Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Messiah


During this jolly 2009 Christmas, Glad Tiding Assembly of God once again bringing you The Messiah  Christmas Drama!

On 25th December 2009, we are proud to bring you back to the time where Jesus Christ was born, in this drama we have specially picked the best actor and actress to spice your day!This drama would be another heart touching and worth watching live drama.We welcome you to both our morning and noon session:

10.oo am & 3.30pm

Best of all it's FREE admission

What are you waiting for save the date in your calender!We will be looking forward to see you there with an open heart! Let's merry this day together!

Take a tour to our official website:

For further information you may leave me a PM or comment I'll attend you as soon as possible!

I'm a BLESS girl.

Since young my parent fly me to different country, yeh..not only local but overseas. I'm bless that they give me the best, especially clothing and unconditional loves. I have this thankful heart to mom and dad for giving me the best!


A thanksgiving heart.

Monday, November 2, 2009 are not alone!

Justin Wong--the guy who is under the spotlight on Saturday 31 October 2009. I did nothing much for him but a simple blessing for him and another short yet long session on-the-road and dinner (: Hope you love the handmade card yeh!


jus n me...

don't question me when was this picture took, it was waaaaay back!


the MAN!