Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday,love.

29th December 2009 just before the year ends, is Leonard's birthday. Looking back we have been celebrating for 4 years the first one wasn't counted in because we were still hehe "single" and I've made a card for his 20th birthday everything started with that hand-made card. I did not expect anything will happen between us, I did not even expect that he is such a sweetheart. I can only give countless thankful to Jesus Christ that has made him such a loyal and patient person nothing can compare the goodness of having someone to talk to when am down, someone to lean on when I'am tire and exhausted. I've been dreaming for a white prince since young, now it doesn't matter I don't measure the things I want but to assure the things I've got! Thank God for all the moments we held.

Past few years he was still an student, now he is on the path in his career I'm glad God has been building such a good path putting marvelous mosaics for him to go through with faith, great is our God! This year nothing fancy on his birthday little surprise here and there to cheer up his day, and make it a memorable one will do. We spend dinner at Klang, then movie and we call it a day! Glad to know that my surprises worked! ha.

The night before I zommbiefied myself doing art and craft for my dearest...

the process of making...don't bother taking the entire process (if only I have a private photographer, when inspiration is In I can't stop ;) )


my boy :) loves you!Happy 23rd birthday!

I wanna grow old with you!

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