instruments, sound effects and high techo instruments. We spend bout an hour plus looking around, trying out the instruments and reading some interesting facts about music and sound.

Me and L always have interest in all sort of cool stuff, events and new gadgets! We might be the most adventurous couple. Vday wasn't any glamorous dine-in nor good gift, as what we always say when we love each another everyday is Valentine's day. No need to squeeze in the restaurant with others, getting special gift or event buying costly roses.Not like we are not romantic, we usually spend good meals low cost and gift.Well everyday is a special gift for knowing each another are still safe and sound. Me ain't fancy bout flowers (excluding proposal?! ha), can't keep it forever might as well save up and do something better like visiting Muzika hahahaha. LMAO! Anyhooo...Vday is just another day for us :)

Lunchy-muchie time!



oh this is super interesting vacuum on the white spot on the globe, it will play the music of the particular country genre.

just being happy :)

Me enjoy playing this! COOLness!

A invisible electric guitar very interesting and funny too.

There are much more things in Muzika, but not much picture were taken. It was a great day indeed!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese RWAR year!

Food, wine and more wine!! Drown me down like a mad kid, no I'm not a drunker I don't get drunk weird-weirdo! This year around I'm still excited about CNY, recalling back when I was young I would have woke up bout 7 wake everyone up and get myself groom. The more I grow up the more I don't do-it anymore I guess that is because the more we grown up the more we do not express our self much, therefore CNY is the best time to sleep as much as you can go to bed at wee hours end up being sick ewww... I know that's horrible but thank God at least I enjoyed my 4 days of CNY with my family and some of my friends, more to come! I've got plans from the first to the 7th day, but I fall sick plans have to postpone or cancel :(  I'm sorry to those that I can't make it for the meet up.

Anyhow, I have some picture sharing here.

first day of CNY I'm glad everyone were back, not counting those who are overseas or some were even married, which make me feel that hmmph where is everyone I hope everything could have just stop and let the happy moments keep going.

all the ladies in the house!

2nd day of CNY-

the 3 grown up girls. We play, we tear, we smile!

my primary and secondary friends happy to catch them on the 3rd day of CNY!

night catch up with my cousins headed to Kapar, which is my cousin's cousin's place. I know you would wonder how the effin' far I  know the extended family(Tee family). Let me have a sum of the story, usually during CNY mine and elaine's parents will be overseas to the Europe or China left us behind with 4th aunt(aka Xin Ying's mom) it's a real long sleepover indeed for almost a week, so we would have tag along wherever aunt brings us to. That is how I manage to have know the extended cousins. And we were back after 10 years...all grown up. The Tee family owns huge land ,houses were close to each another by walking distance we manage to reach another aunt's place. The house behind us is the place where we use to play in, now it is sort of abandon and they've built another one just next to this one.

We went to Kapar, then to Kuala Selangor for Fire Flies! It was a good day for us!

4th of CNY, headed to aunt Jaclyn's our last aunt (ber kor). Food and wine all day long!

last but not least wishing you guys a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2010 woohoo! Celebrate with joy!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Bah!! I'm such a zombie this few days, feeling all around the place I guess is the pre- CNY thingy. Excited bout CNY but there are tonnes of things to complete before I have the long hols, nay not long I shall say that one week hols. Quiz ended and I started my whole baking thing, really tiring and exhausted after the whole baking, and washing. I enjoy the baking time indeed, it's just about my body can't take it my eye say good night. ggaaaahhhh! Don't like! I'm not a sleeping person, I don't really like sleeping I need to wake up after my 7 or 8 hour of rest. That is more then enough, yet recently I feel so tire no matter how much I sleep and rest. That's bothering me much.

Rewind a lil' daddy's big day on Wednesday, us the family went for a dinner typical china man wants to have typical Chinese food. So we ended up in some Chinese restaurant, but the food is delicious! That night we have lou sang! my all time favorite dish!

ahh...I've made a super size pineapple tart for daddy :) This is my family!

*check out my Melvin so mean!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Floral Fabulous!

Oh yeah!Weekend ended nicely full of awesome meet ups. I'm definitely a CNY person love those meeting up time with my friends and of course my dearest relatives! I'm real looking forward till the day comes, before hand I have quizzes then hip-hip-horray to CNY. Nonetheless, I have not start with my cookie baking but once my quiz ends tomorrow I will kick start my baking and I'm going to start pigging around for foods!

Let's get back to my weekend a lunch was conducted among dancers. It was a simple yet nice catching up with them. Let the picture do the talking...

Gardens @ The Curve

Dajie the poser!

Daniel the Mocha!

Jacklyn the loud one!

Erjie the girlie!

Alicia the Korean!

Foodiee time!

English breakfast with Sab?

The day ended with love. ♥

I got a little pressie from Jia Jia, a cute Crispy that have the illustration of a cute dino!

I love interior design! I was once inspired to be a interior designer, but my dream did not achieved, doesn't matter me at all because my mom and dad always trust my taste, ability and choice making. Form wall paint, tiles, setting, furnishing to deco I have the priority to move and choose as I wish! I'm a homey person, I love spending time at home, that is why it is important to furnish it to make it as comfortable as possible of course to let my family to feel home-sweet-home by stepping in.

Every special season I will decorate my house, let the people in the house feel the joyous of each season. This time around CNY I figure out a way to decorate my house with my all time favorite FLOWER, using craft tissue papers to handmade a paper flower ! I heart Flower, laces and ribbons! I store them whenever I'm in the mall. woot!*

I decided to decorate my room too! I've a mid size round lantern ceiling hanging lamp it was there for quit sometime, the pure color faded into a classic color therefore I DIY it abit here and there. Knowing Sab, most of the thing in my room I will modify it into a better and unique one. Only if you happen to come to my room then you'll know it!  Partial of my room's furniture are white, to make it look more out standing I need to take the effort to make it.

I paste the handmade flower on my simple lamp, it look perfect on it!

a little touch up with white pearl.

*Tada! This is my personal Simpla Floral lamp! One touch makes a different!

My room is fill with a little CNY feel, and I'm all geared up to have a blast!

Friday, February 5, 2010


A worth watching movie Fame touches on the art and performance ground. In this movie it covers, singing, drama, composer and instruments (piano,cello, violin, and bands) of course there are drama-rama here and there, but minus those part it overall speaks bout art and performance.It shows that, how a bunch of people from different background, culture, and races come together to achieve the goal they opt to have. There were parents who support them yet there are parents who do not, besides that there are student that went audition without the acknowledge from their family knowing they would have just give a unpleasant look and comment.This show how passionate they are, by fighting to strike their dreams!

After watching it reminds me of my ambition since I was young is to be a ballerina or a ballet teacher. If you ask me if there is another chance to choose I would say still a Ballerina. Since young I was brought to ballet and piano classes I can only say I love Ballet more then anything! The interest of dancing drives me into passion, I still thank God that I'm serving as a dancer in church. Although it is only the mixture of contempt and ballet I'm satisfied, nevertheless, if I have the chance to get back on that wooden floor, with the hands bar, enormous space and the big frame mirror I will give my best to the max! It would be awesome!  I'm still thankful for once stepping into the ballet room and being a fifth grader it's been a blessing too, am looking positive at it.

Looking back at myself, I did told my mom I want to invade my life in ballet but she strongly disagree with it. But when I learn to obey there is another door waiting for me to open, of course to unleash the inner me now I'm satisfy with what I'm doing. As I mention IF only I have another chance, I would take up ballet course! The passion of art and music has been playing a huge role in my life. I love dancing if there is nothing call music it wouldn't be perfect.  In the other hand,learning piano is what I hate most when I was young, but slowly I'm climbing up I always believe there is a reason behind everything!

Coming to an end, it still talks about how bad you want it. Another lesson to add in the chapter in my life, if you love it never stop!start trying show the world you can do it! Hold on your dreams!

Dance as thought no one is watching you,

Love as though you have never been hurt before,

Sing as though no one can hear you,

Live as though heaven is on earth. - Souza

-Give me time, and I'll make you forget the rest!-

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Like.

I brush my hair, polish my nails and I love myself...living like a LADY- Sabrina.C