Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AA Sports Day!'08

Happen: USJ 1 Field

Date: 29/3/08

Time: 7.30am

People:All ADP students

Rating of fun:Great!

Why did I join this?Just because I have to cover this event as a reporter and for sure is the sake of my ASSIGNMENT!

Early morning,see my bubbly face=)happy!on a Saturday morning!

See! everyone ready to have fun EARLY in the morning.

This is my DEAN Dr.Steven Baptist.See how he dress and you know he is "SUCH" a sport person!;)

My team mate,Jess this women drag herself to this sport day.But I guess she had fun!

Present Yue:)

So you think you can "TALK"?

(Kacau lah~WernSern behind)

Although I'm big but I manage to win this competition!

*blind folded k*

Mr Chong Ah Beng Organizer!

He is my Chemistry lec.

Green is my team.We had 3rd place.Not bad!

My dearie!

As usual our TM!

This smart Guy!Rueben a.k.a Rueby!haha~

Freebie my first lesson!FUN!i love it.

This game drive me crazy!It was totally crazy,shocking fun!


after all the hard work,time for FOOD!

Sunkist!On such a sunny morning,orange came at a good time;)credit for this!

I love sport day,it was a blast with all my lovely friend around!Thank ADP for this to built up our relationship with our AA(Academic Advisor).


Jesslyn said...

email me the pics babe! (: mwahhhs


sabrina chng said...

S:I will save in my pendrive then pass to you when I get to see you k ;)