Monday, June 29, 2009


Ooohh....weekend was crazy, the "fever" officially started on Friday night!yLoon and Joyce's wedding, I really can't imagine if I were the bride.I was busy helping throughout the wedding, it was a nice wedding full of laughter and love is in the air!
After 2 and a half day, Sab officially faint,I thought I would not make it this time, I have problem breathing and I can't feel my body that I need L to massage my whole body, it was as if I'm going to die. I was crying in pain in the car, which I can't control the numb that is coming all the way up to my head,L slap and pinch my face I barely feel it,I can't walk and I need L to carry me too.It was bad really bad, and I cried so loud...Until I know I'm really OVER tire. I will never let this happen again,a lesson to learn I never allow myself to be over tire!
Looking back Saturday and Sunday it was awesome and I'm really glad that every went smooth and I really pray that WL and Joyce will forever dwell in the love that God has showered on them!

Pictures will be update when I compile from others.


I love you,thank you for holding me;)xoxo

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Walk with faith that is what Jesus told Moses, yes I'm now applying it into my life which I truely believe it is real that sometimes I have to do things with faith not to complain but to walk and observe. I've been working for almost 2 week, everything is going well now I'm not sure the following week will be good or bad but I walk with faith. People here are nice and friendly,people come and go but I'm bless that the path I'm walking now it's really all the blessing that God has prepared for me.

Saturday I went out for dinner with Alicia, after so long thank God we manage to speak out our life and I really see that each of us has gorwn up more like Christ!I love the way she is.

Special dedication to Alicia....

Alicia thank you for being with me,thanks for comforting me in many ways. Thank you for excepting me as who am I. I will look forward to have more nice time with you. Always remember how God has choosen you, never give yourself a single chance to say No I don't have the burden for this and for that. You can do it babe! hugssss....

Sunday, time out with family.On this special day--- Father's day, I have 2 person in life which I'm proud to say Jesus and my daddy. I LOVE YOU! Went Jogoya for lunch with my family and extended abit L and Grace, adding on with my cousin brother who tag along;)


This picture make all of us laugh...


All the people I love!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Days in 7!

I've been so busy recently life in ntv7 so far so good;) I've been to a few events pictures are in FB but because I'm too tire after work that's why I don't bother updating my blog.

People in 7 is nice, there are just a bunch of funny and happy people!

A few picture to update my life.

Raya Screening...


she came up to me,chit chat and then only I know she's Hunny Madu from Fly and Quickie





my friend in ntv7 she's another intern from TARC

Welcome Home my love Roadshow...


First event in JB then Malacca...

One Hotel....


lunch with boss;) happy 7 day!

I hope I could have more time to update more,but if you have FB then check out from there.I'm enjoying my life!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2nd day in office....

I've been working here two days and I have nothing to do after lunch all I'm doing is FB-ing or/ msn-ing and now blogging. Monday and Tuesday is a formal day so I have to wear heels, and smart me wore my new pumps on Monday and it's killing me now my leg full of blisters. Thank God I have OU next here, and I went for...


Flip Flops from Jusco and caost only RM 2.90;)


today got my pass...which took me so me such a long way to get it cause Media Prima is too big and I'm LOST!


this is from Marvyn(hope is the correct spelling) Transformer!!!sponsor by LG

Friday, June 5, 2009

For the first time.

At last the first time in my life I've taste the goodness of "Lok Lok" it's similar to steamboat but the difference is you get to stand/or sit right beside the highway or street for food! It's a nice experience I will wish to be there again, love the yummy food. Mom don't allow me to eat all these while because she claim that it's really dirty with all the dust sticked on the food.

L suggest to bring me for my first time;)


the varieties Sab0117

BBQ or frySab0118

Leonard's favor!Sab0119



Got my results and I'm really glad it's good;)

Only TIRE,people change the world!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Nah you got me wrong,I'm in the mood of movie marathon. :)
This is a must watch movie!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I support Ryan!

Astro Star Quest!!! See my title and you know whom I'm supporting Foo Joe my college gang!

aka sabrina


the loud ones! as usual;)


I miss this girl here!


L to R:Yue, Sab and Phaik Chia



R to L: banana only with skin(Nick), half banana(Yue) and Sab(translator of the night)

Foo Joe please win this battle because we'll support and make your dream come true! Even the banana's came to support you! All the best!

Monday, June 1, 2009

A thankful heart.

Friday was my last day with my students...I'm so bless to have them with me for one month although there are angry moments but it's all worthwhile.

Before leaving I prepared thank you gift to my students and colleagues...

This piggy bank is specially made for Nicole...


Papier-mâché is dried pink is the color that she loves...


add on with a lil "bling-bling"


ta-da it's done!


this is for all the students in y 2-3 years old class...


precious moment...


7 of them...


this is for my colleagueSab0107

Annabelle and meSab0111

from Sushwin my colleague and drawing from 5 year old class.Love it!Sab0113

from Nicole,hand pick by her.


magical growing plant.Can't wait!

Overall was awesome I did not mange to take group picture,will update more on the open day. Thank you for such a wonderful time!

Ms.Sabrina dairies:day 20