Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doodle with me!

It's been long long time I like doodle art its like a art that you can draw your feelings and emotional with bare hand. I started with doodle when I was in my secondary it is so miracle where you can randomly come out with something easily. Even when you are occupied on the phone :) That is how I knew the Art of doodle dance! I'm super in love with it. If people who came across my life closely they know I will do that whenever I have a pencil and paper with me. I staple well with it :PDoodling is the best way to express me myself-Sabrina

Besides that, recently I'm in love with PINK. Is it a good or bad sigh? I was wondering it for few days. But then I get deep down on thinking about it, I love colorful things too!Color that stick in my mind for sometime it will slowly become the color of my favorite. In the other hand, some of my friend know that I loooovvveee classical songs, recently I moved out from my previous place I have much time sitting here alone one thing I can do most is to play all kind of songs I like especially classical song :)

Scientific Sab: Color + Art + music = Sabrina

Days without love, did not put me down because I have another pet to entertaintment.I'm glad I've found friend that care about me honour goes to Karen & Joanne, after work we headed to Sri Petaling aka Bukit Jalil. Went for steamboat then to Karen's. It was a good night, I had a sad tummy ache yet I never let it put me down. Oh ya, not forgetting to highlight that the pet is not mine, is a American Cocker Spaniel with one eye blinded since he was born. It was from a message thru friend that this dog do not have a owener that love and accept the fact that he is blind since blind(if no one to adopt this puppy it will be "put to sleep") therefore, Karen has made the decision to adopt this adorable. I really sayang this dog like my own dog. A dog that make me tear when I look into his strong life. Jesus is fair although Hay Hay is blind but I still see the good in him, a very obedient boy! I really sayang Hay Hay! FYI, his real name is Haley, but I call him Hay Hay!

Karen a very caring sista. Joanne a very kind-hearted sista!
This is Hay Hay boy! :D

Learn to love what you have and don't have because things happen with a reason.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Voyage,Love!

Weekend past by quickly,it was packed with activities back to back. Partly there are things to be done before L leave. I was pretty cool with the packing and all things we are preparing especially his leaving. Beforehand, I've already well prepared mentally and physically.

First a handmade card for his leaving with a long note to him. Some might think that I'm thinking way too far, let me clarify here cause he is leaving to Korea for 1 week, but hang on there I will leave right after he touch Malaysia. I don't wanna do the calculation here of days without love.

So many preparation both on work and my personal life. Hence, I lay all to God for all the things that is coming and might be coming soon. I poured badly when he gave me the last hug with a goodbye kiss.Taking it wisely it is good, time to recharge and renew for he himself.
Let's not be so emotional here...lil thing still make me smile for another sunny day! Counting down patiently :D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diva in Sabah!

Day dreaming for all the good things to happen, dreaming of a summer vacation with myself. Dream of pampering myself. Dream of sipping smoothies with night view. Dream having sun tans.Dream of going on a jet plane alone. Dream sitting and do nothing at the beach. Dream looking at the wave all noon.

Finally I'm back on earth, its been a good 6 days well recharge during these days. I'm bless that my DREAM came true, this is my very first time traveling all by myself and pay for own trip and accommodation. I've did it at the age of 22, and yes it might be an ordinary dream for you but not me. I'm glad thing sail on smoothly and I have no regret on making this decision-traveling alone. I will definitely do it again, perhaps somewhere further then this? I was told not to travel alone, but I know the giant in me is bigger then anything in this world cause He is the best creator!

This time traveling I bump into many strangers no matter where I'm. First in the flight, then the beach, then the immigration line-ups following in the city.Ooh and not forgetting they come in all kinds of age. They are all nice people and I'm lovin' these feeling! During my time alone, I'm on my pod.I almost tear because I'm playing a song that is sang by Sammi Cheng- God has prepared for me. Yes and I believe everything was planned from the beginning. He knows each an every step I'm taking. I'm bless and Jesus you make things possible!!
My likes : Books and Music
Okay when I landed on Sabah in the evening I was kinda tire together excited to explore this land. Ivy catch me in the terminal then we went for dinner my first meal was Sang Yok Min(生肉面) then headed home for a quick shower, then headed out for supper
+ famous bubble tea (aka YOYO)- FYI I gain weight during this holiday.Bad.

The next day ( 9-Jul) I headed to Manukan Island, nice place for relaxation and snorkeling, I went for a short snorkeling and spend most of my time sunbathing and picture taking. The sand was fine, the corals were nice not forgetting the colorful fishes under the deep blue sea. Sadly the weather wasn't that pleasant, it pour right after I finish exploring around still bless :) The journey back to the jetty was awful because of the blurry view, and the current we have to go against the wave it was rough enough that the boat almost went upside down, but thank God we are safe.
on our way to island
Dinner time I struggled to have BKT because I have it back in my hometown, but Ivy insisted to go and have a try. Okay being adventurous enough I tried, all I could say is that it was a whole new taste stronger taste of herbs. I like it! Moving on,we headed to the tallest building in KK, known as the Revolving @mosphere Restaurant for a drink it was bit pricey tho but what more for a good night view?
the platform revolves and it shows 360 degree view just by sitting at your place.
Check out my tan and this is what I call satisfaction!
Day 3, I was tempted to try the 牛扎面 (ngau chap min) I'm not sure is the spelling correct, to be clear it is known as the beef noodles my favorite of the day! It was hot boiling with all my fav ingredients and the soup except the intestines---mouth watering!
I was carving for beach, sun and sea, Ivy did not fail me everyday I get the chance to experience the sea breeze. Went to Sutera Harbor a well known site to get one step closer to the sea creatures!
you get what I meant?

After my seaside viewing, Ivy got to get back to her church for practice and I told her I prefer to stay at home rest do some reading all noon. Then night I headed to the famous and largest mall in KK- 1 Borneo it wasn't what I expected. Ivy and cell group have a treasure hunt in the mall I did not join for I'm on a holiday! I pampered myself in New York New York for goods (I know you might be thinking why am I eating something that exist in KL) well I have no choice, but I've chosen there because it has the best setting for reading and foodie time. I had my whole long Saturday with myself apparently I enjoy being alone.
Sunday morning is the day I'm counting down, my morning was greeted with a friendly friend of Ivy namely Alvin he was command to bring me to the Kaya Street for Ivy won't be able at that time cause she serving in the P&W team. Kaya St. is a street that is well known to have local delicacies and souvenir , I only bought some local snacks for my family it was an eye opening market. Time was bit tight, me and Alvin did a quick walk and shopping then headed to church-- Glory Christian Church. As usual my Sunday is for Jesus :) Stepped out from church headed for fooood! Peppermint was the restaurant they serve Vietnamese Food, I definitely adore the food there especially their spicy chicken rice and Vietnam spring roll!

Tummy was fill, head of to Karai Bunai an hour drive there, out of the city to sea side it was nice and relaxing moving on to Rasa Ria, another nice beach and resorts. Many sun many sea many laughter and MANY pictures!Alvin, Sab, Ivy, and Eric

chill coconut pudding
All good moments pass by quickly dawn came, what more I've miss out here is SEAFOOD time! Finally all the good news I have heard in KL about the big, fresh and CHEAP seafood! I'm not a seafood person, but I do eat from time to time.

We had dinner what 大家来restaurant if not mistaken the name, the food was good but the locals claim that there are much better food. Oh did I just miss out Alvin was with us all day long! I forgot to officially speak of Ivy's boyfriend Eric, he was our driver of the day throughout this journey.For he has came back from OZ not long ago, his friend from OZ came too, after seafood we meet up with Andy, Steph, and Lisy 3 of them were from OZ pure Chinese but brought up in OZ. With the typical slag of MATE! :D They are a bunch of fun people. Night ended.

My days of saying bye bye to the land is nearer, beforehand, my long awaited trip to Kundasang (神山) the mount. KK. We headed out early morning 8.30am with Alvin, and Jacquelin (Alvin's gf) we went for Tolup noodle (if not mistaken the name for it). First toilet stop there is a long house (Rumah Panjang) where they sell local goods, T-shirt and all kinds of varieties. We got some and headed to Hot Spring. After plan was to see the mount. but the weather fail me mist covered the mountain. Rain pour again, we headed back.

This is what I meant by seeing the lil peak of Kundasang

My last night dinner was in conjunction with Alvin's farewell he is heading to OZ to further his studies. Went to Uperstar (their daily meet-up place) for dinner and we had loads of fun! Went home early to do my packing and last catch up with Ivy. Our night ended at 2am with all the pillow talk.Happily packing with my last bubble tea!

The day I say bye bye. First meal was flat noodles. Then went to my final sea shore walk at Tanjung Aru this time around I can only sit and see the beach , listen to the wave singing and overview of the beach I went on the first day. We spend our last 3 hours together silently and lil' chat.
I almost pour when I look at the supernatural that God has created that immediate heal my sorrows and problems I left behind in KL. I know it's time to move on, get back to my life and be the salt and light of God everywhere I go. Jesus is the only purpose I'm living for.

Blessed me, Prime Minister was in KK too they are ushers with local costume.
SAB love Sabah!

Flown back to KL with a thankful heart, Ivy gave me the biggest hug and I saw tear rings in her eye I felt same too. But days was well spend and I really appreciate all the time I have with them and Ivy.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hola Borneo!

Landed on the other side of Malaysia safely on 8th July 2010, first journey to Sabah and first time travelling alone what more to say my DREAM came true and I'm lovin' it! I just cant resist the paradise in this place. Gonna touch and go in this post it's my 3rd day here, and I'm still half way discovering this beautiful land! Despite thinking the weather is still the same in KL, I still enjoy like a tourist here. I was amaze by the early dawn and sunrise moment, it practically gets dark about 6.30pm, and sunrise early morning at 5.30am. I couldn't get good sleep for the first day, it seems like a jet lag. Hence, I manage to pull off to the other day with full of Joy, been looking forward till Friday (9th July) comes! BEACH first stop Manukan Beach. I shall let the picture do the talking and you will know what I meant by paradise.

Partner in crime in Manukan Island- Ivy!
Till then!