Monday, August 18, 2008

Mouth shut.

Last night was hard for me,sometimes human are self-centered,I don't believe things happening around me so  fast.I got a message,instead of feeling happy I was sad,really down and sad deep down in my heart.Feeling combination make me feel so weird.I pray to God to heal my broken soul.Losing a best friend I appreciate so much,I have nothing to say.When I ask myself do I need to reply her,I feel that I'm falling down from a really high place,and hits again the land.My eye were red I felt the pain in me.Why is it me again?I really don't understand,therefore I will wait upon God.

I hold my breath,try to keep my tears...yet it hurts so badly I choose to cry out loud really loud inside my small towel.I feel so relief,and I've decide to make a decision,a decision with no harm.I hope that things will be alright when time goes by.I might think that I'm crazy ,because I take things so hard,thinking everything will be beautiful,but.No.I give myself,my thoughts to God,whom I believe will help me.


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shuchin said...

take it easy fren.. stay calm and u will see the big picture clearer.. God gives u new challedge coz He know u CAN go thru it by His strength.. Gambate ya!!! luv~