Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Now I truly understand how much I love my room and my desk!Because of the horrible *bing bang* next door I have to leave home and come to the nearest Starbucks to study for my finals!!!So ain't fun,not cool sitting here and it's so horrible I miss the wearing baggy top and shorts hair all tied up like nobody business,sit back at my "boss" chair and study! A lot of distraction, not suitable for someone that love to "observe" things....

Anyway, I still manage to cover most of the chapter,later will cont...

Come back to next door renovation, I would say it's killing my brain and it's affecting my life and I thought of suing them just because they did not inform us about this major renovation,at least I will have a preparation move away from my house for 2 months! WHY 2 months? Because this MAJOR renovation takes 2 months to finish! Driving me crazy with all the drilling sound.

People: Please pray for me that I would have a better environment to STUDY!=)

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