Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chapter 7: Social Phobia.

Phew,after a hard time criticizing the research paper for my assignment and presentation.At last it still come to the end of it, three more assignment to go.How can I not say I need a BREAK!Presentation wasn't that bad, least I've become much more brave because this time I'm not shivering.I pray so hard that I want to do good in this presentation.Thank God my lecturer gave me a good comment=) In this assignment we were ask to say why do we choose this topic,in many sense I'm not sure why,deeply in my heart I want to know why some people just fear to stand right in front of you engage in a conversation.So I hope to know more,and try to understand WHY!


Recently I have this popping out my mind thinking of that SOMEONE,I really don't understand why some people will just talk talk and crap with their SMS saying how good and how nice things were meant to be.But when I get to met this SOMEONE,seems like the SMS are from some other people.Meaning:Can be unknown.I feel sad every time get to bump into this SOMEONE,I rather don't.wonder wonder..... I still leave this to God and let Him be the judge in between us.


lyn said...

Interesting post you have here. Social phobia is not easy to overcome. But you can learn from www.whatcausespanicattacks.comabout simple prevention methods. Can be pretty handy.

sabrina chng said...

S:Thanks Lyn but am not sure are you Yue Lyn?=)

shuchin said...

hey.. machi.. is all in God's hand ya, don worry.. God will lead u thru if He lead u to such situation.. always support u ok.. take good care ya~ =)