Monday, November 2, 2009 are not alone!

Justin Wong--the guy who is under the spotlight on Saturday 31 October 2009. I did nothing much for him but a simple blessing for him and another short yet long session on-the-road and dinner (: Hope you love the handmade card yeh!


jus n me...

don't question me when was this picture took, it was waaaaay back!


the MAN!




Justin said...

Haha, at last.... Hmm, your blog undergone a big renovation that I got so alien in here... You la, kept changing blog...

Thanks so much for the card, love it~ >.< And I knew when was that photo taken, haha...

Love you, love leonard. Great to have you guys by my side always. I pray that this won't fade away but will only get stronger with Jesus being the bond. Amen~ ^^

sabrina chng said...

haha, not keep changing blog lah I've been so loyal to my blog treating it well dressing it with different style to spice up people :)

No problem, we love you and we care about you! It's our pleasure to have you around us too, and I definitely want our bond to be stronger with Jesus! IT WILL ! amen!

Justin said...

It's nice actually. Nice ambient coming in here. ^^

Hmm...looking forward for the saturday dinner. Tell me hows the surprise gonna work ya :P Gonna be great~ Cya on Friday =)