Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good or bad News?

Well,this year birthday..I have nothing to say about it.But I wanna say thanks to Da jie, Er Jie, and xiao ming for organizing the Zoo outing=) it's really wonderful to have you guys bubbling around church.

I'm so sorry for you all,because of my studies I have to meet someone for an interview.Having a class in the morning is bad enough,add on with this interview I have nothing to say."Don't sad la!" that's what people start telling me.I have nothing to say but to say thanks abundantly i HAVE you all this lil fellow friend to cheer up my day.thanks!!!

I thought this year would be a better one for my 20th birthday,furthermore...I'm seriously looking forward for the Zoo trip to spend time with my love one=) But I know if I put my importance as the priority God will bless me DOUBLE, TRIPLE or maybe life spends blessing? We never know until things happen...I thank God for giving me 20 years of blessing!

*on my iTune*

Tear drops on my guitar-Taylor Swift

Lost Taipei- Joanna Wang

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