Saturday, January 31, 2009

Where is all the kids in Berkeley?

I still don't feel the excitement in me when I knew Chinese New Year is just one hour around the corner,having reunion lunch. Seats where available not like the last time, PACKED! Some were overseas some grown up to have their loves one. Well, I still thank God for having a great time with my cousins.Be fore the CNY I've made pineapple tart,green pea cookie, peanut cookie,almond cookie and ghee. Oh and another one, pie tea cup for reunion in case you don't know what is it....


I first day of CNY as usual meeting up with my uncles and aunties, eating, talking and crapping it was all in and fun! But still it's not like how it was....


grown up girls...

I'm like a crazy girl who wants to ccatch up all the fun with my cousins, and all the old time we had...this is one of the best game when I was young...bubble..


img_745912nd day of CNY catch up with L's family before their vacation..


I manage tot catch up with my secondary mates on the 3rd day of CNY, had steamboat for dinner. And as we leave it is not Good-bye, is see you next year. Because most of them are working and me studying we don't get to meet up that often. But I still love them the most, they are the people that makes me feel I'm still very young.

4th day of CNY: Concord Hotel,KL with cousins and aunt for buffet my belly almost burst.




Kaizer the smarty!

From the first day of CNY I've borrow a book from my cousin sister,and this book...ahhh really makes me want to stay at home finish it as soon as possible, but its impossible. I bring it along wherever I go, and few 4 days I've done reading it! Nice and strongly recommended. The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini.

On the 5th day of CNY: my best boyfriend came over, and another hamper, FYI: this year I've got 2 hamper one from L's family and the other one from my best bf. That means I'm getting fat with all the food in it.ha. After he left, I hit the bookstore to get another book A Thousand Splendid Suns!by the same author I can't wait to finish it. I'll post more whats coming up soon...


toodles... Start pigging around people!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let go and Let God.

It came to a situation where I've no comment, and to complete my task that I need to do. I turn to God and put in His hand. I forgive, give and take. No harm for myself and others, for I just want to do something that will glorify His name.

This situation once again, makes me realize do not depend on others make things clear! I thought I've make it crystal clear yet nope I did not. Never mind I learned to be someone that forgive others, and love your enemies a big homework to be learned, but with God's grace I can do it! I was on my way back, the song playing in my CD-player was one of the song from Joshua band, I'm Beautiful- This song lyrics were as if talking about me, I'm Beautiful for I don't have to be crying for I have His love with me. When I reach home, I on my lappy and log in my gmail, scroll down to the post I have not read from the daily devotional by Rick Warren, it was talking about growing spiritually with God.-Ask God to use his Word to change the way you think. Invite the Holy Spirit to have free rein in your life. Don’t hold anything back. Ask God to help you respond to difficult people and unpleasant situations just as Jesus would.- this last paragraph once again reminds me.

-How do you know when God is first in your life? When you stop worrying and trust God that time.-Ps Kong Hee-

When hard time comes, I once again learn to turn to Him instead of depending on human. Thank you Lord!

College started 2nd week, but assignments and project are pilling up to my nostril. Hence, at the same time I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year,food and cousins! I hope after my holiday I will be renewed and be prepared for the time coming. I've plan to read and watch TVB drama all the way through CNY  ;) pigging around is one of my plan too.

A lil update about myself, erm...recently things happen in short period and went off real fast too. Things that is expected and unexpected.Thanks to you L for listening to me, and being with me! Thank you so much! I love you.

I've been reading alot recently, one of the article was the speech of Obama the speech during the inauguration inspired word were spoken, and it makes me see the faith in this world. I hope this time is the time where CHANGE can happen! I believe God will use this wise man to rule the country, people ask me why am I supporting Obama, I don't know seriously but all I could see is changes in life. I hope he won't put my dream down :)

Anyways...Have a Blessed Chinese New Year!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Till I realize...


New Year resolution will be kept between me and God. ;)Class started, it was alright I've got my results too, not really satisfy with it but I know the hard work behind it but have to be harder. With God's grace I've made it. Yea class started and ewww..I've got presentation for American Civilization class partly is all about history I'm doing the part of Queen Elizabeth I. Although its boring but I gain knowledge through the research.

Shopping spree DONE! ;)

I've been really busy baking baking and baking,bake a few types of cookie, feel happy when I know people start saying hmmm!!!Yummy! ;) This is called satisfactory!Besides that I've been busy with church too, serving a few weeks back. Many things happen back to back, but I've grown up through all these problem.

God is with me and I'm with God! Keep holding on!

-I choose to be a dandelion because I love easy going life!-

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm officially back!

I've not update my blog for more than a month.I can't access to the internet,and I think I'm really outdated throughout the holiday. But now hoorraayy I'm back!

Holiday was awesome full of baking and spent quality time with nice people,I still don't have the time to upload any picture. Anyhow,I'm back to college life now. Bit not use to it,need to hit the federal early in the morning,but today I still got stuck in the traffic.
Will update once I have the time.