Sunday, August 2, 2009

give thanks in all circumstances!

At last my weekend ended with full of happiness! I was so unhappy on Friday cause I'm leaving 7!It was a glimpse where my internship has come to an end,I was kinda moody that day, on Thursday there is an official farewell for me and Sam:) went to pick 'n' brew with PR team, first of all I would like to say thanks to everyone giving me such a memorable one! I really thought I would cry,because it was too much happy things happen during my internship. During the lunch, we speak about out funny incident, besides that there is a "how do you feel ?" session. I'm glad all the feedback I got it was very encouraging! I feel so thankful to have you guys,I know you all will miss my laughter, noise, and the talkative me :)


(R to L): Rui Gi,Lynett,Rowena,Sam,Mayannie,Sab,Rachel and Anis

Anis is my supervisor, the coolest supervisor and yes you've seen her on TV news presenter a very lovely mom! I looveess her! We use to talk alot in office :) I'm so bless to have such great people in my life!

2nd farewell for me...


Sushi ZanMai,OU...


this is what makes the PR team go ga-ga :)


Lynett :)

DSC00077DSC00076DSC00081DSC00083DSC00085DSC00086Thanks to Sam, Rui Gi, Rachel, Hani, Charmine,Adeline, Lynett and Saudy for the lunch!!

I LOVE ntv7!


Rui Gi said...

hi! how did you do the photos like that effect?

sabrina chng said...

is from Hani's hand phone camera :)