Monday, March 23, 2009

321 Yes I do

MARCH 21 (321), new couples in Christ on Saturday with the meaningful ceremony in front of hundred audience and Jesus Christ the couple got all the blessing from the relatives and friends. I'm proud to have this chance performing after they've sign the marriage certificate on their memorable day ;)I can't believe I was tearing during the Yes I Do moment. Congrats to Cilix and Stephanie. Cilix have a gifted talent from God a very good music composer, the nice piece of song were the performing song really nice and relaxing. Thank God he loves the dance so as Stephanie. ;)


the girls that I haven't been catching up for sometime,thanks God for this opportunity you girls still rocks!

I love you GIRLS!!!sab0019

very own hand made meaning I sew myself k!!! Dress or what ever it is ;) love it. The theme for the day pink and white.sab0021

Sexy backsab0022

the ballerina pose.sab0023

my favorite flower girl, she always bring along hers mom makeup beg ask "jie jie can I have make up?" sab0026

Daisy lover !sab0028

night went for dinner,it was an awesome dinner full of laughter!

May God bless Cilix and Stephanie!!


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