Thursday, May 14, 2009

I forgot your name...

My students knows my name,not those in other classes they always can't remember my name well..I have no idea how should I ask them to call me Ms.Ch'ng too funny or Ms.Sab nah...too friendly.So I prefer it to be Ms.Sabrina but they still calle me "jie jie" (I'm the youngest among my colleague)

And they came up to me,what's your name again? =)

Ms.Sabrina's Dairies: day 8

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Jit said...

Isn't this cute? A way to start a conversation in case you couldn't remember his/her name too~ XD

"What's your name again?"
"You can call me MS. Sabrina. And what's you name little absent minded?" *grin*

Bad one, don't follow. Otherwise you'll be seeing some doctors/lawyers/architects/etc the next day... XD

Happy ya~