Monday, March 31, 2008

Did you forget who is Jesus?

Seeing people come and go,but I'm really sad to see those who I really love ,leaved Jesus.And I hope You still remember who is Jesus...I will keep You in my prayer and I know one day miracle will happen!Don't give up and keep burning for Jesus because we are All for Jesus! Stand before His throne and He shall forgive You,because He loves you like nobody.Don't seek for short period happiness,because I'm sure You know His love and happiness is life span!Worship Him and Pray like how You teach me=)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barbie Weekend.

In the mood having a pink-ish Barbie pink nail polish =) Hope it suits me, for my lovely Leonard Tan says that I look so teenager...whatever.I'm STILL one. ;)


:to yue:

Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoice with the truth.It always protect,always trusts,always hopes, always preserves.

1Corinthians 13:4-7

P/s to Yue: You are strong and I know that you've come so far with faith,I believe you can handle it.No matter how many tears and how many sleepless night I still believe you've did your BEST that I would say I'm PROUD of you dear:)*hugs*

Wednesday, March 26, 2008



还会暗中流泪, 软弱有谁体会

纵使期待已久 所盼的未成就

但我依然相信, 神的恩典够我用

我还未出现以前, 祢已成就一切

十架上流的宝血, 使我罪得赦免

复活得大能, 在我生命中


我全然相信祢是 我惟一的救主

我可以每分每秒, 经历祢的奇妙

复活得大能, 是如此真实

感谢主耶稣, 我永活的救主

song written by:Carmen.

just for Esther day!

Chapter 7: Social Phobia.

Phew,after a hard time criticizing the research paper for my assignment and presentation.At last it still come to the end of it, three more assignment to go.How can I not say I need a BREAK!Presentation wasn't that bad, least I've become much more brave because this time I'm not shivering.I pray so hard that I want to do good in this presentation.Thank God my lecturer gave me a good comment=) In this assignment we were ask to say why do we choose this topic,in many sense I'm not sure why,deeply in my heart I want to know why some people just fear to stand right in front of you engage in a conversation.So I hope to know more,and try to understand WHY!


Recently I have this popping out my mind thinking of that SOMEONE,I really don't understand why some people will just talk talk and crap with their SMS saying how good and how nice things were meant to be.But when I get to met this SOMEONE,seems like the SMS are from some other people.Meaning:Can be unknown.I feel sad every time get to bump into this SOMEONE,I rather don't.wonder wonder..... I still leave this to God and let Him be the judge in between us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Once again, I've learn how to stay quite and walk with you through all these hard time...


Micheal Bluble

Sunday, March 16, 2008

14 March 2008

It's my birthday...

Yeah, when the clock strike to 12am my babe is already in front of my house!And, I got my first birthday wish and present!

of course, my love one understand me HE knows I love this "toy"

My LOMO! thank you so much! 

Early morning dress up like an ranger,gear up to Zoo before that I had class...

This is from Joy and Foo Joe... 

Of course My Yue gave me....this sushi I had this in Zoo!lovely!

Zoo Negara here I come!Birthday girl FREE entrence!

This is Tapir

....check out the word SHY CREATURE!

Check this out how shy it is,and is the only one!sad case.

So well, this couple had an funny zoo trip,

we saw all kind of funny things.

TIGER went wild.

Flamingo went PINK!!!(SPOT it yourself)

Otter...if not mistaken the name of it.

Bear....Honey bear???not sure.


I hate this the most!Babi hutan. Super smelly and dirty.

Lomo time!Will develop it asap so will share in my blog=)

BIG fish.


thanks for making my day wonderful =)

Phew after long waited I had my cake.thanks Lea Yee!

after dinner we had supper. This is what we had for a birthday girl when u use up to rm30 then will have this big TEA!

Machi (shuChin),Me, and Lea Yee!

Ben, me and Jerry.


My Presents for my 20th birthday!

 Lastly I would like to say thanks to all of you that wishes me=)

Really glad to have all the blessing and wishes!thank you abundantly! I'm very happy to have all the wishes!

Thanks for all the present and surprise!

*thanks baby,thanks for all the surprise and time you have plan for me and I really had a great day with you although it was tire but you made my DAY!Glad to have you around and I thank God for having all my lovely family and friend with me!Thank You I appreciate all!* 



Friday, March 14, 2008

Before My Birthday!

feeling the happiness in me before my birthday=)

so yea,today I went to New Jusco with mom,had lunch at Lavender it was a great first birthday meal!


oh well I had a few birthday present before my birthday!

My lovely Roxy it! Thanks babe.

*Viola* this is what mom gave me for my 20th birthday,I'm really glad to have this cause I wanted one since hmmm...Dec'07=)

thank you mom,thank for giving me what I want and thanks for bringing me to this world and gave me tonnes of happiness,and thanks for being with me.I'm so sorry if I ever did anything that makes you sad.I promise to learn for my mistake and never repeat it again.Once again, thank You Jesus for giving such a wonderful mommy!I will appreciate everything from my bottom of my heart.

Words may Hurt,Sorry May Heal!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baking Day!

Today is my friend birthday so I've plan to make her a cake=) so yea...walnut chocolate cake.sounds great does it taste great? so lets see what happen...

Early morning, went to get these ingredients.....


so well my cake turn out to burst,doesn't look nice.So I take it out from the baking tin...and....

did another one,muffin well this taste better =)

So well, this is the day of "TRY AND ERROR"

thanks mom for helping, and of course trying my cake=)

Happy birthday Tsze Qing!  

Good or bad News?

Well,this year birthday..I have nothing to say about it.But I wanna say thanks to Da jie, Er Jie, and xiao ming for organizing the Zoo outing=) it's really wonderful to have you guys bubbling around church.

I'm so sorry for you all,because of my studies I have to meet someone for an interview.Having a class in the morning is bad enough,add on with this interview I have nothing to say."Don't sad la!" that's what people start telling me.I have nothing to say but to say thanks abundantly i HAVE you all this lil fellow friend to cheer up my day.thanks!!!

I thought this year would be a better one for my 20th birthday,furthermore...I'm seriously looking forward for the Zoo trip to spend time with my love one=) But I know if I put my importance as the priority God will bless me DOUBLE, TRIPLE or maybe life spends blessing? We never know until things happen...I thank God for giving me 20 years of blessing!

*on my iTune*

Tear drops on my guitar-Taylor Swift

Lost Taipei- Joanna Wang

Cuppies Day!

Thanks to Cheryl for baking all these cupcakes for  our LEO club , event of Charity Carnival Bazaar!

Power of Rose. Flower Love. Party Cuppies. Breakfast at Tiffany. Sunny Days