Thursday, October 22, 2009

I miss you!

This song is specially dedicated to Leonard! And all the best for you thesis presentation and documentation!Although it's hard, and tough but I know you can do it. May God bless every step you take, may you surrounded by angles! *hugs

*Vocalist: Sonia and Janice, 23. Yes they are twins obviously, they are Koreans but born and brought up in OZ,Sydney. Awesome voice they have, subscribe and support them in Youtube! The twin sing really nice P&W songs too!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Romance was born.

The 3rd time we are celebrating it together, it was awesomely planned. I was excited and looking forward, and yeap 7th Oct 2009 is the day!!


the day started with a little surprise it was SWEET!


she loves




me preparing my LOMO, fisheye!!


Look Out point, nice view of KL.


dinner time!


yummylicious mushroom cream soup




his dragon fruit, her sparkling champagne grape


you make me smile


we just wanna have fun!! ;)




Since the day I know I would spend my life with, it was the day I know I will be the luckiest women in the world. Thanks for giving patient and love in this relationship, if it wasn't God's grace I would not meet you half way. It is a memorable day with you. This relationship makes me grown up to be a mature, loving, patient,and kind person, thanks for always giving me a hand when I need, a shoulder to lean on with I'm tire, the talk with when I need someone to talk to! I'm bless to have you as my partner in life, a very patient, responsible, smart, kind, understanding and romantic person. Nothing will fail me when you are around, I yearn to look forward to walk this narrow, rocky path with you! Thanks for all the prayer ! I love you not for now but forever!

Specially dedicate to you:

When the dark has come, God put a moon to make it bright,

I reminded God to put a smiley face ,to cheer you up.

I've ask Jesus to put tiny twinkle star as angles to protect you!

I love you

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Candles Burning.

Energy blowing out like mad this October, but it's okay I feel satisfy with things that I've done and things that I opt to do! It's been a nice beginning of October, I spent my Mooncake Festive the day before with the celebration of Kai Kai full moon. FYI Kai Kai is Leonard's new born nephew, adorable looking!! During the afternoon, a catch up lunch with Jessie thank God for having this sister in Christ we spent bout 3 hours noon stop talking about A-Z, and the encouragement she gave me, I appreciate much! Thank you Jessie! Hoop back to baby Kai Kai...


hand made card and words to Kai Kai Known as Jayden! :)


little baby pillow..


Mitten, I personally loveee it !


Leng ma, Michelle


the star of the night ,Jayden


his first nephew


happy family!


This is the heart shape me and Lea Yee made.


the "J" was lite by me for Kai Kai


This is the production of my 2nd assignment, to be cont...GO GREEN!

More to come! Nice day peep!