Monday, December 28, 2009

Countless blessings.

Christmas ended nicely and I'm glad with all the presents I've got it's all wonderful and useful and most above all they've got me what I really NEED :) Happy Sab! Sincerely giving out thanks here to Leonard, Yen Yee, Carmen, Shu Chin, Lea Yee, Xin Ying, Alicia and Mak Wan! This year Christmas has been another blessing to me, instead of getting blessings I'm glad that I spend it equally with family and friends! On Christmas day, the important day for Christians to get back to church to celebrate the coming of Lord, Jesus Christ! The Messiah Drama started and ended perfectly, besides my red nose :( had a flu on that day. Nevertheless, I still celebrate to the max. Pictures session after the second session of  TMD.

the little cute cast, sayang!

Janice absolutely heart her's warm smile!

Mak Wan the villager.

Mr.Sam Choo!

hearty people!

Woooo we mess with the king!

and the prince ;)

thanks darl! For giving the best attire for the all cast accordingly! Amazing cool!

Justin(lighting man), Siska (Co-director), Sab, and Happy Kee( Director)

Mariah! Good girls gone bad *

the girls & ladies

Jessie my mentor! *hearts

YES YES, I know I look like one :) I'm pretty when I'm surrounded by nice people! lovesss*

This man makes me look even beautiful ;)

Christmas night me and L went for a simple dinner and we call it a day! Let's welcome 2010!

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