Thursday, July 23, 2009

keep my iTunes playing.

People usually ask me what is my favor type/ genre of music, I'm not sure but I will choose only smooth song, Jazz,Classical,R&B, Pop and Religious not forgotten Hip -hop that one will only come when I feel like like listening to. When ever I turn on my iTune, I feel so relaxing and it brings me back to different time and days, especially those that I play for zillions time :) I feel like crying somehow, cause it was all the best memory I have with my friend, love one, and most of happy and sad moments.

Music can move humans emotion easily, I always prefer to listen music when I'm not in the mood or even in the mood I love love love music!After I started both my internship I seldom spend time alone, I almost forgot the luxury moment in my room, surrounded by all my favorite musics.

This few days in office I have nothing, yes NOTHING to do day dreaming thinking bout life about future about PAST!I'm thinking did I miss-out anything in life...I guess no;)Recently I've learn something, keep smiling- mourn for a minute, smile for a lifetime! My jealousy, arrogant, has gone away far far away...God is still teaching me with different situation.Thank you Jesus for giving me chance.


and thats me;)

Let the music heal your soul!!Amen!

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