Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life like an journalist.

I know I haven't been blogging recently,especially end of this month I'm busy with loads of work and pop-up exams,assignment. Well it's not coming to an end yet I'm still pilling up all the workloads although I'm having break now but still a lot to do.I will try to enjoy to the max ;) Let's see a bit of highlights through the end of September. I love Fridays, always looking forward to photography class of course the excitement of weekend in me too!

This time our field trip KL, Orchid park!

This field trip,to learn macro I did not know my camera can be so canggih with the macro function!

Mr Francis said I have the talent of taking landscape pictures.I found another talent in me.

Another mission to be accomplish, surprise the Dot while she's having hers lonely lunch at Mc.D

Happy 20th Birthday Dot!


This picture courtesy of Leonard when we were in Malacca when Dai Kor is sleeping after talking whole night long.

David's birthday on 24th Sept same goes to Jerry (Dai Kor)

have a blessed birthday ahead!May God bless you!

Last but not least Ivy is back for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When it come and go....

I haven been blogging for few days cause too many thing happen over the weekend I will blog about my field trip when I'm free(: Busy with Facebook I'm so NOT good at it.Really bad,but improving!Haha. Anyways,Saturday was totally different from other Saturday reason my love one went to mission trip,so I'm lonely.Nevertheless, something happy happen dad got a puppy back,gave from one of dad's friend.I name him Boston.I could say this is the most intelligent puppy I ever had,really smart!I love it,from the first day Boston can stay,give me hand and sit.Everyone have the same question what is the breed,is a stray dog breed.But still looks very cute.Mom have to send Boston away today,for some reason I hope he'll get a good owner!I will miss you Boston!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Made in Heaven.

I made in Heaven too good to know when I'm a good brand where Jesus has made me and loves me so much.After the whole argument me and my best friend I think I shall reveal hers name Lea Yee. I had a hard time with her, we were so called TWINS unfortunately something happen between us it was bad like what you can see in my previous post.Really I gave up this friendship and I don like her I shall say I hate her!Things happen. I plan to start all over again without her in my life.

Last Saturday, Disciple class Caleb our Mentor he gave a short sharing,most of the time we were worshiping I feel that God's presence so strong and I know something is going to happen.I can't stand anymore I just want to kneel down and tell got how much I can't take it,I'm so sad that I push my highest prayer to God tell Him how do I feel deep inside me.After that I know I have to stop hating anyone,but to love them because life's to short to hate anyone. I know one day God wants to use us, we shall not leave any of satan's footstep to harm our relationship, we have the same burden to serve the young people. I really thank God that noon I've release in God's presence I believe is a new starting of life the hug and whisper in my ears of sorry make me cry even harder.Like what L has told me we need to meet someone that makes you discourage ,when you fall down and stand up again the power is stronger because we've learn something out of the box.That's true, in the mean time of hating her I've learn so many things,I fall down so many times without anyone help I try to stand up myself.Values that I can't buy with money.Thank YOU Jesus,L and people around me you know who you are:)

Where is this?

went for lunch,after that headed to OU for shopping.

I'm tire,but the talk at night was great thanks for being with me:)Love you to the max!

Anyhow.....lets shout out to Dot's birthday my SCB,I've made her a card this time.

Happy birthday Dot!

hope you'll love the lil'present I gave you.Muah*

Jesus loves you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid Autumn Celebration.

Looking for Lantern last Wednesday night,I needed a Lantern because am going to celebrate with my cellies!(combined cell SS2 & USJ) This year,I wanted to play Tang Lung aka Lantern badly but sadly I don't have kawan but I still have my church members. The celebration and feeling of MA lost,and I miss the time I have with my cousin.Really fun. People say when you get older you will miss your childhood time ,thats true! I miss the noisiness of people talking and yelling at each another.Looking back at those sweet time,I think I will never have it again. Anyhow,let's see what happen this year....

Friday with my cellies...

the moon on Friday night.

I've officially named my lantern


Preparing for the Tang Lung walk.

When big fish meet small fish.

Arrived, Taman Paramount.



Time to light up the garden!

Check out this lantern handmade!haha~CUTE!

my cute cell members....



Saturday...."Yue Lai Yue Young!" youth service!

Game session.

The youngster in action!

See the older no action!

I got this special one from L double balloon I wasn't in the game too EXTREME for me ;)

See the ganas people.


Carmen shared her experience of life + performance.

there is a session where they did a short drama. The story of "Chang Er and Hou Yi".Really funny!

the middle person in this picture, she is the FAT Change Er .I hope that I could download the video here and you'll know how crazy these youth can be!They really shine for Jesus!

Saturday I went swimming with L it was wonderful with the chat,soaking in the swimming pool for 2 hours.Bad for my skin.But I think is worthwhile get to chat with L every single lil tiny bitsy things in life.Besides that I haven't finish with my Mid Autumn celebration Sunday I went to his house for dinner and of course play tang lung,when we are ready to light up our tang lung it started to pour.Nevertheless, I have a great day when I'm with someone I love :)

Tang Lung.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Before you wonder what's wrong with the Moooo...La...Moo.I would like to share this personal experience here.

I always don't mind people fat,slim,good/bad looking,tall or short it does not make an impact to me.Sometimes we are just too blind folded!Yesterday class break me,[.] and YM planned to go for a "tea break" at Summit,Soya Shop!I want to clearly state the name here,MAKE sure not other victim. We were ordering as usual and this guy took our oder,beside him there is a so called "helper" doing the oder meaning cooking the Soya Ball. Then suddenly she ask is it 2 chocolate and 2 Lotus.I say erm..nope just now we ordered 2chocolate and 2 coconut.Then she frown, add up with that stup*d look AND she said "Next time order already,CANNOT change!"in a bad manner + tone.I SHOOT her back,"is the guy got the wrong message!" then she keep quite but with an irritating look!Costumers is always number One,how dare she be so rude.Really horrible!

Then this morning,something happened(too long to to interpret the story).About my Smart Tag.The Tol person ask me to go office and she will explain.I'm in a hurry and I'm late!I was bit frustrated,no matter how frustrated when there is a SMILE that welcomes you everything is alright.This Malay girl,speak really kind and she told me what happen.Although I'm late,but I don't mind speaking to someone POLITE! See the differences that you'll make when you put a smile on your face?So let's learn to put a SMILE on our face no matter how and what.


I love making cards and lil'things for people,of course not all the time cause I need Inspiration! Last time I've made alot for my friends,but I did not took any picture of it.I hope I'll have the chance to get it back, snap a picture of it,than I'll be happy!
[For those who got my handmade card or present you're lucky!haha]

After all the drama.Let's come and see what happen last night ;)

Today 12/9/08 is Alicia's birthday.. last night I made her this Moooo...La...Moo.

Process of making...

Everyone wonder where did I get the paper,it's handmade kay?I drew and colored it.

Hope she'll love it.....

Happy Birthday Alicia


Niu Niu Tan!