Friday, June 20, 2008

1,2 or many more?

SS2 cell!!!wooohooo, let me start with my first time when I went to cell.One word to say it all: "BORING!" I really don't enjoy the time in cell,because they are all really young I don't even know where to start an conversation with them, then I'll try to avoid cell.

Time flies....

I've grown up,and promoted as assistant in cell group.In this short period I found out hard to catch up with so many changes.I tried to cling with all of them,and the most productive is m prayer God answer my prayer!He gave me wisdom to boost up this boring cell with different kind of idea,from reading bible to neutral event( where we get to snack and update each another what they have been up to.)I'm so glad when I see they open up they heart.Testimonial that is really touching,they told us about their reading bible life,and how God has bless them!Besides that,God listen to their prayer....I always share to them we have to wait upon God and be patient.Pay the price of praying and reading bible...

Give and it will be given to you

Luke 6:38

I'm really happy to see everyone is growing in God's Kingdom.The youngest upon all of us,grown up to become mature and love God even more,they event know how to abide in God!!!Praise the Lord for His miracle work.After camp,few of them really see the vision and know what God want them to be and to do.

Now is the time!!!

But sometimes,some of them really make me goes coo-koo!They just don't understand,but God still lead me,and teaches me how to handle all those problem ;) it's all worthwhile because more and more testimonies that we get to glorified Jesus name,who pushes me to the highest for HIM!!

growing.growing and still growing...

23 people in our cell NOW!!from zero to twenty-three!!!I always encourage them to bring friends to cell or event...Thank God for all things above!=)

Next thing,to build more leader in our cell.Now...I love my cell!!!

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