Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Such a Dwaft!

Recently I've been surrounded by slow and ineffective people especially in my workplace! They are plain slow in terms of work and walking motion whenever I have task for him or her, they will take their own sweet time to do their work I wonder where did they took up all this slow motion attitude, worst of all is that they seem like unaware about it. They make me stuck in a jam for important meeting with client,dashing like mad in building and lift waiting moment!

I'm pretty organize in terms of time and very PARTICULAR on people being on time or even last minute work, how can one react like no big deal when they are uber late or causes some other people to be late?! I seriously think they need motivation classes, on how important to be on time to save people and your time! Each second and minute counts man!

I always end up talking really loud into their face more like yelling! No apologies even when you are late is plain IDIOT!

I'm tall I walk faster no doubt, but if you know you are short please plan ahead--note to Mr./Ms. Dwaft.

Monday, February 21, 2011

White Lies!

The definition of Truth & Honesty

Truth: Actual state of a matter
Honesty: Uprightness and fairness

Both word has it role to play. It is played by you and my mouth in 3 ways(speaks): Fast forward(FF), Slow motion(SM) or Silent(S). How do you play with it? It plays with your emotional too! When you are in guilt you will tell the truth:

FF: Try to cure problem in short period of time
SM: Ponder about the the percentage of truthfulness that he or she will believe
S: Thinking to LIE!

When you are being caught in unhappy situations you will be honest:

FF:Get rid of all problems
SM: Explaining the problem
S: Don't bother

See the differences? I'm not too sure if you get what I mean, but it actually gives a pang on my head on all statements. Because I find it hard to be a truth nor honest person! I was in this scenario I tried being truth and I might hurt you, but if I don't tell the truth I will hurt myself for not telling you. Thus, being honest to be fair to yourself and myself I get people saying that I'm too over-sensitive? Does the pea behind your head moving really fast thinking what am I trying to say? To string it together: TO BE TRUE AND HONEST AIN'T AS SIMPLE AS ABC!

I try being truth and honest to people and I tend to get negative feedback not at all, a lil positive vibe still comes at times(really rare) it will either end up I crying, or an minor/major argument only to find out actually we are trying to get things right, when it actually don't seems too right. I observe and involve in matter like these and I think it's as plain as giving white lies than I see people thinking oooh-wow she is good she don't talk bad about me!

Isn't it such a faker!

I've learn this lesson not to let negative or positive vibe come to me easily instead I will use my logical and wisdom thought to face problem and situation. I don't want to judge cause I'm NOBODY to judge. I hope you get a overview and consequences of being TRUTH & HONEST!Think before we talk would be wise, but think and speak with no judgmental would be pink!
My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding.Psalms 49:3

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. James 1:19-20

Plastered Lip

Saturday, February 19, 2011


is the best medicine I consume everyday. God has thought me truly deeply how to SMILE in hard times! Recently I've been going through my workload and without much guidance from my superior, therefore I got to walk through this moment with faith and to do what is right in recorded period. I'm not perfect, but God has made me a perfect faith in life. I never knew I could go through such a hard time. I'm bless and will be bless too!

My project has not come to an end, but soon enough it will. There are much more for me to complete and settle with a few matters to hit my goal. I have rules and goals in my life to complete every month, every month is a challenging month for me. I went through super though moments that people will just spit on your face and don't give a damn whether you are a degree or experience employee! Inside out I'm overwhelmed, hence the motives behind me is to be close to God and listen to what He wants me to do.

Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, "So shall your offspring be." Romans4:18

SMILE my day away!Wheee....My lil buddy on my desk from Precious to keep me SMILING too!

Another turning point will be a surprise in life.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are still FAMILY....

This year about we have already a line-ups of family occasion. We were all very excited already. Here is a peek of our extended and immediate family during CNY.

The ladies in the house
Our Taboos moment which made us LOL with all the terms
On the 4th day of CNY we headed to our beloved youngest aunt's she is always the different one with all our all time fav western meal!
The avocado holy awesome!
If you click on this picture you get a better view :) is from my 8 year old cousin brother!Very well written
Ladies in the house!
The 5 tier cup cake for my aunt's birthday celebration!
Meet up with my primary and secondary mates later night for dinner and catch up
The next day I still reserve for my mates! Vivian my truly siao friend in crime!
Skip hop...hop we are ahead of Valentine's day! 5th year celebrating with the same dude of mine :P
A simple dinner with darling and there goes our night out and we spend time talking about things that lay ahead! To have the touch and feel of our lovey-dovey quotes from him to me (vice-versa) head to my tweet or FB. I love you darling!

Stanley & Ping's Wedding
Happy ending is what we love, and this our first ever wedding celebration in the house! We were all well prepared and this is it.......
proudly present to you the Ch'ng(s)
Me and Ying emcee for our beloved cousin sister Ping!
Theme of the night ORIENTAL!
Us the familiar ones!
This is Ping ! I was with her since the day I born! Love her long long time!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy ĺ…”gather! A teaser for the Lunar New Year.I'm still on my loooong hols,hence I've planned ahead to complete my beautiful CNY!
Stay tune dolls!