Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hola Summer!!!Oh yeh, here comes Friday long break and weekend! I'm really glad that Yue came all the way to OU for 2 hour just to meet me, I'm bless to have her,what else we will be doing besides eating? UPDATES!

Most of all, I had a great time with her, and I hope there are more during Summer, and yes September here we come!!




yue said...

i had a great time with you too! altho it was only for 2 hours but it was 2 hours well spent ;) i love those rings! they pop! lol. muah. love you!

sabrina chng said...

mommy say it's so cute;) Love you too!!!muah!

suey said...

hello. found my way here through google. mind share where u get this rings? very pretty yaaa. and nice blog pages

sabrina chng said...

Hey there,

Nice to meet you :) The ring is from Bonita.