Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She asked me why....

and I told her I love Dolphin because it has the strongest ability in listening and sensing, here is a short information that I've got about Dolphin's sens and communication way which I have done in my previous Biology class assignment:

The dolphin's search for food is aided by a form of echolocation similar to sonar: they locate objects by producing sounds and listening for the echo. A broadband burst pulse of clicking sounds is emitted in a focused beam in front of the dolphin. To hear the returning echo they have two small ear openings behind the eyes but most sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through the lower jaw. As the object of interest is approached the echo grows louder, and the dolphins adjust by decreasing the intensity of the emitted sounds. (This is in contrast to the technique used by bat echolocation and human sonar where the sensitivity of the sound receptor is attenuated.) As the animal approaches the target the inter click interval also decreases, as each click is usually produced after the round-trip travel time of the previous click is completed. Details of the dolphin's echolocation, such as signal strength, spectral qualities, discrimination abilities, etc., have been well investigated by researchers.

It sounded very scientific method, well am a psychology student this doesn't bother me much after four years. So ya, in another word meaning I would love to have a strong listening ability towards people and of course Jesus! At this point of time, I need to listen very carefully to what He wants me to do. In addition to be sensitive of whats happening around!  The last time I went Gold Coast Australia, I was all fancy about Dolphin and penguin! I manage to touch a dolphin too!

My dearest Spiritual mom aka Janice so loves, knowing my birthday she got me a Dolphin all the way back in OZ. When I got the pressie last night( I haven't get the chance to bump into her since 14 March). I love the Dolphin so much, it's a soft plush!! Thank you Lord, for giving me a spiritual mom in Christ and to love, care each another. Thank you, Ma! :)

Sea World! *squeezzz

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Standing Tip-toed

Came across this gentle looking lady Polina Seminova, she is a awesome ballet dancer fill with grace and her moves are terrific! Judge it yourself by viewing video below:

A ballerina dance with her soul and speaks her life!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

my boyfriend said that I'm a BOOKWORM!

School hols just ended, meaning book fairs ended too. There were a few happening during the hols, I went to the nearest Summit for Popular book fair I was kinda disappointed by the choice of book they have compare to last year, hence I still spend one hour checking out books! Nevertheless, Malaysia book fair@ PWTC came after hols I'm glad mom volunteer to spend a day there with me, I was all excited and looking forward. This week has been a tough one two quizzes and assignments due date, am not stress with the assignments nor quizzes cause I've prepared earlier and praise the Lord I score with flying colors!

Once quizzes end, I grab one of my favor book which has been on my desk for ages half read. Jodi Picoult made a good writer full of eccentric,guessing,law, love,curiosity,whimsical (at times) and heart aching to be explain in a book. I enjoyed. I'm glad that during my big day, I've got a pressie--a book! Title "The Last Lecture" I've came across this book for several times, yet I did not purchase it. Till March I've got it! :) Courtesy of Joyce!(Thank you once again) Back to back reading, it is a fiction book I feel surreal, feelings and thoughts were in knots! I love it!

Few months back I was hunting for Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Mah, the cover of this book looks bit creepy tho, it all sold out, this book is not some new and bestseller book in the store yet I scan through when my cousin sis were reading and I fell for it. Although I have a sketch of the story, somehow I feel like reading it and to experience the different ending(if it is one).

In the other hand, when I first finish reading Become a Better you from Joel Osteen, I got deeply in love with all the teachings it was all practical! I guess from that onwards I was a fan of JO! I podcast his sermon, and then start looking for other books he have, and I came across a book called It's Your Time I saw it a couple of times yet it was bit pricey but today is the day, I got it and with the discount of 30%! Praise the Lord, I'm sure there are words that God has prepared for me, I can't wait till I finish my current book then I will be able for this fantastic book!Following on, with Victoria Osteen- Love Your Life (If only Malaysia have it).

My weekend started nicely, and I've already have plans for the weekend! Till then peeps!

Inspired by Lord

Monday, March 22, 2010

Up-up and away!

Yes I have to do this before I start up with my studies! I'm sort of in love with penning down my feelings, somehow having my thoughts and feelings in this blog makes me feel satisfy! Self-fulfillment. Weekend was awesome, the ride all started on a Friday morning and till the end of Sunday night! Previously I've update on my Friday, swaying on with me to Saturday night. Wanting to be at the Malaysia Hot-air Balloon Fiesta 2010 @ Putrajaya, thank God for listening to my prayer and I manage to make it there!

The sky was gloomy and rain started to pour in the evening when I just finish doing my assignments and getting prepare for the night, I was feeling kinda agitated by the weather! Anyhow we still headed down to Putrajaya, the weather turn up to be windy and just nice for a outdoor activity! Hence, me and L reach there on time about 7pm, because I'm worry when the sky turns dark we won't be able to see the balloons. I was all excited when we were walking towards the fiesta, got my lousy camera all ready start snapping anything I can see. Then the night came, we were walking around wanting to meet up WL and J but thanks to Maxis the line was bad that we can't get each another. Therefore, the couples enjoyed separately. When the clock stikes 9pm poofff! fire work lite up the sky, talking about fire works it has been quit sometime I haven't catch fire works. I was just sitting right on the Putrajaya bridge, from there the view was fantastic!

Thank God for the night it was splendid! I really enjoy being outdoor! Here are some random snaps from that night.

Traffic was bad...but can you spot that balloon there?

Thumbs up!

Before the night comes, I snap the best view I have.

The couple :)

This is the side view of the Star Wars man or hero? Well, am not sure but it was the coolest of that night!

I personally love this one!

The darlings!

Marvelous Sunday!

A blessing from Esther, when I unwrapped the present I was all nervous because I have this feeling it would be a good one! Ta-da it's Precious Moment Ballerina photo frame! I was about to scream on top of my lung! I love it so much, she came across my blog and saw one of my post about my dream. Recalling back when I was young I have the collection of precious moment, presents from nanny too! I'm gonna recollect those precious moment collection, and I've seen the process of making a Precious Moment mannequin it is all handmade with perfect sculpture, and color on it!

I'm really thankful to have such good and caring people around me, here goes the special thanks to Joyce, Justin and Lea Yee for the present!  Thank you for hand picking those adorable and useful present for me. I'm always bless!

Precious Moment dwells at the right time, right place!

Satin Doll.

Nobody can be closer to your heart but your biology sister, I don't have a sister but I have cousin sisters with me. We were together since young we eat, we travel, we mess, we play, endless topic and we grow together, this makes our bond even closer thank God for giving me such a good bunch of sister we are always closer then ever! I always remember those days we had behind :) Today they still remember my birthday,and they've planned a lunch celebration for me, not only that the young and the elder ones have blessings for me too. I was overwhelmed by feelings when I once step in my room when I open those pressie, I'm really thankful to have such good sisters with me. Apparently the more we grow up the more things we shared, one of the topic we were sharing that afternoon was the genetic influence. My grandfather is in art and calligraphy which falls into the art and performance category, and the gene when on and on to my dad a chef so as my uncle and other uncles with plenty of artistic and creative. Then the generation came all the way down, us! My cousins sister are in music field, I'm in the communication field and my cousin brother a designer. Hmmpphh does this ring a bell for you as well? It's so true how God has implant a specialty for each family! Therefore you are special in a way too!

We held lunch at Tropicana mall @ Santini!

My so called elder sisters, who took care of me and play dolly-house with me when I was just a little girl ;)

Double 2 for the third time! am bless!

The Ch'ng darlings!

That night itself there was another meeting with cousin Ping, for movie and dinner. She was even elder then me, not to mention her age she will smack me like mad! :D Nevertheless, she is a loving and caring cousin sister of mine!

Dinner was nice Bukit Tinggi @ Little Vietnam

I was once and still a Satin doll, a pretty and lovable one in the eye of God! I know each and every day I'm still experiencing the blessing and love that He is showering in my life. I have countless blessing! I'm glad that people who love and care me not only by words, but by action! I love you girls long long time! I always have you in my prayers! Hugs and kisses to all darlings!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I hit my double 2 yesterday!! Wonderful moment pass by faster? Well it is, I guess cause I'm back to reality's not a bad thing after all!

Let's start up with Saturday night I and L went for Disney On Ice Adventure, got the ticket one month back I was all excited about it (counting down day and night) and when I was there I feel like I was 10! But the truth is I was there when I was 6 with my family, and I barely remember anything. This time I'm back there with my boy! I'm really bless that I have the chance to be there at least now I've got a clearer image of Disney On Ice, the last time I went to HK I did went to Disneyland, I saw the parade in the rain Mickey nor Donald Duck was out I was kinda upset. Thank God I manage to catch them all in Malaysia! Me love Donald! :) Soo cute! When the clock stikes 8.30pm I was all well seated and ready for the show! When the music blast I sang-a-long! I can sing Disney songs well, I was once a Disney fan! The night was filled with colorful attire, professional lighting, professional ice skaters and wonderful story line! I enjoyed the night with love, and we snap all the way glad to look back at those pictures! Let me recall a bit who was on Ice, Mickey,Minnie,Pluto, Goofy,Donald,Daisy, Alice, Stitch, Incredible family,Snow White, Buzz Lighter, Jungle book bear, Cinderella,Maleficient, and cast!

love & me

On my iPod while waiting !

Welcome parade!

off to their Journey!

Choo-choo!!The Disney Parade!!

There were many picture too many to post up! It was a wonderful night!

My dearest kawans, gave me a early party! Turns 22 happily!

the typical Friday's in house birthday celebration, they make me stand on the chair but too bad I'm in dress :P Then they make me sing a song and gave a speech!

This is my family I'm glad we are still as close as ever! We love and care each another, may God continue to bless my life! They gave me the best!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Pros and cons, in dilemma?! Yeh, sort off! Well, after all as what I mentioned in previous post I face it positively! Boohoo to assignments and quizzes got myself drown into all that fussy work! My 2010 diary is fill with to-do-list!!

Hoopla to my awesome birthday I know it's bit early to be hip-hip-hooray somehow I have this feeling it's gonna be another great day hitting 22 old? Nah! Long way to go, much fun to enjoy! Thought of listing my wish-list  I guess I shall list, for the sake of myself( having wish list it's like a trend among friends haha) and my kawans ;) I know there are times my wish won't come "that" true, but still it's another guideline for the things I shall aim to get for myself this year! Go Sab! :)

Shall we?

1) BAMBOO wacom!- Pen & Touch

2) Charles and Keith big black bag

3) Black purse

4) Canon camera- Digital IXUX 100 IS

4) Nike running shoes/ dunks!

5) Necklace from Perlin Silver with the round shape pendant!

6) CASH!


Perfume: got too many of them

Books: you won't know what I like

Clothing: might not be my style

Pumps/heels: not my size and height

Accessories: too many of them

Monday, March 1, 2010

60 Kilometer.

30 Kilometer ended yesterday, God double up this time! I'm just being positive about life, looking in a good perspective for a longer marathon!  Who say I can't make it? If there is no loser, there is no winner at the same time. Why people argue about it? I do at times. But I'm looking it in a positive way! I believe there are pretty much stuff waiting for me ahead!- Think positive, live positive!

1..2... get set! GOOOO Sab!