Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bugs catching Day.

Net?Cardboard?Catching Jar?Gloves?and etc.....


Geared up,early in the morning like 7am,and it's Wednesday*no class*.Mission for today to catch as many bugs as we can.i Know is ewww-ie but come on for the sake of 30% why not.Biology class.

Taman Jaya,PJ

Dot,Ah Bu and Me

Eh ants!!!Catch catch.....

Not just that....till you see......

Don't have.......

Butterfly....Me helping Chemmy to catch cause being the best butterfly catcher of the day I caught 3!!!

Yue Mei!!!I caught another butterfly....ah bu the best helper..

bottle bottle!!!

finally!I've got'cha.

This is the best assistant...

the poser......

We were saying lets life up ourselves,and put our faces through those ring....FAIL.

so we choose to pose and take picture instead.

happy us...

but am not sure what happen to dot haha~

after whole morning running around the park,looking like a crazy bug catcher...we still need to boost some energy.MAKAN!!!

Bugs catching day II


Taman Rakyat,Klang

So II this time,with mom.

*figur out yourslef*

see I'm wearing shorts.


aunty no.1:wah,so many mosquitoes you wear so short ah?

aunty no.2:ya don't come here often the mosquitoes do not recognize you.Next time wear long pants.

Sab *smile*

aunty no.1: leg so nice,better be careful.

bla bla bla....while walking away......

the moral of the story is I do not belong to the JUNGLE! ;)

Day II i caught 3 lil bug.Credit goes to my mom!=)

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