Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Time—we all need more of it. Time to study, time to play, time for you, time for me. Few weeks,back I’m having this problem, but hooorraayyy…Am free! After finals, and now is the time for me to have a good relaxation time.Where?Cameron Highland.Why?because my friend haven been there,and my "Ji Mui" wanna have a break! There goes my holiday,before that.

Back on Sunday. Ms.Frances,a big shot post,in Choke.She owns a coke manufacturing in China.On our daily basis Sunday class,there will be different sister or brother will share about their experience.This is the most impressive of all.Unfortunately,she quit being the head of the manufacturing,because there is once the choke company launching,and according to the China style,they need to pray before they open ceremony.She resist to do so,because as a Christian we are not suppose to do so.Therefore, she left this Coke company back in China.But there is one thing where she's really clear where she know when she did this decision,she did not feel regret at all,and she headed back to Malaysia.Where after 3 days God has prepare her a better job in Yoe's,to cut the story short(ask me if you are interested to know more,I don't mind sharing) she is serving as a full timer in church.she thought us,3 factors of being succesful that you can apply and then you are able to be what you are DREAMING to be.


Furthermore,she has did a comparison what are the differences between the China's and Malaysians youth.She claim that China youth,are more common sitting and drinking,(like us mamak) she found out that  among their topic are mostly about politics,news,and etc.Compare to the Malaysians youth,we tend to gossip about stars,fashion and etc.see the contrast of it?

She says that in China,when there is 6 people sitting together,while one person is sharing about their opinions and thoughts the other 5 are absorbing.Each of them among the 6 share one opinions and thoughts, thats is where you got 6 different knowledge.You might think,I'm speaking like a jakun here,thinking who on Earth does not know how important knowledge are.Well,somehow I think I'm the one,on that day itself after class,I pray to God that I want to learn and read more,give me strength to do so.

I know it's hard when times come, sitting and talking about politics,"looking knowledgeable".Frankly speaking,being the typical Malaysian I love gossiping, fashion;) to clarify myself,I do talk about news,books etc. But one thing I must stand strong to convince myself to be knowledgeable.

I hate blogging,ever since I was introduce to have my own blog.I would say, well blogging has been apart of my life now,sharing thoughts and feeling through words.At least I tried,to be alive in doing so(blogging),when doing so I feel like I'm in love doing it,after blogging reading back,I learn from my mistake,no matter from the vocab to the grammar, from A-Z. I'll keep myself learning.;)

I feel so thankful when I know that actually I love reading.The next stage I need improvement is reading Mandarin books,I'm bad at it.

I'm a SPONGE, I want to try all my best to absorb as many knowledge as I can!Therefore,my prayer would be God shower me with wisdom.In the name of Jesus I pray Amen!

Knowledge is the power.

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