Friday, January 16, 2009

Till I realize...


New Year resolution will be kept between me and God. ;)Class started, it was alright I've got my results too, not really satisfy with it but I know the hard work behind it but have to be harder. With God's grace I've made it. Yea class started and ewww..I've got presentation for American Civilization class partly is all about history I'm doing the part of Queen Elizabeth I. Although its boring but I gain knowledge through the research.

Shopping spree DONE! ;)

I've been really busy baking baking and baking,bake a few types of cookie, feel happy when I know people start saying hmmm!!!Yummy! ;) This is called satisfactory!Besides that I've been busy with church too, serving a few weeks back. Many things happen back to back, but I've grown up through all these problem.

God is with me and I'm with God! Keep holding on!

-I choose to be a dandelion because I love easy going life!-

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