Thursday, August 6, 2009

Angel kissed me last night!

I was bless to have a great day with my love one yesterday :) Since don't know when I have not been out with him, it was awesome spending time talking about life.Enjoyed.



I wonder why life can be so fragile in times, there are so many things that hit me once, twice, and many many times but I manage to stand strong and be bold. I can be surprise if I manage to go through, I've met this problem many many times but I've come this far where I feel that it is not a matter anymore, but the method I've make it through. I have faith in all the things I do!YES, I can!Tear drops at night for girls or boys isn't anything big, who don't cry? That is the best way to overcome in a speedy way wash swoooossssshhh and it'll be away, and good morning!

Recently, I spend time thinking much about life and what in future I want and wish to have. I know there is long long journey,hence I'm looking forward cause God is walking with me. Today someone say I look sad, yes I do look sad because of he things that I need to handle, it's not easy I hope I could just fast forward my day.

After my internship I'll need to work on my report, thats the tiring part and I shall say the part where I have to flash back all the lil tiny-bitsy-jitzy thing that happened. Lazy. I just want to have fun, and have a nice holiday then I'm satisfy. I know I shall stop dreaming, haha okay I got to get back to my work and prepare for another 2 weeks of holiday before I get back to college...

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