Monday, August 31, 2009

Feather Pillow.

Oh yeh, after 3 nights sleeping on the marble floor I'm back to my bed, but thoughts are still there I miss 3 meals with friends, serving as keyboardist, being crazy with pianist and having extreme moment during games, pillow-talk and every single moment I have during Glamorous camp! It was awesome blossom!! I miss all, I miss all new friends that I know during this few days.

This camp make an impact to the committee and the campers, it was very challenging indeed from the games to the sermon/or sharing. I was touched by every service, although it was very tiring but I think it is all worthwhile. I do not know where to start my glamorous day, but I will skip here and there. In this camp, there is 2 class that I've attend, marvelous mosaic and canvas drawing both I adore much. I love all the masterpiece that I've done, and from the art work it speaks all from my feeling and thoughts.


from this you can see 2 things, solve it yourself ;)

28082009244very hardworking sab!

While doing all the art work I wasn't thinking much I grab what I have and do what I can. Same thing applies to the camp, I do not know some of the new comers, but I put time and effort to talk and have time with them I try my best to approach them as much as I can,I'm glad that I've spread gospel to the needy ones! I was bless to be one of the campers, to blend with them isn't an easy work but I pray for wisdom to help and talk to them. Therefore, my hard work which I score myself 5 out of 5 ! I know there is so many youth that needs Jesus, but they are afraid to express them self all they need is guidance and attention from leaders and seniors. I'm glad that I manage to spend time with newcomers, and gain good friendship with them.

3rd day was canvas drawing...


"evening in Greece"-by Sabrina.C


"starry-starry night"-Vicent Van Gogh

masterpiece of the day! It's an inspiration from Vicent Van Gogh, "Vincent"- the song goes like starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey.... Yes yes thats the song :) the story behind this man very sad and he ended his life with this masterpiece, "starry-starry night". The topic for the day is to change starry night into beautiful day with brighter color and a church. I wasn't into sweety-candy color because I love evening, and from this picture it talks much about my dream place- Greece. This is an evening picture, with the color tone I choose I love it! Ms Janiz judge this picture thinking that I'm so romantic, and yes I'm one ;) Jesus is so amazing, He gave us color and I'm glad I'm the artist of my life to decide what to be colored on this plain white canvas. Life is on our own choice to make it better or worsen is on our finger tips. Van Gogh's art work are all dim and sad because He wasn't happy with his life, and he ended his life with starry night art.Your life is judge by the way you live it!

This camp we get to see talented people because there is different class, Hip-Hop, Marvelous Mosaic-JanizChan,canvas drawing, photography-David, public speaking-Jeff Chin, vocal-Carmen, song composing, first aid-Daniel, drama-Happy, make-up-Adeline,hair-by Miko.I'm not sure if I miss listed any class, on the 3rd night there are performance and slide show of their work, for the drawing class we exhibit our art work.


During this camp there were games, thanks to game master-Leonard good job, and team! The game was called Prison Break, it was break into 3 days to complete this game makes your heart-beat goes crazy. From this game there are much lesson to be learn, very individualistic, but when it comes to the end team have to be form to break out from the prison, everything in the game was exactly like in prison. In the mid of the game there is tiny little things happened, which I think it's kinda hard to explain using words. The main point is I'm the 2nd group to break the prison among 6 group! I've learn much from this game, and in the mid I get to know more friends too.

3 night was blast with extremely good performance, and personality. First night was a4J, song dedication that is wrote by Carmen Wong, a4j band, and dancers it was awesome everyone enjoyed with the all the music and performance presented. Second night, we proudly present Hagen Tan one of the song composer from Singapore crowd was crazy, Hagen wrote uncountable songs for different artist among Asia, Jolin Tsai and many more. From his testimonial sharing I see how God works in different peoples life, and he did shine for Jesus! 3rd night was flooded with people, because Danny One and Jeff Chin from one fm was on stage, they shared their testimony too both have different gifted talent that they give praise to mighty Lord! 3 night ended nicely.

During the day, we have games and sharing thanks to Carmen and Caleb for all the sharing. It reminds me a lot about life, and I was refreshed by all the sermons because I know all the words that they have shared it's from God especially one of the sharing I have in mind the most, about LOVE. Who gave us to love? Jesus gave us love, patient to help the needy ones, and to help this generations youth they need love not only from bf or gf but form Jesus and the most important message I got was we have to love our parents love them even they hurt us a thousand times, we have to forgive that is the real love, and that will only lead us to love others too. Love is so important nobody hate to have love and caring from others, therefore it was a big homework for me to learn. The bible says love your enemy like you love yourself, it's not easy but I took the challenge!










Thanks to Mei Mei, for the pillow-talk, Joyce for the "siao" and encouraging moments, Carmen/Felicia/Xue Wen(My new gang in camp) for all the nice sharing moments, SS2 cellies, committee for making this camp wonderful!, Carmen and Caleb, Wai Loon for the "siao" moments, niu, jynne, leong,nicholas, Ben, Justin, Peter, David,Daniel Yap and Tan & Leonard ;).......many many more! THANK YOU SO MUCH! mostly is JESUS! thanks for blessing this camp!



Friday, August 21, 2009

listen to me...

I went to both my cousin sister graduation recital, Xin Ying was few months back and yesterday was Elaine's both my cousin are from music school. I'm the only one who did not continue with my grade, I guess this plays important role of being patient. I do not spend much time practicing when I have my piano lesson, that is why I'm stuck at grade 5. During piano lesson, I do not like theory lesson whenever my teacher is here I have the only words to say is "can we not have theory class today?" and the answer will be "NO!" Therefore I can't continue my piano class, and I guess my piano is collecting dust now, but I'm not that bad I still spend sometime practicing piano for jamming.

Anyhow, I'm glad at least once in my life time I manage to learn piano;) I thought I wouldn't make it on time to Elaine's graduation because I wanted to attend practice for youth camp p&w then I decided to give up making plans to the graduation but I feel bad for not being there to support my cousin sister. And after a call from Ying saying it is going to be at 5 to 6 ahhh...that is how God works, both important task can be done!Woohoo!

Dear Elaine,

Well done, good job on your recital!The time and effort you put in shows that you've work hard for it, now it;s the right time to get rest and take a break! Remember do not look back but move forward without any hesitation yeh.Love ya ;)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Romance.

Two days, one night at Cameron Highland with parent, Ben and Leonard ;) It was a nice relaxing trip, much time was spend with loved one. I'm glad that we manage to make it there on time for "BOH" plantation, that's the place I will never mind being there again and again!Picture-story...





nice people,nice trip perfecto!!

check out facebook for more pictures!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I was holding your hand, and asking how long we've been together...this is the 3rd year.I feel so bless, and God is still blessing the relationship I'm very very bless! I'm glad we are still changing and coming to a mature stage, more to come. I'm thankful to know you once in my life time. God has push us into different stage and path, I'm really bless for having you in life.

I was listening to the song "Hati Hamba" preparing for tonight's jamming for youth camp, this song speaks out deep down from my heart. A humble heart, bow down and worship you my Lord is my grace. This few days I was busy, yet my mind have a lot of thinking about life, about friendship, everything it flashes through. I did not forgot the time I first stand on stage to serve you as pianist, keyboardist, and dancer I'm glad I have what God wants a heart that is willing to follow. I did not know I could be like this one day serving Him. A prayer life has changed in my life, I learn to pray and understand God's heart.

My friendship that I saw changes, yet it is moving very slow thinking back the time we were spending most of the time together talking, the changes that I need to make is through prayer to bless my friend but not to tear.

Too much that I can't remember.....

I'm willing to help those people who are weak, I'm willing to give what I have to those in need because I have all the blessing and I want to share with you...Jesus loves you!I saw broken heart that needs comfort not from me but Christ...

I see the king of glory
Coming on the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes
The whole earth shakes

I see his love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing
The people sing

Hosanna in the highest [x2]

I see a generation
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith
With selfless faith

I see a near revival
Stirring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees
We're on our knees

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours
Everything I am for your kingdoms cause
As I go from nothing to

Hosanna in the highest


Monday, August 10, 2009


Throw and hit, table tennis!yes today Mr.Justin being kind to teach me. When I was trying to hit the ping-pong ball the first thing came in mind how can I coordinate my right and left hand? Because the starting part I''ll need to use a super technique way to start, then this thought came just in time I'm a pianist I can do it!I did try a few times but I failed, and J and Grace are so patient they both allowed me to try and error ;) Alas!!I made it, I manage to do a good striking, another sport is included to my sports dictionary!Once again thanks to both Grace and Justin!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Angel kissed me last night!

I was bless to have a great day with my love one yesterday :) Since don't know when I have not been out with him, it was awesome spending time talking about life.Enjoyed.



I wonder why life can be so fragile in times, there are so many things that hit me once, twice, and many many times but I manage to stand strong and be bold. I can be surprise if I manage to go through, I've met this problem many many times but I've come this far where I feel that it is not a matter anymore, but the method I've make it through. I have faith in all the things I do!YES, I can!Tear drops at night for girls or boys isn't anything big, who don't cry? That is the best way to overcome in a speedy way wash swoooossssshhh and it'll be away, and good morning!

Recently, I spend time thinking much about life and what in future I want and wish to have. I know there is long long journey,hence I'm looking forward cause God is walking with me. Today someone say I look sad, yes I do look sad because of he things that I need to handle, it's not easy I hope I could just fast forward my day.

After my internship I'll need to work on my report, thats the tiring part and I shall say the part where I have to flash back all the lil tiny-bitsy-jitzy thing that happened. Lazy. I just want to have fun, and have a nice holiday then I'm satisfy. I know I shall stop dreaming, haha okay I got to get back to my work and prepare for another 2 weeks of holiday before I get back to college...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Once in your life time.

I'm still not use to being at home, I still miss reading newspaper and most of all I still can't get rid of the "hello, ntv7!" I do that whenever home phone rings. This morning this e-mail makes me feel so touch and overwhelm. Thank abundantly to Rachel Huan! Sweet~Besides this she burn me to piece of Classical songs.Thank you so much once again!!!

To Sabrina Ch'ng

see how can I not miss all those lovely moments?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

give thanks in all circumstances!

At last my weekend ended with full of happiness! I was so unhappy on Friday cause I'm leaving 7!It was a glimpse where my internship has come to an end,I was kinda moody that day, on Thursday there is an official farewell for me and Sam:) went to pick 'n' brew with PR team, first of all I would like to say thanks to everyone giving me such a memorable one! I really thought I would cry,because it was too much happy things happen during my internship. During the lunch, we speak about out funny incident, besides that there is a "how do you feel ?" session. I'm glad all the feedback I got it was very encouraging! I feel so thankful to have you guys,I know you all will miss my laughter, noise, and the talkative me :)


(R to L): Rui Gi,Lynett,Rowena,Sam,Mayannie,Sab,Rachel and Anis

Anis is my supervisor, the coolest supervisor and yes you've seen her on TV news presenter a very lovely mom! I looveess her! We use to talk alot in office :) I'm so bless to have such great people in my life!

2nd farewell for me...


Sushi ZanMai,OU...


this is what makes the PR team go ga-ga :)


Lynett :)

DSC00077DSC00076DSC00081DSC00083DSC00085DSC00086Thanks to Sam, Rui Gi, Rachel, Hani, Charmine,Adeline, Lynett and Saudy for the lunch!!

I LOVE ntv7!