Monday, May 11, 2009

Good morning teacher....

Today is my 6th day in St.Nicholas children are getting close to me,and I've learn a lot of things through the report period and I believe more to come.Well,I'm always exhausted when class ended really tiring but I'm enjoying it...I hope there will be more interesting things would happen;) Another birthday celebration. No flashback any of my birthday celebration I wonder will they remember me celebrating their special day in SN?! It doesn't matter cause I've done a interpretation,no matter what it is; it will be....and one day a teacher forever a teacher for them. I will never know which lil kid in there will be a well known super star nor well known person one day.-"yes Sabrina you might be teaching a fashion designer or a world best engineer!"That's the strength that push me harder,I can do it to mold them into a better person!

Every morning I got greetings from the children,some come with unhappy face(esp Monday) but some insist to come earlier too...they are all adorable to me,although there are some naughty ones among them.

I spend  much time on materials those are things with colors which includes the category of sensorial ,memory, color identity. pound_roll_wood_toy

This month is the theme of Zoology,mostly cover animals.Sometimes I find out they are smarter then me with all the "funky" terms of the animals which are rare seen.

Many things happen throughout this 6 days,funny one and angry too! I lost my voice's art & craft ( salt dough) what a mess...

Ms.Sabrina's Dairies: day 6

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