Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Full time for Christ!

Starting from this week, I'm officially a bookworm not because I want to be one but finals is next week,and I need to kick start with all that studying. In the same time, I have to be available for The Messiah publicity I 'm glad with God's grace I've made it to the top for Him and I'm sure in time coming till Christmas there will be more exciting moments and event coming up.

Let's start with my weekend, Saturday morning I went for my IELTS (International English Language Testing System) I was kinda nervous thank God I have made it and yes I'm DONE. After all that stress, at night we had a farewell dinner with L's uncle and family I'm glad I get to know them and it is really nice of them giving  Christmas pressie every year, aunt Pam and family always choose the right and nice pressie for each and everyone. Thank you and well appreciated! Life is so wonderful to have nice and caring people around, Deborah the eldest daughter is one of my UNO-stacko kawan she's pretty and someone nice to talk to, Joash and Jonathan is her's 2 lil bro, one plays a "very man" role, and the other one plays a "naughty boy" role both are very adorable :) Dinner ended bout 7.45pm, then we headed to their place for another catching-up moment atmosphere was a bit different this time around because of their leaving everyone has mixed feeling :( Overall, I had a great 3 years of knowing them.

Sab, Deborah, Rebecca(Deborah's cousin)

Leonard, Jonathan( Johnny the bravo!), Joyce

Lovely aunt Pam!

This is what I've been working on recently, calling for an interview session for The Messiah thank God for His good grace we went Ai FM (RTM) last night( 6 Dec 2009). It was a 45min interview full of laughter and information! I'm really glad that we are able to spread to all listeners in Malaysia about TM also the amazing work of Jesus Christ! :)


Sab and DJ Ji An

L to R: Raymond, Tzeh Xuan, Ji An, Happy, Siska, Sab, Nicholas, and Peter

Stay tune for more interview on AIR and newspaper! We believe in miracle!To see the progress and behind the scene of The Messiah drama team please visit www.themessiahdrama.blogspot.com

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Seth Kicker said...

I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about this. Seems like the sort of thing people should be discussing every day. We just don't have that much meaningful dialog anymore.